Monday, April 13, 2015

Calling All Influencer Readers!

Dear Imps, the time has come! That's right . . . the time for Draven's Light influencer readers. And I could really use YOUR help!

What is an influencer reader, you may ask? Simple. It's one who reads a book before or shortly after publication for the sake of expressing a public opinion in review form across the internets. Basically, an influencer reader lets potential buyers know right away what kind of book they are considering buying.

Good influencer readers can make a HUGE difference in a successful book launch. So I  would be completely delighted if you would like to jump on board and help get the word out about Draven's Light.

All the details may be found on the Rooglewood Press website (click THIS link). You'll notice that we're shaking things up this year by offering a giveaway for all of the influencer readers! That's right . . . everyone who joins in will have her or his name entered to win an autographed print copy of the final book.

David Cross will be sending out the PDFs on April 25, so there's still time to get your name to him if you are interested. Super simple requirements, anyone can do this.

And if you aren't picked as an influencer reader for this project, we're going to be looking for readers for Five Enchanted Roses in just another few months!

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