Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today is Starflower's official release date! Time to celebrate!

This book has been a long time in coming. From the day I conceived the first idea for it nine years ago, to today when I may official present it to you, it has been a story I have loved and longed to share. For me, today is a Dream Come True day!

So, for those of you who have read Starflower already, why don't you share your favorite part (spoiler free, please!) in the comments. And for those of you who haven't, why don't you share with us about a dream of yours that you had to wait to see come true.

And be sure to check out these various blogs which are hosting interviews and/or giveaways. Lots of oppoortunities to win an autographed copy of Starflower today!

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Victoria said...

Huzzah! Congratulations, Anne Elisabeth! :-D I simply cannot wait to get my copy.
What a lovely idea to have people share their dreams! One dream of mine for which I had to wait was that of being a piano teacher. I'm not sure how long ago it was that I decided I wanted to be one, but my parents made me get to a certain level in piano first. Than, I had to wait for students to come along! I had to wait a long time for that dream, but praise the Lord, it has come true! I now am the elated piano teacher of 22 wonderful kids. :)

Shelby said...

I'm reading your amazing book right now! Thank you for the review copy!

Hannah said...

Oh Anne...How on earth am I supposed to pick a favorite part (much less without spoilers)?...I loved the whole book!!! It think Starflower is my favorite book you've written. I simply loved the conversations between Imraldera, Eanrin, and uh...badger. And the climax was tremendous!!! I've been reading Starflower outloud to my mom and we're celebrating Starflower by finishing it today! Of course, It's my second time through.

Taisia Tinúviel said...

YAY!!! :)

Clara said...


Meredith Burton said...

What an exciting day, Mrs. Stengl! Congratulations! I'm so excited that Dame Imraldera will be featured prominetly in this book and can't wait to read it.

Ms. Victoria, I absolutely loved your dream about being a piano teacher. That's so inspiring, and I know you truly love interacting with your students and enhancing their God-given musical gifts.

A dream I had to wait for involved my desire to teach English and literature to middle-school-aged children. I went on several interviews and never landed a full-time position, but God truly moved in mysterious ways. A friend suggested I contact the local middle school to see if a teacher would let me do volunteer teaching in his classroom. I contacted the teacher, and it actually turned out we'd had a class in college together, and he remembered me. We worked together and learned from each other, and he was a truly talented teacher. His patience and advice were invaluable, and, during the time I worked with him, God revealed to me a deeply buried dream I didn't know was there. He inspired me to write more. Now, I have two novels that are published, and I speak at different schools and congregations. In this way, I meet many different people and show them my equipment and how I read and write Braille. Hopefully, the students and adults learn that blindness is not a handicap but a blessing in disguise. Just goes to show that God has plans for someone's life that they might not have imagined. I still teach on a volunteer basis and am hoping one day to teach full-time at the Tennessee School for the Blind.

God bless you all.

Becky said...

I absolutely loved Starflower! I laughed out loud, held my breath in suspense, was broken hearted, and renewed in hope! Again, so many powerful truths. I agree with Hannah, I can't really say much about favorite scenes without giving too much away. I did love a certain someone's insistence that he had found a princess! So precious and enchanting! Oh! oh!...and the collection of funny! ;o) Obviously there's more that I just can't say.

Happy "Dream Come True Day", Anne Elisabeth! I'm glad you had the tenacity to follow it.

Eszter said...

I haven't read Starflower yet, but you can count on me reading it soon. One of my dreams was to have it snow on Christmas. Yeah, its not really anything like yours Anne, or anybody elses. But I always see it on movies and on the news, and thought that it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.I live in a valley, so any snow that comes usually goes to the top of the Appalichia mountains.BUT! two years ago, somehow it snow almost ten inches! I stayed four hours outside with my family, having the best snowball fight ever! :D

Brandi Boddie said...

I was very happy to host you on my blog, Anne! So happy your dream came true and we get to share in it by reading such an engaging story!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read it yet either, but as soon as I can, it'll probably be done in less than a day.

I am still waiting for my dream to come true.
I finally (very begrudgingly) left it up to God's hands. But I petition Him every day while I work.
My dream WILL be realized.
So anyway, I wait. For my dream AND 'Starflower'.

Anonymous said...

I have read it twice, each in less then a day. I LOVED it!!! My favorite part was. . . uh. . . when (how do I say this without spoilers?) Imraldera goes home. If you read the book you will understand. If you have not read it yet go and read it!! It will kept you hanging and you will LOVE IT!!!
Have fun reading:)

Kyra-Luthien said...

I have not read Starflower yet, but I am DESPERATE to!

I have always wanted to be wealthy enough to support myself while I travel around and help the world; planting trees and food gardens, providing underprivileged children with an education, healthcare, and food and shelter...

I also really want to write a really good book, and have it published. Anne Elisabeth, you are like my role model for this one! :)