Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hot Off the Press

I know, I know . . . most of you probably don't even bother to check this blog anymore, it's been SO long since I posted! But I am finally ready to let you know the reason behind my distraction and busyness this summer.

After nine months of hard work drafting and polishing, allow me to introduce my newest release!

Una Rochelle de Silva
Born September 13th
7lbs 14oz

And she is, in fact, the most beautiful thing in the world!

Here she is, mere moments after her epic delivery . . .

Rohan: "OMG this is my DAUGHTER!"
AE: "She's so little and adorable, isn't she??"
Una: "Well that was . . . interesting."

So we decided not to tell anyone (save family and friends) about the pregnancy for various reasons. One of them was that Rooglewood Press had SO MANY big releases, relaunches, and projects this year, and I didn't want to distract from any of them. But I am taking a short maternity leave now . . . I'll still be working on my novel-in-progress (because I can't help myself), but most of the other Rooglewood-related projects are on hold for the time being. Not for long; just until I've fully recovered and gotten into more of a rhythm with Princess Una in the house.

Speaking of . . . here are some gratuitously adorable pictures of her tiny highness for you . . .

Kissy face--three days old!

Una Bakamuna's first bath!
(Bakamuna is the Sinhalese word for "owl" . . . and also Una's nickname. So she has a lot of owl-things!)

Marmaduke is SO thrilled with his tiny new human! Look at that happy face.

In fact, all of the Drakenheath beasts have been pretty excited about the newest edition!
Me soon after coming home, with Minerva in my lap, Magrat at my feet, and Milly guarding us faithfully. This Princess Una has LOTS of faerie guardians, apparently!

Here she is at two weeks old with her handsome daddy! My two beautiful loves . . .

Smooshy face sleeping in Daddy's hands! 3 weeks old.

And these two I took just last night as we were settling down for bed.

Yes, I know I'm completely biased . . . but I am quite convinced that she is the most perfect little princess in all the worlds (mortal, Faerie, or Between!).

And she's awake and fractious right now, so I must go . . . cuddles are in order . . .