Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Short Question - Short Answer

Today's short question for which I will provide a short answer is . . . "I've been wondering for a while now how it was that Eanrin came to be blind. Will we be told of his story soon or sometime in the far future?"

Oh, Lumé. This question is so difficult for me to answer.

The story of how Eanrin loses his eyes is one of the most important, central themes in the series simply because it so profoundly affects one of the most important and beloved characters. It is a storyline that has been carefully in the works since before Heartless was published. There have been hints about it dropped in Moonblood and so much foreshadowing for it in all of the other stories. It's a plot point I promise I have not forgotten and will not skip! You, dear readers, will get this tale and all its gory tragedy in full one day.

But will it be sooner or later? That is the difficulty.

You see, following the release of Poison Crown, I plan to take a short break from writing the Goldstone Wood series. (And I will tell you right now, don't count on getting the story of how Eanrin loses his eyes in Poison Crown. There are a dozen or more revelations and connections happening in this book, but that's not likely to be one of them.)

What do I mean by a short break? I mean I am tentatively planning to let the series rest for a few years (no more than three or four) while I work on other, simpler projects. Such as the Super Secret Project. And another project that has been brewing over this last year that I really want a chance to write.

This is partly for my own health. Each of the Goldstone Wood novels is an incredible creative effort, and as the series gets bigger and more complex, the books themselves get bigger and more complex. I need to be careful I don't burn out, and that means slowing down a little bit. And taking a break. Not a break from writing--I don't think I could do that anymore than I could take a break from breathing--but a break from this enormous series that has been consuming my creative life for the last eight years and more.

Anyway, I hope this isn't a depressing answer to all of you! A break from Goldstone Wood will be nothing more than a break. I cannot imagine ever being truly done writing this series and fully intend to tell every single one of the stories in my head. Just maybe not at the same crazy pace that I've been these last few years.

And I really think you guys are going to like the Super Secret Project and its connected series. And this new project I plan to tackle in the next year . . . Oh my! It's so much fun, I can't wait to share more about it! (Want a hint about this new one? It may or may not involve good dragons . . . .)


Becky said...

Totally understand...but I will miss the series and you very much. You've spoiled us, you know. Thank you for all you have given to us. I am praying for you. May God abundantly bless you and all your hopes and plans, personal and professional. now just a few sniffles, then a big smile for you. :D

Sarah Pennington said...

I certainly understand about the break. :) You've done so amazingly with the rest of the Tales that you deserve it! I'm sure I'll love your Super Secret Project and your new project as well. :)

Becky said...

Oh! And I'm really am curious and looking forward to your Super Secret Project and your new project that may or may not involve good dragons.

ghost ryter said...

Three or four years? Anwar's elbow... *drops to floor*

After my Impish heart recovers from the shock, I absolutely understand and support you. I know every time I finish writing something I feel drained, and my stories are nowhere NEAR as complex as yours.

The Secret Project will be awesome!

BrynS said...

Such sad news and right before Christmas :/, lol. Prayers and best wishes though.

Hannah said...

Like Ghostie said, after my impish heart recovered from shock...of course, you need a break! And I'm thrilled to hear that you're still planning on gifting us with other stories....oh man, this Super Secret Project is killing me!

Big Hugs!

Robin E. Mason said...

Since I'm just now reading my first one of the series, this is actually good news for me - gives me a chance to catch up and read all of them!!! which I am very much looking forward to!!!
rest well, and take good care of that creative energy!!!

Meagan @ Blooming with Books said...

Alas, we will wait...
(Though I have a couple of series that I'm glad I didn't know about until they were at the end - one had a 10 year wait between book 2 & 3. The series of 4 was 20 years from release of the first to the fourth)

So 3 or so years is not that long!

Meredith said...

That's such a great question and one I've been interested in. You simply amaze me with how complex Goldstone Wood is. I completely understand your need to step away for a while to rejuvinate. It's such a multi-layered series, something that if I'd attempted to write, I'd have had to take a break long ago. Your talent is so wonderful, and God has truly blessed you with a gift. The secret projects sound so intriguing! And, good dragons? Not quite sure how I feel about that, but I'm very interested. God bless.

By the way, so eager to read Five Glass Slippers! Purchased the audio version yesterday. Thank you for working to make it available.

Kira Thomas said...

I must say that my heart did the little "Let's skip a beat" thing and then started pounding out the rhythm of no when I read those words before I finally realized that, yes, I completely understand. This shall only make us love Poison Crown even more... (*imagines a copy of Poison Crown so I can just hug the thing*)
We'll miss Goldstone Wood while it's on break, but The Super Secret Project and the other project sound like they'll be awesome. I can't wait to hear more about them.

Anonymous said...

That's sad :(. I didn't realise that the Super Secret Project wasn't Goldstone Wood! I can't wait for you to reveal it! Good dragons?! Yay!

Tracey Dyck said...

All the delicious secret projects brewing!
I completely understand taking a break. Since I positively flew through the first six books, I think I'll take that time to re-read them all more slowly. There are so many connections yet to spot!

Good dragons? My my, that's a switch. I love dragons, good and bad, so as long as there'll be MORE (of either kind), I'm good. ;)

Anonymous said...


Haha, kidding. I think as long as the Super Secret Project is fantasy and you're healthy and having a good time, I'm good. :D Can't wait for Poison Crown! Am I right in assuming that it's about the Bane of Corriland?
-Sarah Grace

Anonymous said...

I am sad to think that it might be a few years before we get another Goldstone book. I love the series!

But I totally understand. You completely deserve a good, long break.

I can't wait for the Super Secret Project!

-- Heather

Unknown said...

OK, now that my heart rate is back to it's usual pace and my eyes are their normal size, I understand. We all need breaks at some point. And thank you for writing them for this long. I really do love this series. :-)

I have a question, though. We're all the Tales of Goldstone Wood Imps. And we're all bound to love your Super-Secret Project. But it's not the Tales of Goldstone Wood, so will we still be Imps? Or are you going to give us a new name? Just curious.

God Bless!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Natasha: You can all continue to be Goldstone Wood Imps! I don't think that will be a problem. :) Technically, Clara Darling gave you that collective name, and one of you might come up with another collective name to fit with one of these new series as well. But I think "Imps" will still be perfectly appropriate . . . particularly with the Super Secret Project. :)

Jenelle Leanne said...

Good dragons!!!! SQUEAL!!!!!

Well, this will give me time to re-read the entire series, then! :) I can totally understand wanting to focus on different projects - I'm in the midst of that myself.

Shantelle Mary said...

Though I will dearly miss reading tales from Goldstone Wood during the break, I imagine you very much need a rest from it!! Completely understandable; your brain perhaps gets a bit run down!! :)

Super excited for Poison Crown; and like Michelle Dyck said, we can totally re-read the whole series since they're so complex and entwined with mysteries and subtle clues! :) :)

And so intrigued by your super secret projects and all! Good dragons! And more fantasy! I can hardly wait, ;) :)

Blessings and thank you for all the wonderful Tales of Goldstone Wood so far!

Oh, a question... will Draven's Light still be coming out as expected?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Shantelle H. -- Yes! Draven's Light is still releasing this coming year as planned. More info on that will be appearing shortly, but we are moving forward full steam ahead with that project. :)