Monday, September 1, 2014

MY DEAR ROSIE: Hannah Franz

My dear Rosie;
If you could only see the pile of crumpled parchments littering the floor of my tent, you would laugh at me. Eanrin certain has though he laughs at most things I do nowadays.
I started so many letters to you as Princess, or Queen, or Varvare, or Her Royal Majesty; so many letters begun in the proper way. But when I write to a queen, the words get tangled between my thoughts and my quill and all that comes out is an ink-stained mess. I’m afraid you’re still Rosie to me.
I can’t recall the queen with much clarity; I didn’t know her in that form nearly long enough. But Rosie is pressed deep into my heart. Not Rose Red, the veiled phantom, or Rose, the servant despised by the kingdom, or the friend whom I, in my accursed cowardice, betrayed. In my mind’s eye, you are Rosie, the girl with whom I sailed twigs and leaves as mighty oceans vessels upon a muddy pond. You’re Rosie, the one who chased me up over, and around that forested mountain.
Rosie is the girl who knows me as no other person ever has. At one time, I was lucky enough to know her, too, even to be her friend!
How I long to be your friend again, dear Rosie. Of all the things that my selfish heart desires — my kingdom restored, my reputation repaired, my foolishness erased — it desires most your friendship. And this, the most undeserved of treasures! I can hardly dare to hope that you might one day look past my cowardice, my selfishness, my pride, my repugnant actions, and yet deign to be my friend.
I deserve your scorn, your derision, your hatred; this I know with certainty. Yet I ask instead for your forgiveness, and perhaps one day your friendship. I will not ask for your love. Even my hopes are not that grand.
Yet hope I do. My heart fairly sings with the hope that I might someday hear you call to me, and feel no shame as I approach you, my dearest friend. I hope to take your hands in mine, to dance under Hylumé’s crystalline face. I hope to hear every word in every language spoken by your lips, and see every expression cross your face.
You see what a fool I am? A broken man, a penniless jester, no longer even a prince, seeking the friendship of the fairest Rose ever to bloom. It is a foolish hope, this dream of mine, but it is true.
My heart is no longer mine to give, yet in the hands of my Master, it beats the sound of your name. Forgive me, Rosie. Please forgive me.

Childe Lionheart leaned back, glanced over his letter, and immediately swept it into the coal brazier at his feet. He had no business writing to her; he a jester who wanted to be a knight and did not even have a home, and she a queen!
He sighed and regarded what had once been a plentiful stock of parchments, now dwindled to only several lonely sheets by his mad impulse to beg forgiveness for the hundredth time. He would write again — and burn it again — tomorrow.

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Becky said...

Dear Rosie. Dear Leo. Beautiful, Hannah. *sniff, sniff*

Unknown said...

Poor Leo! Great job, Hannah!

Hannah said...

OOoooh....they simply must find true love someday. Simply must. :)

Unknown said...

Oh dear. Whatever are we to do now? I suppose sit here and cry a bit. Poor poor Leo!

Anonymous said...

There aren't tears in my eyes. Nope. Not me.


Anonymous said...


Meredith said...

Beautiful job, Ms. Hannah. So heartfelt. I know thhe'll one day profess his love, or, I hope he does. God bless.

ghost ryter said...

I'm sniffing, sobbing, smiling, and snickering. 'Tis a splendid piece of writing that can do THAT. Oh, Leo...

Clara said...

Poor, sweet, dear Leo! Oh, this was perfectly written, I loved it! So sad and was great how you mention Eanrin at the beginning. An excellent idea for a short story, and I felt as though I was truly reading something Leo would write!

Hannah C. said...

This lovely story made my eyes water! I agree with (the other) Hannah...Leo and Rosie just have to find love someday! They're too perfect for each other to not. :P Great job!! :)

Sarah Pennington said...

Poor Leo . . . One day he'll actually send it! He must!
Absolutely wonderful, Hannah W.!

Hannah said...

@It is a great story, Sarah, but it's not mine! :D Hannah Franz wrote it! We seem to have an increasing amount of Hannahs here! ;)

Rina's Reading said...

Poor Leo! And poor Rosie all those years. Lovely job Hannah, that sounds exactly like something Leo would write and then burn up only to start again.
I do hope Anne Elisabeth bring them back together someday in the future.

Sara said...

Okay, who's chopping onions in here? :)

At the end I just wanted to shout "Don't burn it!!!! Oh please please please send it!"

Anyway, beautifully expressed. The sincerity and emotion comes through, yet it still sounds like the Leo we know and love!

Anonymous said...

She'll forgive you, Leo! Just send the letter!
Beautiful, Hannah!

Unknown said...

Bravo...bravo...This was stunningly beautiful!! The storytelling was flawless, the characterization was fabulous, and the structure was superb all the way through! So incredibly beautiful!!! Well done indeed. Amazing job!