Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A SILLY DITTY - Merenwen

Gleamdren, Gleamdren

Give me your answer true.

I’m half crazy—nay, I’m in love with you.

This can only lead to marriage,
Because (besides myself) only fools
Do vie for your
Beautiful, delicate hand.

Eanrin, Eanrin,
Give me your answer true.
I’m half crazy, keeping you at bay.
Of course, I love this game.
How long can you keep it up?
I wish to see, for only me
And you can play it so well.

[After a curious turn of events:]
Imraldera, Imraldera,
Give me your answer true.
I’m half crazy, falling in love with you.
I wish this would lead to marriage,
But I’m afraid of a barrage
Of rejections,
Since I last stole a few kisses from you. 

Eanrin, Eanrin,
Give me your answer, will you!
I am going mad, waiting in silence for you.
I thought it might lead to marriage,
But then the mortal came
And stole your heart,
But still I wait for you
To come to your senses!

Eanrin, Eanrin,
Give her your answer, please.
I’m half crazy, waiting for you to sing
Of your heart-felt devotion
To Queen Bebo’s cousin.
But since I came, Lady Gleamdrené
Has yet to speak to you.

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Meredith said...

Oh, that ever-going game of love! I loved the playfulness of this poem and the alternating speakers. Outstanding job!

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem, very well done. :)
Funnily done. Only I'm taking it a bit too seriously because:
I'M GOING TO CRY OR GO CRAZY OR BOTH!! Because this romance drives me nuts!! Eanrin! Imraldera! Stop this nonsense! (But, what was that about stolen kisses? O_O Is this in Shadow Hand? GAAH!)

-Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L. and Stargazer)

Hannah said...

Oh good gracious, what a tangled mess. Well done!

Sarah Pennington said...

Oh my . . . what a mess Eanrin's gotten himself into! xD
I love the humor in this, and your take on the old song. Very nice job!

Unknown said...

Oh Merenwen, this is so perfect! You've captured the chaos that is the relationship between these three perfectly! And the way you set up each section back and forth between different characters was awesome! And it was so great to hear a snippet from Gleamdren's point of view! A great little commentary on the messy situation these lovely characters find themselves in.

Well done!


Merenwen Inglorion said...

@Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L. and Stargazer): ikr? And, uh, maaayyybbeeee? I won't say anything more... ;)

Thanks everybody! Glad you enjoyed it. (>^.^)>

Now, this one, I had fun writing. Lots of fun. ;D