Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poor Little Blog

Oh dear.

I have sadly neglected this poor little blog of late! Guilt abounds.

But I have been relatively busy these last few months. For starters, I was on a deadline. Not just any deadline . . . we are talking the Mother Of All Deadlines.

Two months to write an 120,000 word novel.


By the grace of God, I succeeded, my editors liked the draft, and we are moving along at a fair clip. Soon I will post the cover for VEILED ROSE which will come out in summer of 2011. So exciting!

And, because life can always get more exciting . . . .

I am now married to the kindest, the most wonderful, the dashing, and clever, and charming, and brilliant Rohan de Silva, fencer extraordinaire!

And we are ridiculously happy!

Okay, back to the manuscript . . . .