Monday, September 17, 2012

Fan Fiction Contest

Note from the Judges: "Well written and a great idea, snugly fitting in within the already established world of Goldstone Wood!"

A Day in the Life of Sir Miles Leitflaur
By: Victoria


Sir Miles Leitflauer sat in the wide, rolling fields beyond Goldstone Wood, his eyes closed in peaceful meditation.  The rippling green grass stretched for miles beyond him on every side, blending into the deep and sparkling blue sea on his left.  A salty breeze stirred his hair, and seagulls soared gently overhead. Sir Miles, after a few moments of peaceful thought, picked up the pencil in the grass beside him and stared at the sheets of old parchment in his lap. The touching romance story unfolding on the paper came not from his imagination. No, for Miles Leitflauer knew that true romance was not contrived or built. The words of flowing script that filled the parchment had been torn straight from his heart—a heart already stolen and broken.

Ah, but that was long ago…and the lovely image of a beautiful brunette with soft and deep gray eyes haunted his memory.


A tear rolled down his downcast, troubled face, glistening like a…pure crystal? Yes, “pure crystal” was perfect. Miles hastily wiped the tear from his face and scratched a few more words on the parchment. He held the paper away from his face and reviewed what he had written.  It was perfect…so far. But not yet complete. No more words came to his mind, and the story would have to be finished another day. He gathered the parchment into a stack and tucked it under his arm, pencil in hand. A glance at the sun told him it would soon be time. Sir Miles realized he was glad for the interruption. Perhaps the extra time would bring with it fresh inspiration.  He looked behind him at the rolling ocean just as another wave crashed on the shore, foam and seaweed and salt and driftwood from distant lands.

Beyond the Final Waters falling…

The beautiful works of Sir Earnin, or Sir Earnin the Great, as he fondly thought of the renowned poet, filled his mind as he slowly made his way back to the palace. Oh, to have the skill and talent of that brilliant poet…

“Dragon’s eat you, stupid cat!” Miles Leitflauer sat up from the rough grass and dirt, brushing off himself and his clothes with as much dignity as possible. An orange, fluffy ball of cat, brushed against Miles, purring with an unmistakable grin on his eyeless face.

As if he hadn’t just walked between Miles’ legs and tripped him flat into the dirt.

As if Miles had a single reason in the kingdom to be fond of the cat.

Miles rolled his eyes in disgust and glared at evil, fluffy creature rubbing against him as he stiffly got to his feet.

The next time I get a fancy for a new fur coat…

Sir Miles Leitflauer opened the palace door with a bit more force than necessary. His footsteps echoed on the shiny tiles on the floor, which were gold with swirling silver patterns. Now he wished he did not have a commitment, for words and scenes were forming in his mind, brought on as always by the beautifully decorated palace halls.

But he had to stay focused.

Perhaps I’m late already…

Sir Miles walked faster.

He turned a corner and opened the cherry-wood door at the end of the hall quietly.  He cautiously peered in, and let out a deep breath in relief. The room was empty. After opening the windows, which let in shafts of sunlight that warmed the wood floor beneath them, he walked to the desk at the far side of the room and sat down in his old, rickety chair.

Just as a new and beautiful storyline began working its way into his mind, his peaceful, quiet world was exploded by a loud bang as Princess Una and Prince Felix burst into the room. Fond as he was of the royal children, Sir Miles often wished they would lower their voices. He sighed and attempted to clear his mind from all thoughts of romance and adventure as he opened the textbook in front of him.

Sir Miles Leitflauer somehow managed to quiet the children down. He felt a bit sorry for them, two young people to whom life was a grand adventure, cooped up in a small room such as this. Felix’s boredom had already begun to show, as evidenced by the fact that he was drawing.
“At what are you so diligently working, Prince Felix?” Perhaps he had even created a work of art this time.

Prince Felix, seated at his desk in the front of the room, held up a piece of paper with crude cartoons sketched on them. Miles saw behind the exaggerated features as he realized the drawing was supposed to be him. But he refused to let an immature young boy aggravate him, and decided to give a response that was opposite of what Felix had obviously tried to get out of him.

“Most amusing, Your Highness.”  Reverse psychology. That ought to work. But no, the mischievous prince was not to be discouraged.

“See how big I made the nose on this one?”

Miles looked closely. Yes, he had indeed made the nose big on that one.

“A remarkable likeness, Your Highness.”  The cartoons were, after all, exceptionally good for a boy his age. Princess Una, who had been unusually quiet during the exchange, peeked at the paper and wrinkled her nose in disdain.

“Doesn’t look a thing like him.” she sneered. At least someone was on his side.

“Not supposed to be.” said Felix decidedly. “This one’s you.”

During the heated verbal fight that followed, an idea began to form in Miles’ mind. Yes, this was what his story needed…a fight, sparks flying, and a heated debate that would bring his characters even closer in the end. He closed his eyes as he watched the drama unfold in his mind.

After a few moments, Sir Miles Leitflauer realized the room had grown quiet. The fight was ended, the moment of inspiration gone. With a melancholy little sigh to himself, he mechanically began to read the lecture he had hastily prepared the day before, but his thoughts soon drifted back to moonlit fields and fragrant roses.


The cat.

Yes, once again, it was the cat that had interrupted his thoughts with his grating yowl. Despite all his plans for the slow and miserable end of the furry terror, Sir Miles remembered Princess Una’s orders to “treat him nice” (That is improper grammar, Princess! he had insisted), and, after another small and uninteresting debate that proved Felix never listened to him, continued reading the lesson with as much patience as he could manage.

“Abundiantus V was never intended to sit on his father’s throne, being the second son…”


The cat…

“Princess Una, we have had this discussion. Would you kindly remove that creature from the room so that our studies may continue uninhibited?”

Princess Una, fortunately, made no protest. Miles’ patience was wearing dangerously thin. But when she reached over to pick up the orange nightmare, he wriggled from her grasp and dashed out of reach.

I could use a new fur coat.

The cat was now sitting on the windowsill, looking very smug. But when Una reached the window, she paused, staring outside.

Not another daydream…


That was all she said. But the tone of her voice told him that something abnormal was happening outside. Something interesting enough to keep her even from stroking her beloved cat. Felix’s curiosity was aroused, and he too walked over to the window.


Miles could wait no longer. He walked to the window, expecting to see a dead mouse or injured bird. What else could interest a cat?

But Miles Leitflauer was astonished at the beautiful sight that met his eyes.


Against all of his previous vows, he forgave the cat.  Because if it were not for the cat, he would never have seen this. The children had already torn out of the room, but Miles did not notice. This would change his story, all of his writing. The inspiration that flooded his heart awed him. Who was he, a humble writer by the name of Sir Miles Leitflauer, that this beauty should be revealed to him? His heart overflowing with thoughts of romance, he quickly took his pencil and parchment and rushed out the door.  He made his way through the huge, echoing halls, practically ran out the palace door and threw opened the gate. When he reached his favorite spot in the tall grass by the sea, he sat down. After catching his breath, he began to write fervently.

In the quiet and green palace gardens outside the classroom, deep ruby red and sparkling with fresh dew, bloomed a single rose.


Clara said...

I love how you made Sir Miles be so much more than just a "boring teacher"! Really enjoyed it.

Taisia TinĂºviel said...

Wow! The judges must have had a VERY hard time! Outstanding! :D

Jenna K. said...

WOW!!! I love this one! Really enjoyed it! :D

Amber Holcomb said...

Love the writing - so descriptive and engaging! :) What a great piece!


Victoria said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments, ladies! By the way, "Leitflauer" is pronounced "lay-FLEUR". :)

Hannah said...

Great job, Victoria! This was so much fun to read! And I love how Sir Miles is a big fan of Eanrin the Great, but has no clue that the passionate poet and the irritating cat are one in the same!