Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TRANSFORMATION - Meredith Burton

The acolytes serve, both day and night,
A goddess so strong, so towering and bright.
Yet one stands alone, above all the rest,
One the High Priestess has chosen as the best.

I am that one, so small, so unadorned,
One with soul so drab and hair unshorn.
By day I light fires, so flaming with life,
Fires that cleanse and burn away strife.

A shift in the air, a whisper of change,
A thread of strange music that speaks of great pain,
A song that beckons, a blue light that shines,
That bids me follow toward a journey that unwinds.

A journey onward, to a foreign land,
Toward danger and fear, one I cannot understand.
Yet the days roll on, and the dark nights unfurl,
And the music continues never-ceasing, as gleaming as a pearl.

The Priestess bids me go, to seek the wielder of Strength,
The one who twice slew our defender,
Thus I shall obey, though nothing I am,
For a daughter obeys an absent mother’s commands.

My hair gently flows, like rippling waves of tears,
It’s softness and shine, so vibrant it appears.
The shears they slice, the pain it screams!
The cascading braid upon the ground that so brightly gleams.

A boy I become, bound and unsure,
But within, my woman’s heart, a flame so pure.
The temple behind, the road before,
And ever within a Song so unsure.

All around the gleaming Song, the blue light so near,
Something that calls, that seeks to hold my fears.
I go forth, my woman’s heart ablaze,
For, though a Mouse I am, the Song calls another name.

Sight-Of-Day, a name so strange,
For I, like all my sisters, am blind.
Yet blindness brings strength of an unseen kind,
For the Song is heard within the soul and mind.
A Song that transforms all who hear, that says its perfect love will cast out fear.

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Savannah P. said...

I love the story of Mouse and her journey, so I loved this poem as well :). Well done, Meredith! ~Savannah P.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is beautiful! And it rhymes! Wonderful! I love it so much! Very very good job Meredith! I really really like this one. I'm kind of out of words but I hope I got across how much I love this! :)

-Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L / Stargazer )

Hannah said...

Meredith, this is outstanding! It so perfectly tells the tale of MOuse, and I love the last verse most of all! :D

Jonathan said...

This poem is great. Meredith, you did an outstanding job retelling the story of Mouse. It flowed so very well, even though you took the time to touch on so many important details. Very impressive.

Penny said...

Thus I shall obey, though nothing I am,
For a daughter obeys an absent mother’s commands.

Beautiful, haunting verse!

Anonymous said...

Meredith, you did such an outstanding work retelling Mouse's story in rhyme. Beautiful.