Tuesday, September 1, 2015


My aching soul does wander hopelessly;
It seeks to sate insatiable desires
For that which never shall fulfilling be.
These things, obtained, will burn in hungry fires,
Flames, dwelling where your love should lodge instead.
But I will flee to places far and wide
While lying voices fill my throbbing head
And hopeful echoes soft are thrust aside.
A sweet captivity I did refuse
And so I run in bitter freedom now,
Blind in my flight, as I did darkness choose.
But you shall find me, ashes on my brow
And kiss the one who from you tore apart-
For I am yours, beloved of your heart.

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Meredith said...

This is such a magnificent poem, so reminiscent of what we all do in life. I love the ambiguity of the speaker, how it can be any character in Goldstone Wood. It makes me think of Rhi Sora especially. Marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I think it's Una? Could be almost anyone really, and I think that's cool. Fantastic poem! :)

-Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L. / Stargazer)

Corrie said...

Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed the entire poem, but the note of hope and peace at the end was my favorite part.

Sarah Pennington said...

I've no clue who the speaker is, but this poem is lovely.

Unknown said...

I think the ambiguity is fantastic, Rebecca! It in itself feels like a theme or symbol, something marinated in the very spirit of Goldstone Wood and its characters. And the layout is so beautiful, so poetic in its content as much as its rhyming choice. I actually had to read it twice to get a sense of who I believed the speaker was...and the first one I thought of was Lionheart, but after reading other people's predictions, it's so entertaining to try to read it over with a different character's perspective each time! Wonderful job!


Anonymous said...

This is so powerful and poetic. Beautiful. Hopeful.