Monday, November 19, 2012

Fan Fiction Contest

Note from the Judges: "Some clever rhymes and a nice storytelling flow here!"

When Una Came of Age

By: Molly


When Una came of age,

Suitors came on her life’s stage,

Among them a dreaded prince.


That dreaded prince

(Whom Felix fenced)

Was the Prince Aethelbald.


That lovelorn prince

She had hated since

The day that she had met him.


Princess Una said

“I refuse to wed

That odd Prince Aethelbald.”


Her loathing grew 

After quite a few

Restless, hot nights.


During those nights,

Una’s ring became tight

And singed her finger.


Prince Aethelbald tried

To help her fried

And aching dainty hands.


But Una did not relent

To this poor kind gent

And instead walked away.


She soon fell in a trance

Of sighing romance

Swooning for the king’s jester.


The jester, she found out

Though people thought him a lout

Was Prince Lionheart in disguise.


She gave him her ring

(And inside, it made him sing!)

And joyfully, he departed.


But he soon betrayed

Una, that fair maid

And gave her ring away.


Una finally became

No longer quite so tame

When she became a dragon.


But lo and behold,

That prince so bold

Rescued Princess Una.

By the prince’s arts,

He changed her heart

Formed it like his own.


Una relented,

Formally repented

And gave up her hardness of heart.


So Una finally married

And then she got carried

To Aethelbald’s kingdom.


And so it ends

All become friends

And live Happily Ever After.

And with that "Happily Ever After" we come to the end of the Fan Fiction submissions. It's been so much fun to share in all this wonderful writing talent. I hope you, dear readers, have enjoyed it half as much as I. Thank you again to all of the participants. May you be blessed and encouraged in your endeavors!


Clara said...

Wonderful, Molly! I've been waiting for this one:) you did such a good job telling the story in your own clever way!

Hannah said...

Oh this great! I just love the poetic translation of the story. This is really good, Molly.

And such a perfect way to end the wonderful contest...

...Happily Ever After

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The ryhmes, making the Heartless plot a ryhme was amazing.
It's kinda sad the fanfic contest is done.
I LOVED all of them.

Rae said...

Great! I love the lines, "He changed her heart/Formed it like his own." And what could be better than ending "Happily Ever After?" Are you planning to host another big contest next year, Anne Elizabeth?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

I sure am! Beginning to make plans for either an art or fiction contest coming up in January . . . So keep watching for it! :)

Meredith Burton said...

What an excellent way to retell Heartless! Couldn't help but think of the Chorus Prologue from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I cannot write good rhymes to save my life, so that was really clever. Just think if Heartless were to become a musical, your poem could be the focal point, the main song that holds it all together. As a musical fan, (more like an obsessive musical lover), I'd definitely go watch it! Keep up the excellent work.

All the stories and poems were amazing. Thanks for posting them. I don't know how the judges made decisions between them. God bless.

Amber Holcomb said...

Nice, poetic synopsis of Heartless! I agree with the judges about the clever rhymes - the wording is fun. :)

Thank you, Anne, for hosting this contest!! This was wonderful to be a part of - and it was wonderful to read all of the beautiful, unique, creative submissions. :)


Molly said...

Thanks, all, for such kind comments!

~Meredith~ Aw, that's so sweet about the play! Haven't read Romeo and Juliet yet (though I have read quite an amount of Shakespeare). I will have to look up the scene of which you speak!

~Anne~ If you do a fan art contest, am I allowed to take pictures, or do I have to draw it (which I don't mind at all)?
I REALLY hope you do Veiled Rose! :)

Anonymous said...

That is a really good poem :) hope you keep it up. It's so sad the contest is over hopefully there will be many more.

Becky said...

This had to take a lot of thought. You did a very good job, Molly!

Anne, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the fan fiction entries. You have some very talented fans! Thank you for being such an encourager to other writers (and artists), and providing them a place on your blog.

Meredith Burton said...

To Ms. Molly:

Romeo and Juliet is a great example of Shakespeare's tragedies. Othello is my favorite of his tragic plays, but R and J is a good one, too, especially to see in a theater performance. The scene I mentioned is right at the very beginning of the play. The Chorus basically tells the whole story in a nutshell, kind of like a movie trailor. Do you write lots of poetry? Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Molly said...

Actually, no, I don't write a lot of poetry. I might if it happens to come to mind, and it's usually the only thing I find I can do for fanfiction things. Short stories for Fan fiction just don't work for me, unless I can REALLY get a good idea.
I mostly write short stories and unfinished novels (which actually I'm working on my going-to-be-first-ever finished novel).
Have you ever seen a performance of any Shakespeare?
I haven't, but I hope I will sometime! =)
I had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too!

Meredith Burton said...

Hi, Molly. Yes, my Thanksgiving was wonderful! I ate too much, but I rationalize it by reasonig that it's a good time of year to do so. Totally worth it, of course!

I've always had trouble writing poetry simply because I feel that mine never comes out the way I hope. It's so much fun to read poetry, though. Just to be able to arrange thoughts in such beautiful ways really is a God-given gift. I'm a very wordy writer and so short story contests really help me to try and work on honeing my style. Usually, I have trouble coming up with concise ideas, but Heartless was such a beautiful book I couldn't get it out of my head. God is truly using Ms. Stengl's work, and I was so touched by her inclusion of Monster/Eanrin, a blind protagonist. She really got my mind into hyper drive, so I was able to come up with an idea fairly quickly. Very unusual.

I have seen two Shakespeare plays. One was Romeo and Juliet, which was performed by a British group of actors. Five actors performed multiple roles, and there were very few props. It was amazing. I also saw an outdoor production of one of his comedies, All's Well that Ends Well.

I hope that you keep writing. Best wishes regarding your novel. What is it about? I'll be praying for you. Hope that you have a wonderful day.