Friday, January 27, 2017

Doings at Drakenheath - Looking to 2017

All righty, I know I've been gone for too long. And a sweet little note (in story form) in my inbox this morning reminded me that I should probably give all of you an update on events coming in 2017. So here you go . . . .


Yes! Rooglewood Press will be doing one last fairy tale retelling contest! I just had a long, sit-down meeting with my core team about it this month, and we are gearing up for a June 1st launch. There will be a few changes to the rules and process this year (just like every year), but the basic format of the contest will remain the same. Be watching our newsletter for info in March, and then be ready for the big launch in June!

Do keep in mind--This is going to be the last contest. We've had a great time doing them, but they are a TON of work, and we plan to move on to other projects after this year. So get ready to write your hearts out for one final, thrilling event!


This is news I'm sad to share and have been putting off announcing. But I do feel I owe it to all of you dear readers to keep you in the loop, so here goes.

I will not be writing more Goldstone Wood novels for the foreseeable future. I do hope to one day get back to them, but the truth is, they are not financially viable at this time, My little (growing) family depends on my income, and while my series has been a critically-acclaimed award-winner, it has never been a big seller. I hate having to admit that I need to write for money, not for sheer love and art . . . but there it is. Different seasons for different projects.

As I said, I hope to come back to the series someday. Hopefully in just a few years. But I can't make any promises on that score either.

And believe me, if you're disappointed to hear this, you're nowhere near as disappointed as I am to share it. I have poured my heart into these stories. They have been my life for the last many years. But this is reality for me right now.


This is the project into which I am currently channeling all my efforts. I have two and a half novels written in the series, and lots more in the works. BUT . . . after much thought and consideration, I have decided to pursue this series under a pen name. It's very different work from Goldstone Wood--much darker and more adult (not dirty. I don't write dirty books). I kind of doubt that most of you loyal imps will take to it.

If you discover this new series on your own and enjoy it, great! But I'm not going to market it here, under this name, and I'm probably not going to let anyone know my new pen name, at least not at first.


Needless to say, I will probably not be writing on this blog very much in the foreseeable future. I'll use it now and then to alert you to events, but for the most part, I recommend that those of you who want to keep up with the fairy tale contest sign up for our newsletter. That, or follow me on Facebook, either my author page or the Rooglewood Press page.

It's been a fun run, imps! I've enjoyed all the events--fan art contests, fan fiction, chat parties, and whatnot. But with the little princess now in the mix, the time has come for me to focus my efforts and channel my abilities into more financially viable avenues. Someday, maybe we'll be back . . . and maybe it will be better than ever!

For now, however, may Lumé shine brightly on your path, wherever that path may lead . . .