Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Welcome to the 2015 Goldstone Wood Fan Art Contest. Check out the contest rules in yesterday's post if you would like to vote or leave comments on any of these galleries.

Have fun and enjoy all of these wonderful works by talented artists!

Artist: Natasha H.
Medium: Pencil Drawing

 Artist: Alaina Hornberger 
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Wax, Pencil, and Paint

Artist: Catalina
Medium: Pencil Drawing

Artist: Natasha H.
Medium: Pencil Drawing

Artist: Christa Wilson
Medium: Pencil Drawing

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Wax, Paint, Pencil, and Digital

Artist: Sarah Bailey
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil Drawing

Artist: T. Gemmell
Medium:  Watercolor Pencil

Artist: Catalina
Medium: Pencil Drawing 

Artist: Alaina Hornberger
Medium: Digital Painting

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Unknown said...

How can I possibly choose three?! These are so beautiful, I'm almost crying with happiness!

Hannah said...

And it's here! I am so excited! As an artist, I love to see everyone's unique and flourishing talent!

Natasha: Great figures and expressions! Una looks so confident in her strong prince. And the sword is very well done too.

Alaina: Ooo, oo, brrrrrr. Fantastic work. So chilling!!!

Olivia: Your work is always so darling; I love it. Great layout here! That little LEO!

Catalina: Adorable Una! I love the expression you caught on her.

Natasha: Ah.....this scene. This scene is always so powerful and you caught it so well.

Christa: That cat! Una's eyes! Such beautiful drawing and shading! Very nice detail too--the ring and the flowers.

Oliva: Awesome endorsement.

Sarah: I just love this. It's such a unique and wonderful digital painting! The dragon, Athelbald's coat...

Hannah: ACK! The detail and shading here is mind-blowing! The smoke, the scales, the feet! Fantastic.

T: Haha! Wonderful comic style! And Imoo is so adorable! Plus, I'm wildly jealous of the coat of arms you designed for the Farthest Shore.

Catalina: Monster! Oh, you do not mess with this kitty!

Alaina: EEP! This is so lovely! The lighting, the glass detail! Lord Lume above and the mermaids! LUV IT.

Rae said...

This art is fantastic. There is so much that is clever or creative or breathtaking. With each piece, you can tell a LOT of hard work and attention to detail went into it. I'll vote for three pieces of art, but many more than that have my awe and affection!

ghost ryter said...

Six sets? Wow!

Natasha: You captured the drama very nicely, and I like the expression of compete trust on Una's face!

Alaina: Ghoulish, just as he should be. *shudders* Good job matching the descriptions from the books!

Olivia: Nice job! The swirl part of the 'h' is so pretty. And Leo is rather cute, if I do say so myself.

Catalina: Adorable! Also, haha, I notice that you have her blushing. Nice!

Natasha: Beautiful. I love the twin tears on their faces.

Christa: Heheh, I love the smug look on Monster's/Eanrin's face! And Una looks almost exactly the way I imagined her!

Olivia: I hadn't already read Heartless, this would have had me dashing to library in search of it!

Sarah Bailey: Okay, this is awesome. The Dragon King looks spectacularly terrifying, and Aethelbald and Halisa are epic!

Hannah Rogers: Great job! The smoke and scales are realistic, and I love how the darkness recedes from the wood thrush.

T. Gemmell: Haha, this made me laugh! I love it. Also, Imoo's helmet is just too cool.

Catalina: A fearsome feline indeed! Nice!

Alaina: Ohhhh! This is beautiful! I can just see something like this decorating the Haven. Great job!

Tracey Dyck said...

Natasha H: Ooh! I love Una's flowing hair, as well as the Prince's sword.

Alaina: The glowing eyes offer such a strong contrast against the dark tones. Creepy!

Olivia K.F.: Aw! Una's adorable!

Catalina: Her expression is great--and those EYES.

Natasha: *sniffle*

Christa: AAAHHH. SO. CUTE. Their expressions are absolutely perfect.

Olivia: It's neat how you got introduced to the series.

Sarah: *gasp* This is gorgeously intense.

Hannah: Una's face has got to be my favorite part of your drawing. And the detail, wow!

T: LOL, their expressions!

Catalina: Ooh, Monster's being...monstrous again.

Alaina: Aw, what a sweet idea. And there are mermaids!

Sara said...

And the awe and amazement begins! I can already tell I will never be able to pick 3! Will try to comment on all of them, so here we go:

Natasha - awesome detail on the dragon, and I love Una's expression, how her gaze is completely fixed on Aethelbald

Alaina - wow, so delightfully creepy! The eyes and mouth are giving my shivers

Olivia - beautiful detail on this. Love the flame in the dragon's eye and the scales on Una's face and hand

Catalina - this is lovely. Great job on the eyes especially, and I like the (dare I say it?) "impish" expression on her face!

Natasha - almost enough to make me cry. So, so beautiful

Christa - absolutely incredible detail. I can almost hear Monster purring! Beautiful job with the shading.

Olivia - I love your endorsement with the details of the various scenes and characters behind it!

Sarah - I think that might be the most frightening representation of the Dragon I've seen. And the detail on Aethelbald, and the brightly shining Fireword...breathtaking.

Hannah - fantastic work. I love Una's gaunt, ravaged appearance and the possessive way the Dragon's back claw is curled around her.

T. Gemmell - So fun! Poor Oeric looks so annoyed and Rogan so mischievous. And then I'm really sad because I realized this takes place right know.

Catalina - I love Monster's fierceness here. A true knight and guardian for Una!

Alaina - I nearly squealed when I saw this one! I absolutely adore the concept of the stained glass window, the brilliant colors, and the detail on the happy couple with Lume looking down from on high.

Meredith said...

Hannah has been so gracious to describe this art to me. Such phenomenal talent from everyone! I am so thrilled that so many artists poured their hearts into such beautiful work. Terrific job to you all! God bless and continue with your wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! :D :D I love them all!!!!!!
(Picking three was SO hard....)

@Natasha H.: Very nice! I love how Una's holding onto his arm like that.

@Alaina Hornberger: Wooww. That is creeeepy. 0.0 Great job!

@Olivia K. Fisher: Cool poster. I like how you put it all together! :)

@Catalina: Great sketch! I love how you included Una's ring!

@Natasha H.: I love that. Straight out of the book! :)

@Christa Wilson: I LOVE that picture of Monster and Una. It's perfect. ^_^ I like the flowers in her hair and her ring!!

@Olivia K. Fisher: That's really cool!

@Sarah Bailey: That's so perfect!

@Hannah Rogers: Oooh that is so good. Una and the Dragon. Awesomeness.

@T. Gemmell: I love that so much! I don't know why but that is so funny and I grin every time I see it! It's awesome!

@Catalina: Our favorite cat. ^_^ Real nice!

@Alaina Hornberger: I absolutely adore that!!! It's so pretty and creative!

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Georgina said...

These are all so fantastic! I am all kinds of impressed with the talent and hard work that clearly went into each and every one of these.

Natasha: Lovely drawing! I especially like the way Una has her arm wrapped around the Prince and the dragon's outstretched wings. The dragon is scary but Una's expression is all trust.

Alaina: Impressively diabolical Death-in-Life! I like how you gave Death-in-Life's human and dragon forms matching eyes. Creepy and intimidating. And the stained glass window is such a neat idea! I love how you presented these characters too and the details of Lume in the sun and the vines around the glass. Lovely portrayal of Una's and the Prince's marriage. :)

Olivia: You incorporated so many elements of the story into your drawing! The characters's faces are very expressive. I especially loved Una's dragon skin and the purple tinged fire!

Catalina: Nice drawing of Una! She looks very youthful and pretty. Just like I would picture a young Una. ;) I really like your Monster drawing too. (Same Catalina, right?) Thumbs up!

Natasha: I love this scene! You communicate a lot of emotion in their postures and faces. I love the details of each of their single tears and Una's dragon skin.

Christa: Oh, lovely! I adore this one. You captured both of them so well! There's so much joy and charm in this drawing. Again, I think they're a perfect match for the characters! Monster looks so contented. :) I didn't notice the flowers in Una's hair at first but they (and the ring) make great little details! Two thumbs up, this is enchantingly gorgeous!

Olivia: Very creative idea! I love all the little scenes floating around you. Cool! And a glowing review of Heartless, too. ;)

Sarah: Ooh, this is really intense. You created a fantastically frightening dragon. He is cool! I love all the little details of his spikes and scales and the horn things (sorry, can't think of the word!) around his face. The smoke and flames and glowing heat really heighten the atmosphere of the scene. I got chills. Also, love the Prince's sword of light. :D

Hannah: I love so much about this drawing. The dragon's foot and wing curved possessively around Una, the glowing thrush in the midst of the smoke, Una's haunting expression. Haunting is definitely a word I would use to describe this piece. Hauntingly sad, hauntingly beautiful, hauntingly evocative.

T. Gemmell: Hahaha! This is awesome. I love their poses and expression. Hilarious idea, very well pulled off!

Natasha Ann said...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my art.(:
There are some wonderful pictures here... such amazing talent!

Unknown said...

Whewwww, heavens to murgatroyd, you guys!! Such beautiful shtuff!! :D

-cracks knuckles-

Welp, here I go!

Natasha: Awww one of my FAVE scenes!! I love Una's pose and her expression! You captured such dynamic feeling and emotion simply in that alone, especially with the flow of her dress and the swoosh of her hair, and I just ADORE her beautiful and confident in her Man... ;) Ooo, I love how you faded your ground into the distance, so the parts that are close are really detailed and the distant areas are simply implied. Wonderful!

Alaina: -shiver- Shoo, Dragon, shoo! :D In all seriousness, your illustration is so awesome! So CLEAN! -jealous- The lines and the shading are so neat and clean...The shading is fabulous and compliments the illustration SO wonderfully! (Dat dragon forehead! Dem "human" cheekbones! Ugh, so awesome!) The color scheme is fantastic, I LOVE how the only real color you used in the whole thing was the eerie gold of his eyes... -chills- The composition is fabulous, (I love how the curve of the dragon's jaw leads the eye down to his "human" form) Fantastic and terrifying! I look forward to seeing more~~


(Since you said you welcome critiques, I'll do my best to help ya out!)

Awwww it's so cute, and even a little sad! Una and Aethelbald's expressions! Oh my goodness....There's so much in Aethelbald's expression ALONE! And Una's eyes are just beautiful...I LOVE how you did the scales creeping on her body, and the way you did them on her face is just exquisite! (And the gold swirly on the H of the title is just gorgeous)

Man I hope I do okay at this... I'm so skittish about doing critiques these days...

Interestingly enough, the Rule of Thirds suggests that a work of art, photography, animation, film, whatever is based on a grid (roughly) like this (I'm not sure how well this will work, you may have to look it up):

| |
| |
| |

and the places where the lines cross are where the human eye focuses most, followed by places on the lines, instead of in the middle. You've almost got it! :D Aethelbald is placed fantastically, and Una is ALMOST there. I think you could probably get away with putting the fiery eye in the middle, under the title. It would give emphasis to the title and give an impression of the eye watching creepily from above. ;) With the extra space to the right you could probably put Leonard on the right, above and to the right of Aethelbald (and you could even move these boys over a little to the left if you wanted to). You could also probably make Una bigger, to make her feel closer to the viewer.

Simply moving the parts just a bit would create a WONDERFUL composition. Like, if the viewer's eyes start at the title and the eye beneath it, then travel down and to the right with Leonard and Aethelbald, and Aethelbald's gaze would lead the viewer's eye to Una, who leads the eye back to the title. It'd have a great circular flow. Flow in a composition is just a tiny detail that can make ALL the difference. You're so close, I can see it in my head! (Oh gosh, and I still can't get over how beautiful Una's eyes are) :D You've done an awesome job and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff~~!! (I hope I could be of some help!)

Unknown said...

Part Two!

Catalina: Aghhh she's so cute!!! I love love LOVE her eyes! Such beautiful eyes!! So detailed and expressive! I also love that very subtle blush to her cheeks! -waggles eyebrows- I am no stranger to pencil shading, nicely done! Ohhh and her face shape! You've given her such a gorgeous curved but shapely facial shape! And her lips are so cute! I love the ring as well!! Awesome! :D Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

Natasha: Wahhhhh ANOTHER one of my FAVE scenes!! Goodness, woman, are you TRYING to make me cry? ;) Well poop... -cough- I'm not crying -cough- So Beautiful!! Your posing is great! (drawing TWO characters in a composition is SO tough sometimes! At least for me...) The expressions were what really got me. Particularly Aethelbald's expression...oh gosh...right in the heart, man....Such an amazing job!! I can't wait to see more! (Especially if our taste in scenes continues to overlap like this....;) )

Christa: -FLAILS- Guhhhhh SOO cute!!! I love it! Your shading is fantastic, just fantastic, Monster looks AMAZING, and Una's hair and face, oh my gosh... You know her eyes and her ring were the first two things I noticed? Her and Monster's expressions are amazing, and Monster's is so beautifully expressive, I love it. Your composition is just fabulous, your posing is fabulous, and her EYES? So gorgeous! And in pencil? Oh my gosh, this is amazing. Awesome job!


Awwww I totally echo this! Totally! And it's such a wonderful introduction to the series!

The only things I'd say for this one would be maybe move the main subject to the left and move the Song of Spheres lyrics to the other side between the pictures. That would create more of that circular flow, since the eye would start on the girl reading, then travel around the pictures, the lyrics, the pictures, the title, then back to the girl... (Man I hope I'm making sense)

The only other thing is maybe make the text a lighter color so it pops out from the background a little more? Or what you could do if you wanted to still have the background be really clear is to make the work horizontal, and put the text to one side where it wouldn't interfere with the perty background! :3 Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

Unknown said...

Part Three!

Sarah: I remember seeing this a bit ago and I was blown away! So awesome!! I'm SOOO impressed that you managed to find a way to make him black and keep the integrity of the story and still make him easy to see! I ended up having to make him reflect all his fire when I drew him just so he'd be easier to see and he ended up looking red instead...So I'm really impressed right now. And I love how you made him have a silhouette shadowy quality! It looks great! And the way you lit his mouth and the background was fabulous!! And it gives just the right lighting to Aethelbald, and the glow from the sword is fantastic...(and Aethelbald's more blue color scheme compliments the dragon's red and yellow awesomely!) Fantastically done!! Can't wait to see more!

Hannah R: Oh my goodness. The detail!! Such GORGEOUS detail! Una and the dragon's face look amazing, and the dragon toes and the smoke and the ground look fantastic! They were one of the first things I noticed! ;) The composition is absolutely fantastic and the shading is phenomenal. And all in PENCIL? Ohhh and the thrush is like, the PERFECT touch.... So great! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future! :D

T. Gemmell: You have NO idea how much I love this. NO idea. The posing is fantastic, and their expressions? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Priceless. It also helps that I adore the living bejeebers out of these goobers... The shading is great, the helmets look super duper awesome and I love the Farthestshore crest you came up with. Ughhh it's so GREAT. It kind of made me squeal a little....;) Gahhh so funny, so expressive. And Imoo's huff? It made me snort with laughter...I really can't wait to see more shtuff from you~!!

Catalina: Welp, it seems SOMEONE drew up a tub of bathwater! :D Better get some iron gauntlets to tame this kitty! ;) Man, this is so expressive, well done! Monster has definitely earned is name on this one! I love the angle you chose, and the expression is just absolutely fantastic...Well done!! Can't wait to see more!

Alaina: -wheeze- GAHHHH I love this so much. It's beautiful...The color, the lighting, the shading...oh my goodness...It's stylized PERFECTLY and the posing is FANTASTIC...The mermaids are an amazing touch, and I LOVE Lume at the top....-sigh- I see those two sunbeams across the work...they work fantasically...The whole thing is SO awesome! MAN I can't wait to see more from you!! :D

Well down, five to go...DANG how come you guys are always SO good about making Una's eyes SOOO gorgeous? Do you guys all have a secret committee or something? ;)

In all seriousness, I'm once again blown away by how amazing you guys are...and I REALLY REALLY can't wait to see each and every one of you do more art! Hoping to see all your stuff next year! ;)

Blessings and Prayers!
Melanie J.

Blue said...

I was a little melancholy, so I sat down to look at everyone's art.

I'm feeling much better, now!

Christa Wilson said...

So many great entries this year! I always love looking at everyone’s work. :)

Natasha – Nice job! I like Una’s flowing hair and Aethelbald’s strong stance. I also really like how the grass is bent beneath the wind of the dragon’s wings. It really evokes the force and motion of the scene and adds a nice effect.

Alaina – I like this depiction of Death-In-Life—both his dragon and human-ish form. It’s very much like what was described in the book! :)

Olivia – Hehe, I like the jester in the background! And also the reflection of flames in the eye!

Catalina – I like how you did the eyes! The gleams in the irises are eye catching.

Natasha – Nice composition! It took me a few glances before I realized Aethelbald is sitting down. I think it makes the picture even more interesting and sweet.

Olivia – Cool testimony! I also first started reading Heartless because of its cover.

Sarah – Wow, this is amazing! Fantastic depiction of the Dragon. The lighting and the detail of the scales and teeth are stunning! Nice color choices, too! I also love the smokiness of the background and the piercing light of the sword. :)

Hannah R. – I really like this! It’s so striking, even in black and white. Wonderful job on the shading, and I love how you filled up the ENTIRE page. I also like how you drew smoke coming out from the dragon’s nostrils. Lots of interesting details. Great job on capturing Una’s human and dragon sides!

T. Gemmell – Hehe, this is neat! I love your depiction of these characters—especially Rogan. :)

Catalina – Nicely done. He’s looks so fierce!

Alaina – This is cute! Love the idea of putting this scene in stained glass. Also love the addition of the mermaids in the background. :)

Natasha Ann said...

Aw, I have to comment again to thank everyone who said such wonderful things about my drawings. (: Means a lot. (: