Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fan Fiction Contest 2013: Oh, My Ladylove


With hair so gold

And heart so cold

A face that’s lily fair

Whose beauty is beyond compare

Is my ladylove


Why don’t, my dear

You lend your ear

To your wooer’s words

You fly away like a bird

Come back my ladylove


Gleamdren do

Love me true

And look again to me

My dear forever be

The sweetest ladylove


Condemn me why

When I said goodbye

For a moments due

Always coming back to you

Be true my ladylove


My love won’t fail

It will avail

True and long and good

Secure beyond my boyhood

Oh, oh, my ladylove


Oh, my ladylove

My sweet, my ladylove

Oh, oh, ho, ho

Oho, my ladylove




If you would like to vote on this or any other Goldstone Wood Fan Fiction, email me at with the titles of your top three picks. Winners will be announced September 1st.


Unknown said...

Hannah-Kate, I think you captured Eanrin's half-mocking, half-sincere attitude perfectly in your poem! I can almost imagine Gleamdren's reaction to it in my head! Awesome work! :D

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, Rebeka! I can almost see him smirking...

Hannah said...

Very bouncy and fun!

Meredith said...

Outstanding song! The repeated refrain of "My lady Love" and the ending put me in mind of some of the songs in Shakespeare's comedies. Great job!

S.F. Gorske said...

Great job! I loved the pattern of the poem--the initial rhyme scheme, then the repeat of "my ladylove." Awesome poem!