Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Artist: Katie Grace
Medium: Fine Tip Pens and Colored Pencils

Artist: Abby
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Alaina Hornberger
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Beth Andrus
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Jack Cashen
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Michael (4 years old)
Medium: Pencil
Interpretation: Michael's big sister told him the story of Veiled Rose. She told him that Rose Red was a kind person, but her skin was hard like rocks. So Michael drew her smiling (upside-down, apparently), and drew lots of rocks around her to represent her skin.
Well done, Michael!

 Artist: Seth Cashen
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: FaithSong
Medium: Black and White Crayola Colored Pencil on Black Construction Paper

Artist: Jack Cashen
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Alaina Hornberger
Medium: Watercolor

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

 Artist: Lydia O'Neil and Sister
Medium: Costume and Pose

Artist: Trey Lockhart
Medium: Manga Drawing

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Jemma
Medium: Computer Graphic

Artist: Sarah Grace
Medium: Colored Pencil and Gouache Paints

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Kailin Richardson
Medium:  Pencil and Watercolor Pencil

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Water Color and Colored Pencil

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Hannah said...

Katie Grace: WOW. The detail! I love this stationary style, it is so cool!

Abby: Awww! So adorable! Leo and Rosie are too cute! And great perspective on the trees.

Alaina" Oh, she is so wonderfully creepy! Love how you gave such detail to her eyes!

Beth: Gasp! This Rosie! Both sides of her, even the goblin, are so adorable!

Jack: Great job! Poor Rosie's distress! And I love how the wood thrush is there, between her and the Dragon.

Michael: It is so wonderful to have someone your age already practicing your art style! This is a very fun piece!

Seth: Great style! I love Leo's eyes.

Faith Song: Oh, the hair! The hair looks so sharp and icy! <3

Jack: Another awesome piece Jack!

Alaina: The vivid color and detail here is wonderful! I can't believe this a watercolor! I love his coat, his knife, the hat, the eye-covering--everything!

Rebekah: Beautifully done! The rose embroidery is especially lovely.

Lydia and sister: Awesome depiction of Beana! Great costuming choice and setting.

Try: I love how Eanrin looks like some superhero! The flow of his body and cape is so cool! And great lighting!

Rebekah: Beautiful layout! And the unicorn is so well done. :)

Jemma: ACK! The Haven Library has been designed in Minecraft!!!

Sarah Grace: Oh, the coloring. The lighting. Rosie's sweet grey eyes. This is so pretty. :)

Rebekah: Can I just say how awesome it is that you took such detail on the walls. I LOVE those walls.

Kailin: Oh! It's so cool how youhave so many people depicted here! And the blood falling from the moon like red petals? Genius.

Rebekah: Pretty color! Poor Daylily and Leo! And again, nice walls. :)

Hannah Rogers. Hannah Rogers. This. This. Is. Stunning. The color and lighting and detail and beauty....stunning.

ghost ryter said...

Katie Grace: Ooh, I love the designs/patterns you've given to the Dragon's scales! So pretty!

Abby: Okay, this is just adorable! Rosie looks like she's trying very hard not to giggle, and I almost laughed myself at the thought of them playing hide-and-seek. :D

Alaina: This gave me chills. Her stare is eerie, and her hair so luminescent. Well done.

Beth: I like the way you've done both sides of her. But, ah, poor Rosie. Her expression looks so lonely...

Jack: Very nice. I really like that you have the wood thrush still there with her!



Jack: I love this jester Leo!

Alaina: I love the cocky half-smirk on his face! His coat is gorgeous, and I just noticed that the vines in on the wall form an 'E'. :D

Rebekah L.: This picture is lovely! I love the border of roses!

Lydia and Sister: Great job as Beana! You look the fierce and protective knight of Farthestshore. (By the way, this is Rebekah. :D)

Trey: Dramatic!

Rebekah L.: Ah, how beautiful and sad. I love the layout.

Jemma: Nice! This is really cool!

Sarah Grace: I like the colors, and the rose is in her hair is just gorgeous. Her face is so very expressive.

Kailin: So much of Moonblood is represented here! Very good job! And like Hannah said, the blood falling as rose petals is genius. :)

Rebekah L.: I love the colors in this! Also, I really like the little swirls decorating the bottom of Daylily's dress. Very pretty. :)

Hannah Williams: Whoa. Hannah, wow, this is gorgeous.

Hannah Rogers: I love her dress, I love the roses, I love the throne, I love the expression on her face... :D

Ruth G. said...

Katie Grace: The detail for this is amazing! Love the patterns for the mirror.:)

Lydia and sister: Awesome job as Beana. Love the setting and tilt of the camera.:)

Sara said...

Ahhh! I am writhing in jealousy over everyone's talent!

Katie - love the colors you chose for this, and the incredible intricacy of the patterns. You took the basic concept of the cover and really made it your own.

Abby - I love how this captures Leo and Rosie's childhood relationship! Very nice!

Alaina - Chills. Just...chills

Beth - love the contrast between the two faces, and the haunting expressions in both. The eyes especially are so expressive.

Jack - incredible detail here. I love your choice to use color in just a couple areas with the rest black and white. Very striking

Michael - wonderful job! I love your interpretation

Seth - what a fun piece! I love that you drew Leo in action as a juggler!

Faithsong - great job with the shading on this! And the milky eyes...sends a shiver down the spine!

Jack - great job on this one too! I love Leo's expression - he looks like he's having the time of his life!

Alaina - beautiful. Just how I imagine Eanrin looking. And can I say I love the detailing on his outfit and hat?

Rebekah - lovely drawing of Varvare, great attention to detail with the roses and thorns and her holding the embroidery

Lydia & Sister - love this! Her stance and expression seem to say "don't mess with my girl!" And I want that costume.

Trey - Wow, the explosive feel of this piece is great, I almost expect to see Eanrin start moving

Rebekah - the unicorn is beautifully drawn, and I love it with the words of the song surrounding it

Jemma - this is so unique and very, very cool. I like the colors and the way the green on the stones looks like moss

Sarah Grace - just lovely. The expression on her face is heartbreaking. Also the rose in her hair looks very realistic.

Rebekah L - fabulous detail on this with the vines and trees. The whole picture has a nice, melancholy feel

Kailin - oh my gosh, I LOVE how you combined the drops of blood with the rose petals and even gave the rose blood-red roots. So creative and symbolic!

Rebekah L - great bold colors in this, and I like Daylily's posture and the way she is holding her arm out as if in disbelief

Hannah W- exquisite. the colors, her posture and expression, the detail at the bottom of the gown, everything

Hannah R - gorgeous design and color scheme! I especially love the intricate design of the throne and the background, as well as her shy, uncertain facial expression. Fabulous!

Whew! Hopefully I didn't miss anyone!

Tracey Dyck said...

Katie Grace: What a neat interpretation! I like that paisley-ish look of the dragon.

Abby: Aww! I can almost hear Rosie giggling. ;)

Alaina: O.O Creeeeepy. Seriously, if she haunted MY dreams, I'd freak out.

Beth: I think this might be one of the first times I've seen that side of Rose--good job!

Jack: Ooh, this brings back memories of that part of the book. :)

Michael: So sweet! You did a great job, and Rose Red looks so happy.

Seth: Yay Leo! I love his hat.

Faithsong: Ooh, she's so eerie... *shivers*

Jack: Ha, his grin is so mischievous!

Alaina: Eanrin!! Love the gold detailing on his outfit. (And that cocky half-grin...)

Rebekah: So mysterious, and I love that border.

Lydia and sister: Great costume! Looks exactly like what Beana would wear.

Trey: Great colors! You could do whole comic books of the Goldstone novels.

Rebekah: *sigh* So sad...

Jemma: LOL, it's Minecraft!

Sarah: Like others have said, her expression is so good. (And so is the rose. And the sky.)

Rebekah: Ah, our wistful Imraldera...

Kailin: I always loved that line. And that rose is so pretty. :)

Rebekah: Ooh, their colors stand out so well from the background.

Hannah W: *le gasp* Oh that is gorgeous! I love it!

Hannah R: Aw, she's so queenly! This is beautiful!

Hannah Rogers said...

Beth: oh my goodness! I was never sure how to imagine Rose Red as a goblin and now that I see this, it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, everyone likes my rose border and Hannah likes my walls. Thank you guys, you make me feel so happy!! ^_^

@Katie Grace: Real nice redo of the cover. You have a really unique style: I love it!

@Abby: Leo and Rose Red! She truly blends into the tree, you did that really really well!!

@Alaina Hornberger: Oh boy. I'm not going to sleep tonight. O_O WOW. That is REALLY good.

@Beth Andrus: That's a really good drawing of Rose Red! Very goblinish but very girlish! Well done!

@Jack Cashen: Nice picture! I like the dragon scales. :)

@ Michael: Yes, well done!!

@Seth Cashen: Good job on the outfit! I really like the torches!

@FaithSong: Hehheh. Creepy. That's really good. Her eyes . . . I'm just staring at them.

Jack Cashen: I love the hat! Great job!

@Alaina Hornberger: EANRIN!!! :D That's a great picture of him! The red, and the gold, and the ivy on the wall... I love it! It's so good!

@Rebekah L.:--er, never mind. >.>

@Lydia O'Neil and Sister: Oh I love that!! Is that Lydia or Sister? XD Whoever it is you're real pretty and are a great Beana! Nice costume and background!

@Trey Lockhart: Ooooh that is awesomse. Eanrin is so cool. And the Bane of Corrilond...*shivers*

@Jemma: Very nice library! I bet that took a lot of work and boy did it pay off! :)

@Sarah Grace: That's beautiful! The rose is flawless and I love her expression.

Kailin Richardson: Wow. WOW. I love how the blood goes down and turns into rose blossoms. That is so awesome. Excellent picture!

@Hannah Williams: Hannah, you just take my breath away with every one of your drawings. That. Is. BEAUTIFUL.

@Hannah Rogers: Awesomeness itself. So perfect! I love the throne and the red and . . .well everything! :D Great picture!

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Georgina said...

Katie: I LOVE the use of patterns in this design! The Dragon's eyes are menacing and Rose Red's tunic is lovely. Great take on the cover.

Abby: What a neat idea! I like how Rose Red almost blends into the tree she is hiding behind. This is a great drawing with lots of mystery and adventure.

Alaina: Wow. This Lady of Dreams realized is beautiful and frightening. The glow of her eyes and hair are unnervingly ghostly.
Your Eanrin is also great, though in a very different way. :D I love the smirk in his smile and his attitude is all over this drawing. I like the colors!

Beth: What a poignant way to capture Rose Red. The expression in her eyes is beautifully done.

Jack: Great drawing of Rosie! I love the way you included both the dragon and the thrush. Rose Red looks truly fearful. I like your Leo too! That drawing is much more playful. :)

Michael: Well done, indeed! I love his interpretation of Rosie's "rock hard" skin.

Seth: Nice drawing of Leo! I like his costume and the torches on the wall.

FaithSong: Ooh, very unearthly. I like your interpretation of the Lady of Dreams Realized! Her all white eyes are spooky yet beautiful.

Rebekah: Lovely portrait of VARVARE, ROSE OF ARPIAR. She looks regal, almost queenly. The rose and thorn outline it's a very nice touch. FALLEN CHILDREN is also very evocative. I loved that song and your use of it is beautiful!
IMRALDERA LOOKS OUT FROM THE HAVEN is very winsome. I like the lattice work and vines in the haven.
LIONHEART ABANDONS DAYLILY is great and so sad. I love the way they have their backs to us.

Lydia and sister: Your costume and pose are perfect for Beana! What a neat idea and you found a wonderful setting for it. A+ ;D

Trey: This drawing is so striking. I love the exaggerated pose and the use of shadows. Fantastic design!

Jemma: Very cool. Yay for books!

Sarah: This is so sad and so beautiful. The night sky is an enchanting backdrop and your use of red arresting.

Kailin: Ooh, this is possibly my favorite line in the book. I love the combination of blood and rose petals, so creative! This drawing is achingly moving.

Hannah Williams: The drawing is very affecting in its ethereal beauty. Lume (or is it Hymelume? I always get confused) is hauntingly elegant. Gorgeous!

Hannah Rogers: I just love the colors in this drawing. Rose Red, especially her hair and dress, is beautiful. The throne and backdrop are exquisite! Very attractive painting/drawing.

Unknown said...

Whew! Second set....

Okay, so the first set took me all morning, so it's probably best I cut down a little so I can have time to get to everything...

Katie: Oh my goodness, the textures you used on this are to DIE for. I'm SO in love with these textures! The colors and shading are great (the blue/purple and gold hues complement each other WONDERFULLY) and the details are absolutely EXQUISITE! Amazing job!!! Can't wait to see more!~

Abby: This is SOOO cute! You know, it actually did take me a while to find her, great job! The composition is AMAZING and the poses are fantastic!! You also handled the near-to-far distance of the trees really well! Great job! Can't wait to see more from you! :D

Alaina: Oh Alaina, Alaina, this is beautiful! I love your digital art!! You made her SO spooky! Her eyes are AMAZING!! I love how you shaded them just enough to make them distinguishable but still so hauntingly white, bravo! And the SO subtle shading of her nose, cheeks, and face just adds such a fantastic touch to it! You better do more art! I'd love to see more stuff from you! ;)

Beth: Wow! I love this! Such a great composition and you blended both sides together flawlessly! And her EYES! Good heavens, her eyes! Both of them! You've done such a great job, the composition is great, the shading is awesome, and the expression is amazing! Job well done! Can't wait to see more! :)

Jack: Man, the amount of feeling and emotion in this! Awwww Rosie!! Her face and pose are so can tell what she's feeling so easily, without ever needing to see the rest of her face...Awesome job! Your composition and placement of the characters is fantastic and the details are awesome! Good heavens, those dragon scales must have taken forever! The thrush is my favorite part, so beautiful, and it's the perfect touch. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

Michael: There's no other way to say it...after I saw your picture and heard the story of how your big sister told you the story of Veiled Rose, I started crying. It's so precious and beautiful you've made this old bugger cry... You've done SUCH a GORGEOUS beautiful... PLEASE keep drawing, and ask your sister to keep telling you these stories...I really want to see more of your art...It was such a gift to be able to see your art, thank you so very much for sharing it with us...

Seth: Awesome job!!! The shapes and expressions you used are so fantastic, and the colors are so stunning! How you drew Leonard looks GREAT, and I particularly LOVE his expression! And the details on the torches look really awesome!! Amazing job! Can't wait to see more of your art! :D

Faithsong: Wow...the shading...Her face, her eyes....Oh my goodness....The composition is fantastic, and the flow of her hair makes it look SO dynamic!! And the shading....Oh my you managed to make colored pencil shading look so soft and lifelike, I'll never know, but the shading is absolutely phenomenal... Her eyes are so captivating and the structure of her face is so striking yet so soft and feminine. Awesome job! Can't wait to see more stuff from you! :D

Unknown said...

Part Two!

Jack: Awesome job, man! His expression is so fantastic!! Goodness, you have such fantastic expressions...and the colors you used on his jester costume make him "pop" off the page and stand out so well! I particularly love the little details you made on the bells of his hat, they look amazing! Awesome job, again! Can't wait to see more art from you! :)

Alaina: Wahhh Alaina, I finally get to see traditional work from you! :D And Watercolor, no less! I'm so impressed! It takes a skilled artist to make Watercolors so vibrant... The details and texture of the wall and the vines are simply AMAZING, and the details on his tunic, hat, and belt? Oh my goodness, me!! So awesome! Eanrin really flaunts that red and gold so well, and you've made it look so awesome! (And the shading looks fantastic!!) Such a beautimous job!! More, more! :D

Rebekah: Awwww so beautiful! I love the little details, like the embroidery in her hands and her crown. I love the pose and veil you chose for her, it's elegant and mysterious, very beautiful! And dat rose frame! Oh ma goodness, the rose frame is so gorgeous!! :D So well done!! Can't wait to see more!

Lydia & Sister: Not sure who was the model, who was the photographer, and who was the costumer, but you guys did fantastic! This is just the hairstyle and color scheme I imagined for Beana!! And the costume itself looks great! (Also ridiculously close to how I actually imagined it from the book) The setting is great, the lighting really works, as far as I'm concerned, and the pose looks great, very in character! I especially love the silver bracelet and the hair feathers...perfect touch! (If Anne Elisabeth should decide to go through with the costume contest later this year, I'd love to see you guys in it!! :D ) Fantastic job!

Trey: Excuse me while I geek out for a moment... -squeal- Oki, I'm done. It's been so long since I've seen one of my own kind! The SUPER DYNAMIC posing, the DRAMATIC LIGHTING, the stylized shading, my fellow nerd-sense tingles!! :D I LOVE THIS. The lighting, the implied scales, the Bane's epic eyebrow game, and Eanrin's FLIPPING COAT!! Oh my goodness!! The pose is absolutely EXQUISITE, SO dynamic! Amazing job! (I especially love his arms and legs!) The composition is flawless, and the colors are so striking and epic! And the flow of his coat, the swoosh of the headband/sash, the epicness of the sword, the swing of the sword sheath on his back...and the lighting! Gahh so awesome!! I LOVE it. You better do more stuff...I really want to see more stuff from you....REALLY....

Unknown said...

Part Three!

Rebekah: You HAD to do this one, didn't you....right after I finished reading Golden Daughter....Good Lord, woman, you TRYING to make me cry? The composition is wonderful, and you chose a heartbreaking visual for a heartbreaking song... The details and designs around the lyrics are such a beautiful touch though...and BRAVO on the pose! Drawing horses is a pain in the rear ENOUGH without having to draw them in tough angles! And you definitely managed to pull it off! Beautifully! And the moon? -cries- Awesome job, dear! Can't wait to see more!!

Jemma: I have my suspicions how you made this one...and you are a genius...GENIUS, I say! ;) ....You pulled it off wonderfully, the angle looks GREAT, and the trees just give the whole thing a beautiful touch! The lighting looks great, and I love that little shred of lighting in the gives some great backlighting. I always get so excited to see your work! Can't wait to see what you do next! :)

Sarah: Wahhh why must it be so sad? ;) The shading and highlights are so wonderful, the rose looks AMAZING (the rose and her lips are FANTASTIC accents, and give a great pop of color). The shading and light on her face and hair looks wonderful, and the texture of her hair is beautiful....and light of the night sky is great and the expression on Rosie's face is GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! The first thing I noticed after the rose and her lips was her expression, then her silver eyes, which was a wonderful detail!! So beautifully done! Can't wait to see more!

Rebekah: Yay! More! I love this....The Haven looks so gorgeous, and I LOVE how you "framed" Imraldera in the window, it really keeps the focus on her, wonderful! The pillars and vines of the Haven look amazing, and is that the starflower bead in her hand!? Genius! Beautiful job!

Kailin: So beautiful and sad! My goodness!! I echo everyone, the blood falling from the moon shifting into rose petals is GENIUS! Such a sad, melancholy but so beautiful illustration that encompasses and represents so much of Moonblood...BRAVO on representing it all so beautifully in one illustration! Fantastic job! I hope to see more from you!! :D

Rebekah: Whoo! Another! You know, this wasn't so sad when I first read Moonblood, but since reading Shadow Hand, this makes my heart break just a little...:) I love how you portray SO MUCH emotion without ever needing to have the characters face the viewer...The castle walls and columns look amazing, and I love the details on Daylily's dress! You have such great shapes you use for the characters (i.e. the dress shapes, Lionheart's cape, etc.) Awesome job! :D

Hannah W: You have no idea the blessing it's been watching your art flourish and grow over the past couple years...This is absolutely EXQUISITE. The shading, the lighting, the dress, the poses, the composition....SO GORGEOUS. And the little "moondrops" and "crystals" hanging from the moon and her dress are SO BEAUTIFUL! -sigh- so beautiful...I BETTER see more from you! ;)

Hannah R: -gasp- So gorgeous...the colors you chose, so subtle and earthy, they look so amazing. The details!! Oh my goodness the details!! The details, the shading, the expression, AIEEE so beautiful. And watercolor! So vivid! The composition is beautiful, and the drapes, structure, and throne "frame" Rosie perfectly. Looks like a painting of a ruler that one would hang in a palace somewhere! ;) I can't wait to see more of your stuff~~

What IS it with you guys and drawing such SAD things? You vile, mischievous buggers...trying to make me cry with your emotional, sentimental gorgeous drawings....

Welp, there's 2 out of 5, this is gonna take me forever....

Blessings and Prayers!!
Melanie J.

Anonymous said...

@Melanie J.: Oh thank you so much! YOU MADE ME FEEL SO HAPPY!! You noticed all the little things I put in! :) Thank you thank you thank you! SO MUCH.
Heehee, we are drawing sad stuff aren't we? Sorry. XD
You take so much time for each person and you're just so nice and kind and sweet! ^_^ Thank you again!
God bless you!

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Christa Wilson said...

Katie – Neat rendition of the Veiled Rose Cover! You really did well with all the tiny details of the scales and the mirror.

Abby – This is such a sweet depiction of young Leo and Rosie, and I think the coloring gives the wood a nice, spooky feeling as well.

Alaina – Wow! Very striking depiction of Lady Life-In-Death. I like how you did her hair. Chilling!

Beth – This is a very interesting depiction of Rose Red! I really like how you show both sides of her. I don’t usually see very many depictions of her as a goblin, but this is excellent! It’s a lot like how I pictured her.

Jack – Wow! You did a nice job with all the details in this drawing. I also like how you included the wood thrush in such a subtle way.

Michael – Nicely done! It’s so nice to see an entry from someone your age. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories! :)

Seth – Nice color choices! I like the checkered pattern of Leonard’s outfit, and the torches are a nice touch as well. :)

FaithSong – It’s so cool that you chose to use white on black paper. It works really well here! Nice job on the shading and the eyes and hair… Very eerie!

Jack – Another great depiction of Leonard in action! You really captured the motion of the juggling balls. Nice job.

Alaina – I LOVE this! It’s such a fantastic depiction of Eanrin! Very much like I picture him. Great composition, and I especially admire how you were able to get such smooth coloring and texture using watercolors. I’m still working on getting that down myself. :) Also, the title you chose is perfect! Awesome job!

Rebekah L. – It’s neat how you chose to depict this character from behind, and the border and colors that you added to the picture are lovely!

Lydia – Ooh, I like that costume! It works very nicely for this character. :)

Trey – This is SO cool!!! I love the comic book-esque style that you chose here, and the colors are striking! You really captured the motion of the scene, and I LOVE how you depicted the dragon. Awesome piece!

Rebekah L. – Nice job depicting the unicorn! I really like the blue that you chose for the background.

Jemma – This is a neat representation of the library! It reminds me of Minecraft.

Sarah – Ooh, these colors are so pretty! I really like how you did the night sky in the background, and the rose in Varvare’s hair. Beautiful.

Rebekah L. – Again, it’s neat that you chose to depict the character from behind. I also like all the details you added to the architecture and to the landscape outside the window. Nice job!

Kailin – I like how you packed in so many details from the story into this piece. The colors are nice, and I like how the sky seems to pulsate around the moon. Well done. :)

Rebekah L. – Great portrayal of this scene! Daylily’s hair is so fiery and vibrant, and I love the colors you chose for her dress and Leo’s cloak. Nice composition as well.

Hannah W. – This is absolutely beautiful! Hymlumé looks as if she’s actually glowing! Wonderful choice of composition as well. How in the world did you do this with black paper and colored pencil? Spectacular work! :)

Hannah R. – Wow! This is gorgeous! The shading, the colors, the texture of the drapery, the details of the background, Varvare’s pose… it’s all so lovely! Wonderful depiction of Varvare, and the rose she’s holding is a nice touch. :)

Hannah said...

Christa...a little artist secret here. The camera flash enhanced Hymlume's glowing, and I decided to leave it. *whistles innocently*

Unknown said...

@Faithsong: I just saw your comment welcoming critiques, so I'll try to do my best!! I'd say what you might be able to do, if you wanted to, (Now I don't know if it's just my lighting, the screen, the scanner, or what) but you could probably do the blacks a little darker if you wanted to, you could even employ a B lead pencil (the higher number B pencil, the darker and softer the lead). I think it would really work well with your style. You could also use a different media to enhance the blacks, if you wanted. It would give the piece such a great contrast between light and dark.

What you also might be able to do, depending on your preference, it looks great the way it is, so take this with a grain of salt. You might be able to shift The Lady of Dreams a little to the left and swoosh her hair to the right. It would give the piece a very different tone though. As it is, her hair draws the viewer's eyes in to her face. If you shifted her over and swept her hair to the right, the viewer's eyes would start at her face and travel with her hair to the right, elegantly sweeping a viewer's attention at her face to off the page. So each way has a different effect on the viewer. Man, I hope that made sense. Anyway, it's just a thought, either way, it looks great to me!! (And bravo on thinking to use black construction paper, it gives the piece an extra atmospheric element that works so well for her character!)

@Rebekah: Awww you're SO welcome!! It makes me SO HAPPY to be able to bless you!! :DD Hahahaha, if I didn't know better, I'd think all of you, Anne Elisabeth included, are in a secret powwow to make me cry! ;) :P Awww that's so sweet! Thank you so much for saying that! It just warms my heart right up! :D I really hope to see more of your stuff in the future!!

@Hannah W: Ohhhhhh -takes notes- you so sneeaaky.... ;)