Monday, June 17, 2013

Announcing Super Swag Sunday!


The 2nd Annual


When:  June 24th thru June 30th

Why:  For a chance to win lots of cool promotional items signed by 50+ of today's best middle grade and young adult authors!

Win? Did you say WIN?


Every day for seven days, Laurisa's blog will spotlight some of the most amazing new books for kids and teens! Monday thru Saturday visitors will be able to enter for chances to win one of 6 swag packs containing everything from signed bookmarks and postcards, to pins, pencils, totebags, stickers, key chains, lip balm, charms and more!

On the last day, SUPER SWAG SUNDAY, one last MEGA SWAG PACK will be given to one very lucky winner! This pack so far includes everything listed above PLUS:

1- hardbound copy of THE UNWANTEDS signed by author Lisa McMann

1- TEST TASTE charm bracelet


1 - LOVE AND LEFTOVERS charm necklace

1 - SEND ME A SIGN guitar pick

1 - paperback copy of EVERTASTER: THE BUTTERSMITH'S GOLD signed by author Adam Sidwell

1- hardbound copy of THE SCORCH TRIALS signed by author James Dashner

1- paperback copy of THE ALWAYS WARS signed by author Margaret Peterson Haddix

1 - OyMG! T-shirt

1 - Original Artwork Print from FISHTALE signed by author Catherine Masciola

1- LOSING IT water bottle signed by author Erin Fry

1 - hardbound copy of LOSING IT signed by the author

1 - paperback copy of HYSTERIA signed by author Megan Miranda (not pictured)

1- hardbound copy of STARTERS signed by author Lissa Price (not pictured)

1 - poster of THE BINDING STONE signed by author Lisa Gail Green (not pictured)

1 - DRAGONWITCH pencil

1 - signed Margaret Petersen Haddix PIN!


And more prizes are still being added to the pile!

So be sure to stop by every day from June 24th thru June 30th for plenty of chances to win. Stop by now and follow the blog to receive notifications of when the event starts posting.

See you then!

And the Cutest Kitten of Rooglewood is . . . . .

And the winner of the Cutest Kitten of Rooglewood Contest is . . . . .

(Back when he was little enough to take up residence in my doll house!)

(Hard to resist that floppy boy!)
First runner-up is: MUFFIN!

(Muffin was Uncle Monster's favorite kitten.)

(Here she is, living the good life in her forever home!)

(Renamed Ariel, this little princess is the beloved fur-baby of her human. She wears a harness because she goes with him everywhere! They are quite the inseparable pair.)
And second runner-up is: MONSTER!

(Getting some Cat-Training from big brother, Marmaduke.)

(Two dudes, chillin'.)

(He got bigger!!!)

There we have, it my friends! The cutest kitten has been determined! Thank you so much for your participation. Maybe next time, we'll open up the floor to all of your kittens as well . . .
And, before I forget: The winner of the name-drawing giveaway is . . . .
Congrats, Debora! You may email me at to claim your prize. Pick any one of the first five Tales of Goldstone Wood--Heartless, Veiled Rose, Moonblood, Starflower, or Dragonwitch, and I will mail it to you!
Thanks for the participation, everyone. This was tremendously fun, and we all got our fluffy-dose for the month!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cutest Kitten of Rooglewood Contest: Giveaway!

I decided that we needed some fluffiness here on the Goldstone Wood page. So, in response to that need, I am hosting the Cutest Kitten Contest!

For this contest, you, my readers, will vote on your choice of the Cutest Rooglewood Kitten, all from the list below. Some of them are rescue kittens who have since gone on to new homes. Some of them are my own kittens. But they are all dear to my heart!

Only YOU can decide who is the cutest!

Just state your vote in the comments. I'll select a name at random from among those who voted and, on Monday, will announce the winners: both the Cutest Kitten and the giveaway winner!

If your name is chosen, you may pick any one of the first five Tales of Goldstone Wood as your prize.

And now, without further ado . . . The KITTENS!

Minerva (aka: The Evil One)

Note especially the grand floofiness (she was my first fluffy kitten!), the aqua-blue eyes, and the look of lurking wickedness behind that sweet kitten expression. Baby Minerva could steal your heart (and your soul!) with a glance.



A purebred Abyssinian of Egyptian lineage, Marmaduke is easily the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen! But . . . is he the cutest???


She was my first rescue kitten from Rooglewood, a little older than all the others. She was still mostly wild when the above pictures were taken, but starting to warm to me! She loved to come play and hang out in the back yard, as long as I didn't try to pet her. She has since become a GORGEOUS lap-kitty, beloved by some of our dear friends. You can see that she's tremendously cute!




He was called Mr. Fluffy Boots at first . . .then we decided we HAD to keep this one, so he was renamed Monster Boots. And I might have just died of his cuteness! He still looks a lot like this . . . just a 16lb version . . . .


Monster's brother Max was the sweetest-natured little baby you ever hoped to meet! He loved anyone and everyone, and was very protective of his much more frightened brother, Mycroft. He now lives with Mya and her family, and has grown into the most amazingly beautiful cat, with an incredible, swirly-patterned coat.


It took me a little longer to convince Mycroft (Monster and Max's brother) that I wasn't planning on eating him. But once he figured it out, all he wanted was to be in my lap, all day! He is now the fur-baby of my former fencing coach and his wife. Who can resist that handsome, stripy face?



I'll never forget when this little beauty walked out of my bamboo forest for the first time. I gasped out loud, he was so pretty! And he had a sweet, easy-going nature to match. Mo (renamed "Stig") now belongs to our good friend Kelly, and has grown into a fantastically beautiful cat, with spots and stripes and big blue eyes!



Mo's shy little sister, Muppet, spent about two weeks after I rescued her trying to scratch my eyes out, insisting she was a tiny tiger of the wild! But then she realized that laps were a good thing and became the snuggle bug you see pictured above. Renamed "Cairo," she has a family of her own who adores her now. Where does she rank on the kitten-cuteness scale?

Magrat's Litter:

Okay, it's hard for me to separate these babies, since we had them all in one fell swoop! So here they are en masse first . . .

And here are the individuals:


(Renamed "Ariel" at her new home.)


(Renamed "Figaro Friendly" at his new home.)


(Renamed "Pickles" at his new home)


(Renamed "Dill." Lives with Pickles.)
They were quite the collection of cuties! But, are any of them The Cutest Kitten?

Dusty and Rusty:

These two sweet boys were brought to Rooglewood because they didn't have a mom . . .

They were wild and scared, and needed some extra love before finding forever homes.

Magrat had no problem with that!
Are either of these boys the Cutest Kitten?



This chocolate-brown ball of fluff was an absolute love, and was snapped up for adoption within just a week or two after I caught and tamed him. Look at those darling, copper eyes!


This inky-black girl took a little longer to tame than her brother, Mousse. But finally, at just over a year old, she went to her new home and now lives with Stig! Isn't she a lovely kitty?


Cute isn't always the same as pretty. This little boy was the runt of his litter, and sported with pride a set of slightly deformed front paws and a funny little goblin face. But he was also the sweetest kitten I have ever rescued (and has since been adopted by my best friend and renamed "Jeeves!") What do you think? Can a goblin-kitty win the Cutest Kitten Contest???


This little bity darling was one of the youngest kittens I've rescued, and he was so scared. It took the magic of Magrat's mama-love to bring him out of his shell. Then he relaxed and became a beautiful lap baby. He has since gone to a loving home and was renamed "Moonstone." Is he the cutest?


Look at those cheeks!!! I love those cheeks. I love this boy! I was this close to keeping him myself, because he was just the most darling little thing, with his round face, his white mittens, and his little creaky mew (which Rohan said sounded like a pterodactyl). But he went home with my best friend to live with Minko and was renamed "Bertie." (Jeeves and Bertie . . . any P.G. Wodehouse fans out there?) Is he the cutest????



 This precious baby's fur was not just long, but curly! I'd never had a curly-haired kitten before. He was quickly spoiled rotten, and liked to boss his foster mom around, demanding constant lovings. Now that he's gone to his new home, I'm sure he bosses them just as much. And who would resist that cute little face?

And that's all, folks!

That's all the cuteness I have for you today. So who gets your vote for the cutest kitten of Rooglewood? Be certain to tell me in the comments below, and I'll enter your name in the giveaway! Winners (kitty and human) to be announced on Monday!