Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HEARTLESS - Rosalee Anne Brown


Lady Fair,
Heart in hand,
Her fortune she be told.
In a scale of gold,
Eyes of flame seeking,
The Beloved.

Humble Prince,
Seeking his Beloved.
Her hand he did ask.
With blushing cheek, she did refuse.

A Gambler with silver tongue,
Woo her he nearly did.
A turn of a card, a word of the Prince,
Empty coffers were revealed.

A Fool tumbled from above,
A theatrical plea,
The Princess laughed.
Jester turned floor scrubber
Won the Lady Fair.

A Duke of no mean girth,
A 'Beastly Lout' he was.
In jest the Fool did insult.

The Fool disguised Prince,
Discharged in disgrace,
Revealed his identity.

Dragon besieged land.
He departed with a promise.
A gift of the heart freely given.
A forlorn Princess waited.

The Dragon cloaked in black,
To wake the flame in breast,
A kiss he sought.

Heart in hand,
Freely given to the wrong man,
A promise to trust broken.

A kiss to be desired,
A flame in heart kindled,
Flame devoured soul,
She became.

On wings of terror she fled.
Jester-prince she hunted.
Betrothed to another
he betrayed.

World of burning ash
Land of dragons
Entered she
Her home.

A knight came in the darkness,
His life for hers.
Scale covered shame,
He loved.
Fleeing homeward
Burning heat
Turned against the Dragon.

She fell broken
against the sand
gentle hands did soothe.
I Love you.

Heartless Dragon
Hollow, fire and ash
Must die to self,
to live again.

Silver sword
Prince did pierce her fiery breast
Ice met flame.
Fire fled.

Prince faced Death-in-Life
Sword in hand
Dragon held heart
He beheld.

Through fire and smoke
Prince stood strong
Dragon pierced hide
came crashing down.

Prince won Lady Fair
No longer Heartless
Together at last
Beloved found.

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Meredith said...

Phenomenal job of telling the story of Heartless in poem form! I don't believe you left out any part of the story. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

That's very unique! I like it. :) The whole story right there in little stanzas. Very cool! :)

-Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L. / Stargazer)

Sarah Pennington said...

Great work! I tried to do something like this, but as I was aiming more for a lay (such that Bard Eanrin might sing), mine didn't turn out as well. Wonderful choice of form and words!

Unknown said...

Wow, it's beautiful! And I love your unique format! It gives off a bit of a whimsical and simultaneously mysterious and enchanting feel. And your diction is superb!! I love your word choices!

Well done, Rosalee!!