Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Jessica Rhodenizer
Medium: Painting

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Courtney D.
Medium: Photomanipulation

Artist: Sarah Grace
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Kailin
Medium: Pencil and Ink

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Beka
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Sarah Grace
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Jessica Rhodenizer
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Sarah Grace
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Jill
Medium: Colored Pencil

Artist: Beka
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Caitlyn
Medium: Acrylics

Artist: Sarah Grace
Medium: Colored Pencil and Gouache

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Acrylic Painting

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Rae said...

Kailin, "Jovann's Pain" is so creative and the message in it is so magnificent. Thanks for a lovely piece of art!

Unknown said...

Awww thanks! It's one of my favorite things about Golden Daughter. And you're welcome :)

Hannah said...

Jessica: Beautiful colors! The wood thrush is very neatly done, which is sometimes hard to do with painting!

Courtney: *jaw drops* WOW. This is some INCREDIBLE photomaniupulation! GORGEOUS.

Sarah Grace: EEP! Sairu is too cute!

Kailin: Very great idea and great job! I know that took a lot of patience!

Beka: Dear Sairu! Great design!

Sarah Grace, I just love your style! You caught such a bored, yet dangerous look on Hariawan.

Jessica: Monster dear! Aw....and he's so fluffy...*huggles*

Sarah Grace: I love how he looks so sheepish!

Jill: Beautiful, beautiful work and detail. And somehow the irony of a bird being a cat's Lord is even more shown here.

Beka: Such a sweet depiction of such a sweet scene!

Caitlyn: Cool style! It reminds me of origami.

Sarah Grace: The texture you caught in the lighting of her hair is great!

Jess Rhody said...

Thank you Hannah! I completely adore your "Pain of Love"! Captures that moment VERY well!

Tracey Dyck said...

(I haven't yet read Golden Daughter, so my comments on those pieces may be somewhat limited...)

Hannah W: Monster! :D That border is beautiful.

Jessica: Ooh, I like the thrush. :)

Hannah W: That's a digital painting? *whistles in appreciation*

Courtney: *dreamy sigh* That is LOVELY. I didn't even notice the girl until just now.

Sarah: Aw, how cute! Love her eyes.

Hannah W: Somebody looks surprised! ;)

Kailin: The bird's outline is graceful. (And now I wish I knew what scene that comes from...)

Hannah W: Oh, the emotion!

Beka: I especially like her hair and the shadows on her sleeves. :)

Sarah: Another adorable one! Her face is so expressive.

Hannah W: The candlelight is beautiful. And my favorite fluffy Monster makes another appearance.

Jessica: Ohhh, dear Monster. :'(

Sarah: Eanrin! He's so cute!!

Jill: Lovely job--the blending of the colors is done so well.

Beka: Sairu's expression is profound.

Caitlyn: I love dragons! That jet of flame is great.

Sarah: Perfect little quirky smile.

Hannah W: Breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Hannah: Thanks! I'm going for realistic, though I know I need more practice.

Tracey Dyck: Thanks!


Anonymous said...

@Hanna Williams: Ooo I love the border. And the cat, all spiky. Very awesome.

@Jessica Rhodenizer: Oh that is so pretty! I love the bird! And is that a portal? Coolness!

@Hannah Williams: That is amazing!! That dragon is so real and scary looking. o.o

@Courtney D.: OH WOW I LOVE THAT. So beautiful and UNICORNS!! :D

@Sarah Grace: Aww, she's adorable. I love her eyes and dress!

@Hannah Williams: As always you drawings are amazing! I love his expression! But, now I want to know what in the world that is all about. o.o

@Kailin: That is very creative. Love the bird!

@Hannah Williams: Oh my. Not sure what's going on, but that's a wonderful picture!

@Beka: You did an awesome job on making her dress look tattered! Great drawing!

@Sarah Grace: Very cool. You have a real talent for dresses! It's so swirly and cool.

@Hannah Williams: Oh awesomeness. O_O Those candles are amazing. And the cat, and that poor guy, and I love the girl's smile.

@Jessica Rhodenizer: Aww crying cat! That's so sad but adorable!

@Sarah Grace: Oh I love that. He's making such a cute face!

@Jill: Wow. The branch, the cat, the bird... So well done. And awesome colors!

@Beka: Very good sketch! I love the hat.

@Caitlyn: That's awesome! I love it's face, I don't know why but it's face is really extra neat.

@Sarah Grace: Great eyes... They make me want to stare into them... And I love the blue around her, it gives it a really cool effect.

@Hannah Williams: I AM SO INTRIGUED TO READ GOLDEN DAUGHTER. WHAT EVEN IS THAT ALL ABOUT??? It's so beautiful and there is something sad about it too.

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Hannah said...

@Stargazer: Heehehehe! Now you have to go read Golden Daughter. After you've caught up, of course.

Jess Rhody said...

Anonymous, yes, that's the portal. I thought it was pretty neat! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Stargazer: Thankyou! Yes, now you have to read Golden Daughter then you will understand my painting more as it is a scene from the book!


Sara said...

Hannah W - gorgeous! I love the intricacy of the border designs and the detail of the room furnishings. And Monster! You captured the body language of an angry/scared cat very well!

Jessica - lovely colors, and the thrush looks amazingly real. Also like the white "doorway" between the trees

Hannah W - awesomely scary! I love how it looks like Jovann and Sairu are being blown back by the force of the dragon's hot breath

Courtney - absolutely beautiful...the stars, Hymlume, the unicorns, everything

Sarah Grace- very nice drawing, I like her demure posture and expression. Nice symmetry and proportions.

Hannah W - Ha! I love the look on Eanrin's face!

Kailin - very cool concept! I love how you made part of it darker to spell "NO", and the outline of the thrush is so graceful

Hannah W - you captured the emotions of the scene beautifully

Beka - excellent reimagining of the cover. Love the look on Sairu's face and the costume detail

Sarah Grace - You made her look so beautiful and yet chilling!

Hannah W - love the LIGHT in this picture. And the look on Eanrin's face is just so...Eanrin

Jessica - Oh, this makes me want to cry! Anyway, excellent job with the cat's posture, especially the legs/paws, and making it look like the cushion is indented where his paws are pressing down. Really adds to the realism.

Sarah Grace - I love the sly look on his face and the slightly raised eyebrow. Excellent!

Jill - wow, the colors are gorgeous, the thrush looks like it could just burst into song, and Eanrin...I just want to pet him!

Beka - so much love and contentment in her face! Also, love the hair and the hat

Caitlyn - great job creating the feeling of movement, it looks like the dragon is rearing up or about to take flight!

Sarah Grace - oh, the infamous smile! VERY nicely done!

Hannah W - one of my favorite scenes in the book. You did a wonderful job conveying the emotion without showing their faces. And the early dawn colors...breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Sara: Thanks!


Christa Wilson said...

Hannah W. – Lovely drawing, as always! I really like the intricacy of the border you added to this one, and I’m also impressed by the texture of Eanrin’s fur and the screen around Sairu.

Jessica – This is a beautiful painting! The bird looks so alert and the colors are so bright and vivid. Well done!

Hannah W. – This is great! Very dramatic. I love how you portrayed the dragon... he looks so powerful and fierce! I’ve always found dragons difficult to draw, but this is inspiring! I also like the smokiness of the background.

Courtney – Wow! This is beautiful! It looks like it would make a cool poster or jigsaw puzzle. Very whimsical and eye catching. :)

Sarah – This is a great drawing! I really like how you did the eyes and hair. Kind of anime-ish. :)

Hannah W. – Hmm… all of your Golden Daughter art is making me eager to read the book! So many intriguing scenes, like this one. :)

Kailin – This is so creative! Such a cool idea, and I love your inclusion of the wood thrush. Plus, you have really nice handwriting!

Hannah W. – Another spectacular drawing to pique my interest! Such beautiful colors. I think you really captured the emotional drama of this scene, and I don’t even know what’s going on yet! ;)

Beka – Cool cover design! I like how you included the dragon flying off in the distance. Very daunting.

Sarah – Ooh, I really like this! You have a great style. I like pretty much everything about this drawing… the hair, the eyes, the dress, her expression… Awesome work!

Hannah W. – I like how you did all the candles… it looks like they’re actually glowing! Great job on the lighting and on the perspective of the guy lying on the bed. I know how hard it can be to draw from foreshortened angles, but you pulled it off. And I can just imagine the playful banter the other two characters must be exchanging in this scene, hehe. :)

Jessica – Aww, I can’t wait to read the book and find out what Eanrin is crying about. Nice drawing, and great title as well!

Sarah – Hehe, great depiction of Eanrin! He looks so smug and mischievous as always. :)

Jill – I LOVE this! So sweet and meaningful. I love how you blended colors like purple and green into the cat’s fur and then tied them into the background as well. Eanrin looks so fluffy and adorable, I just want to squeeze him! And the thrush looks so gentle and noble… Beautiful drawing! I really like the title you chose, too.

Beka – You have such a unique style. I really like the composition you have here, and I like the way you drew Sairu’s hand resting on Jovann’s shoulder.

Caitlyn – Neat painting! I especially like how you painted the fireball coming out of the dragon’s mouth.

Sarah – Ooh! I really like this! Again, I think you have a great style, both in drawing and painting. Very pretty.

Hannah W. – Wow. I remember seeing this painting a while back when you first submitted it, but I’m still floored by its beauty. The blending of the colors and the shadows and the sky and the mountains… it’s all so perfect! And Eanrin adds a perfect little splash of orange amongst all the purples and blues. I also love the composition of the scene. So sweet and simple. You have absolutely amazing talent!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the delay!! I was out doing errands all day yesterday and today ended up being super busy...

Fifth Set!

Hannah W: I remember seeing most of your work from Golden Daughter at the Chat Party, but never got a chance to tell you my thoughts!! :D I really love First Meeting... The composition is absolutely fantastic, the facepaint bowls and ink look awesome, the cushions look great, and I LOVE the texturing on the "divider walls"!! I alsos love the detail of the window in the background, and Monster's pose, markings, and coloring looks amazing! Dat border though...The dragon border on the bottom is especially fearsome, and the unicorns at the top are absolutely GORGEOUS! (The different colors you used for them works especially well!! The right and left, though, you have this AWESOME traditional Asian style going on, from the hills and mountains to the swirling clouds, and the falling stars (and crescent moons in each corner) are beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking in context... Fantastic!!

Jessica: This is really beautiful!! The highlights of the "Entrance" reflecting on the grass is fantastic, and the texture and gradient of the sky is really beautiful and realistic (and it has this especially soft watercolor feel to it). The thrush, though, so beautiful! He looks so great, and, knowing who He is gives the whole painting a sense of ease and comfort...The composition looks great and you've placed the thrush perfectly in relation to the rest of the painting. The detail of the leaves closest to the viewer in relation to the trees far away look great! (And the trees look so realistic! -jealous- ;) ) Great job! Hope to see more from you!

Hannah W: The composition and scale of this one is so great!! The watercolor feel and texture is so soft and beautiful, yet dark and imposing...The subtle texture of the ground and the varying colors of the ground and sky look great! And you managed so much implied motion and feeling in the character's poses and clothing alone. And dat dragon! The wrapping of the wings looks awesome, and the structure of his head is absolutely fantastic!! (Also love the spines going down his back and to his tail) Awesome job once again!

Courtney: This is such a gorgeous photo manipulation!! You did such a fantastic job of putting all the pieces together and making them all one work. I'm really impressed that you not only managed to match all the lighting of the different parts, you put so much into it, and with so much subtlety! The nebulous clouds and the striking colors and gradients and the drops of starlight! Gahh, so beautiful! The unicorns are melded in fantastically and the girl you chose for Hymlume is BEAUTIFUL...The whole thing comes together really nicely, and is a real treat to the eye. I REALLY love the VERY subtle hint that a shore and a river/stream there on the right side? It's so subtle but it REALLY works... Most fantastic! I'd love to see more from you!!

Sarah: Ohhh she's so pretty! I love the way you did Sairu....Her expression is just adorable! And that ghost of a smile on her face is just such a great touch! Her robes, though, they look so great! I love how you layered, them, and laying the pattern (which looks really beautiful) so it's really only on the lower part of her robe is SO realistic to the fabric they often use for traditional robes! ....and I ADORE her hairsticks...SUCH a fantastic touch!! :D Awesome job!

Unknown said...

Part Two!

Hannah W: I gotta scared the living bejeebers out of me when you released this thing at the Chat Party!! (To someone who didn't know the context at all, suffice it to say I was a wee bit concerned for this book of which I had not read) ;) In all seriousness, now that I actually know what's going on, I can relax enough to say: it's so cute!! Sairu's makeup looks fantastic, and their expressions are priceless! :P I love Sairu's braids and hairstyle, so accurate to how I imagined, and so delicate and beautiful! And the red chrysanthemums are such a great touch!! Well done once again!!

Kailin: ....I was a bad Melly when I first went to look at everyone's art....I was still only halfway through Golden Daughter, and had introduced and mulling over the "Hold your pain" ideas....and I honestly felt I could relate to Jovann quite a bit in certain when I went to look at the art....YOU MADE ME CRY, WOMAN! :P Like, tears streaming down my face half sobbing ugly cry.... It hit much too close for comfort...SUCH A BEAUTIFUL IDEA...And you composed it PERFECTLY. PERFECTLY!! (It looks like it was a ton of work too! That much handwriting...) I don't know what else to say, it just WORKS! So well! The thrush outline, the placement, the message, the way you used a different font for the words of the thrush... SO AWESOME. Fantastic job!! I'd love to see more stuff from you!! :D

Hannah W: Dang, girl, what brand of colored pencil do you use? Prismacolor? This is so vivid and beautiful, it's got a half-watercolor, half-acrylic kind of vibe to it! Your colors are GORGEOUS, and the expressions are so great!! The details of Sairu's sleeves and the highlights on their hair from the background are done fantastically. SPEAKING of the background...whew.....So beautiful!! And SAD! Gahh the implications of the background...I had finally stopped crying! Goodness! ;) Anyway, it's beautiful...

Beka: I HOPED I'd get to see some of your stuff this year! :D The texture and details of her clothes are great, and the thrush on her shoulder is such a great touch. I love how you did the gate in the background, that the vague outline of a dragon? Awesome!! The expression on her face is so vivid, and emotional, so much feeling... I ADORE how you did her hair...How it's in those recognizable braids, or at least it once was, but has been mussed and bedraggled so it remains a messy version of what it had once been. It adds SO MUCH character and story with just that one detail! Awesome job! :D Can't wait to see more of your stuff!

Sarah: Ohhhh Lady Hariawan! She's so beautiful!! I love the way you drew her! Her robes are fantastic, and the folds look great! I love the extra folds on her collar, and the super long sleeves and swooshing fold at her belt look great! Above all, I LOVE her expression! It's PERFECT for Lady Hariawan! The mark on her face looks great, and her eyes look SUPER awesome!! Fantastic job! Hope to see more from you, dear! :D

Hannah W: You got SO much mood and tone going on here!! This one's so beautiful! The expressions, once again, look really great (Monster's is hysterical), and Sairu looks particularly beautiful in this one! Her hair and her face are really beautiful! You pretty much nailed the perspective on the cot and shelves too. I love love LOVE the lighting though! The candles and the lighting on the wall are gorgeous, and totally MAKE the mood! Awesome once again!! :D

Unknown said...

Part Three!

Jessica: I was wondering if anyone would do anything with this scene! This is one of scenes that really got me emotionally, and you captured it beautifully!! Monster's paws look really great, and I LOVE how you included the dips in the mat where his paws are...such a great touch! His expression, though, oh my goodness, so heartbreaking! You really nailed his expression, here, his eyes alone, wow...amazing job...I'd love to see more art from you!!

Sarah: Awwww Eanrin's so cute!! I love how you did his cloak (the clasp is a nice detail)! And he looks so deceptively innocent! ;) I love the hairstyle you chose for him! I adore his expression though. The quirky smile, the epic eyebrows, the sideways glance, SO EANRIN!! Fantastic job once again, my dear, hope to see more stuff from you!

Jill: Awwww Jill this is so precious!! So beautiful and so many feelings! The composition is gorgeous, Eanrin's gaze and the line of the branch create two different diagonals that make it really dynamic (especially against the horizontal tone of the backdrop), even though it's a very subtle scene, which is so gorgeous. The detail and colors of the leaves are gorgeous and create a wonderful "pop" from the background. The thrush is so brilliantly placed, posed, and colored, and the implications of the feathers on his wings and the angling of the speckles on his breast are so well done! The thrush's face and eye are fantastic, and Eanrin's expression and coloring are absolutely amazing!! So beautiful!! I'd love to see more art stuff of yours~~! :)

Beka: Yes! Another one! I REALLY love this one of yours!! :D There's SO MUCH feeling in it!! The composition and posing are fantastic, and the quote you chose is just perfect!! The texture of Sairu's hair and hat are absolutely fantastic, and REALLY give the piece a great touch. You gave Sairu a fantastic face shape, and Sairu's expression?? To die for!! So BEAUTIFUL!!! The sheer amount of emotion you captured in her face is just amazing...Awesome job!! Can't wait to see more stuff!

Unknown said...


You did say you welcomed critiques, didn't you? I didn't make a mistake or anything, did I? Please ignore if I made a mistake!

I really love your style. It has such a unique and distinctive style to it! The painting style works so well with how you did Sunan, and the look you chose for Sunan is so interesting!! I love his lizardlike design! The structure of the head looks great, and the orange underlining his eye highlights it wonderfully! Well done! The details are so great on this one, the scorched land in the bottom corner looks really great and the separation between the scorched part and the grassy part is done so well! The marbled orange/yellow of the flame looks really nice too! Oh my goodness, the opals on his hand/claw though!!! So awesome!! Such a great detail!!

As for critique...If you wanted, there might be a couple little things that would really make this super fantastic. You could do his other wing, and that alone would give it a great sense of depth, and the limbs/wing that would be further away from the viewer (his left limbs) you could make them a color that's a little darker; that would create this fantastic sense of depth to the viewer. :D Of course, it would still look fine from a stylistic standpoint if you chose not to, as the style you chose wouldn't necessarily NEED that distinction... ;)

If you wanted, you could also give the upper left corner and/or the top parts of the background a really interesting implication of background. You could use anything from acrylics to some really cool watercolor effects to imply what a background might be (ex: gray overcast clouds/smoke or something). Fading a darker color starting at the top and watering it down/fading it out as it travels downwards gives a fantastic implication of sky and clouds and such. Man, I hope I'm making sense. Either way, it looks fantastic! I'd love to see more from you! :D

Sarah: Wait...-scrolls up- wait a second... -scrolls down-...hold up...-scrolls back and forth- All things bright and holy!! Good heavens, dearie! This is so beautiful! The subtle shading, the makeup, the texture of her hair (WOW!)! Oh gosh her eyelashes! Her eyes, that eye makeup! It's gorgeous and works so amazingly well! The eyes (and eyebrows, so shapely and neat!) look so awesome! And the implication of her lower eyelid with the makeup and eyelashes is so fantastic. But her expression! Oh my goodness, her expression is so great! You got her smile SO on point! The shading of her lips and the slightly quirked smile, along with the smile lines on her mouth, Bravo!! I can't wait to see more of your stuff~~!

Hannah W: -long, soft sigh- The tone of this just takes you away...^-^ The composition is once again on point, the way the mountains draw the eyes in to the subject is fantastic, and the implied plantlife and the super gorgeous defined "wall" just give it such a gorgeous texture and mood...The colors though...whewwiee, the colors and shading are phenomenal...the sunrise is just so beautiful, and the blues and greens of the mountains work so well...The implied clouds are breathtaking, and the lighting just takes you into this setting of something vibrant, but calm and somber...very serene...the posing is fantastic, this is just a flat out really beautiful piece...:DD Awesome job once again, my dear!!


And unfortunately it must wait until tomorrow...I don't think my brain can function any longer...

Tootle-loo, my friends! Until tomorrow!

Hannah said...

Yes, I use Prismacolor, Melanie. And a blending/light pencil to soften.

Thank you so much everyone for taking so much time to write such wonderful encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Melanie: Yes, I did say I was open to critiques. First, I want to thank you for replying and I'm glad you like it!
For the critique, I'm not sure if you just missed it, but just the tip of the left wing is done. I may consider your advice on the left limbs for other paintings.
For the sky, if you remember in the book it said there was mist with no real light sourse and lots of mist on the ground, that was the effect I was trying to go for.
Glad you like the ring! That was one thing I thought I could redo to make it better.
I hope to participate in the next fan art contest, Lord willing! Thankyou for your critique!


Unknown said...

@Hannah W: NICE! I thought I sensed Prismacolor.... ;)

@Caitlyn: Ohhhhh I see it now! You'll have to forgive me, I was looking at the painting on my phone, and phones don't exactly give the most accurate depictions... (On my computer at the moment) My memory on the book is actually a bit vague, since I tried to power through it in time before I looked at the art for the contest (I hadn't had time to read it beforehand) Man, the computer screen does so much for this! The texture of the cloudy mist looks really great, and I love the misty cloudy shaded area near the tip of his wing. I do think making a little gradient out of it might add quite a bit of depth, but blinding mist doesn't really lend itself to depth, so take it with a grain of salt...:P If you wanted to, maybe adding a few whisps of mist crossing over his body? That might add some depth too, and still keep a misty mood to it... It works either way, don't change it simply on my account! :)

Hmmm, if you're really concerned about the ring, maybe you could use a tiny brush and just put little teeny dabs of white for highlights or something? Make it really stand out? -shrug- I'm probably not super decent at critiques, I ask you to forgive me if I'm not super helpful...I try my best!

Whoo! Awesome!! How exciting! I can't wait to see your stuff next contest, Lord willing! :D

Blessings and Prayers!!

Courtney said...

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Melanie: I actually added some type of ocean in the background on the right side. I believe I was thinking about the first book heartless and also thinking about Golden daughter when I made this piece. It is a compilement of the two. The ocean represents when Una was found on the shoreline and I tried to add somewhat of an asian flare to the work because of Golden daughter. However, I felt that Lum'e should also look somewhat timeless because she is not just in Golden daughter. My pieces really just grow out of what I originally start with. They kind of move on their own accord as I tinker with them. So I actually pick up ideas about how the piece should look while I am working on it rather than having a full solid idea in my head before starting.

Anonymous said...

Melanie: Of course. I will probably add some mist in front of the dragon. And I will probably redo the ring just to make it better. Thanks.


Jill Stengl said...

Thank you so much, Hannah, Rebekah, Sara, Christa, and Melanie, for your lovely and encouraging compliments! I am honored simply to have a piece in company with yours, you talented and gracious people! :-) Anne Elisabeth has been urging me to start drawing again, and entering this contest was so much fun! Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who participated. Every year I love seeing the imagination and the love for Goldstone Wood in your artwork. :-) Hugs from your fellow Imp.