Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HRI SORA'S LAMENT - Meredith Burton


I waited eagerly for your coming beside the gleaming falls
My heart a tumult in my breast:
Long last you came on a day of grace
And together we walked.

With clasped hands and entwined hearts
We drank of love ‘neath vaulted skies:
But poisoned whispers stole our carefree days
And you refused to stay.

The Parasite’s kiss of death so strong,
Why did he not take me as well?
My journey in the Wood was all for naught,
My savior left me in tears.

A queen I am but nothing of merit,
A ruler alone to guide and protect;
I walked with him but never flew
For his presence bore me up.

Ah Etanun, Etanun, was my love less worth
Than a calling from One I cannot hear?
An orphan I am upon my perch
I lack the strength to fly.

A heart can mend if given time
Crooked and cracked though it may be:
To think that mortal passions ruled my soul
My father’s kiss set me free!

I shall use my wings, so very strong
My strength; the only way to forget the pain,
Shall carry me: but I wait, while the falls
Entreat me to return.

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Savannah P. said...

You did a beautiful job of weaving Hri Sora's emotions into this poem, Meredith, the poem is wonderful! ~Savannah P.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Hri Sora why couldn't you see? *sighs* Wonderful poem Maredith. :) Captures what she felt very well.

-Rebekah Lawrence (AKA Rebekah L. / Stargazer)

Savannah Jezowski said...

Simply lovely!!!

Hannah said...

Awwwwww! Hri Sora, Hri Sora, how much you missed. :(

Sarah Pennington said...

I love the emotion in this poem- great work!

Unknown said...

Lovely and beautiful and melancholy, I love how you represent Hri Sora! It's so insightful yet brings with it the appropriate sense of heartache...and, as I've said, your style and diction are so beautiful, Meredith! Beautifully done!