Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Wax, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Paint, and Ink

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Lydia O'Neil
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Wax, Ink, Pencil, and Paint

Artist: Josiah McDermott
Medium: Digital Art

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Wax

Artist: Mihaela Rhodenizer
Medium: Drawing

Artist: Hannah Williams
Medium: Colored Pencil on Black Paper

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored Pencil

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Digital Art and Photography

Artist: Michaela Rhodenizer
Medium: Drawing

Artist: Teresa Taylor
Medium: Polymer Clay

Artist: T. Gemmell
Medium: Watercolour Pencil

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Julie Dick
Medium: Photo manipulation

Artist: Kelly McDermott
Medium: Digital Art

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Watercolor and Colored Pencil

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Hannah said...

Olivia: Oh my goodness! Poor little Fairbird!!

Lydia: The crispiness of this is so lovely. I just adore the pillars and Chu Mana. So well done.

Hannah: Again, ah! I'm drawn to the to detail of Starflower's hair and dress!

Olvia: It is so awesome how you're showing all these different parts of her life! So cool!

Josiah: Whoa! Nicely put together! And I love how the moon is red! Coolness.

Olivia: This is darling. Absolutely darling. I think this my favorite of your work. :)

Mihaela: Oh, lovely! Very beautiful rendition of the cover.

Rebekah: I love how the symbols of the brothers are following in Ytotia's wake!

Olvia: Eep! Great glowing eyes!

Michaela! Oh, the unicorn is drawn really well! Great job.

Teresa: Yay, a sculpture! And I love how you got the lighting just so. :)

T Gemmell: K, I love it. The expressions are so perfect, especially when Eanrin is like, "No." HIS FACE.

Hannah: Beautiful lighting and detail! One could get lost in the unicorn's eyes!

Julie: *shudders* I don't know how you did this, but it's awesome. And chilling. Dat facepaint. (00)

Kelly: Excellent work! It is so cool how you shaped the stars into a music symbol!

Hannah: Your watercolor is too beautiful.

Hannah Rogers said...

Hannah!!! Starlight is absolutely breath taking! Such great lighting and color!

Ruth G. said...

Lydia: This is do lovely it almost feels like the pillars and Chu Mana are real! Great job!:)

Tracey Dyck said...

Olivia: Ohhh, poor Fairbird!

Hannah W: This looks almost exactly the way I imagined it! Starflower is GORGEOUS.

Lydia: Oh, now this is neat. I love the mistiness and how Chumana has wound herself around the broken pillar.

Hannah R: Love it! Starflower's expression is so gentle.

Olivia: So many scenes in one picture! :D

Josiah: The flames and the sunset sky are so neat!

Olivia: Aw, Gleamdren's adorable here.

Mihaela: Wow, it looks so much like the cover--well done!

Hannah W: All your pictures are so pretty! I can't believe this is done in colored pencil.

Rebekah: Ooh, I like how you included the Brothers Ashiun.

Olivia: A fiery eye! Neat!

Mihaela: The light swirling in the background makes it look so magical.

Teresa: Ooh, it actually looks like it's glowing.

T: Ah! Perfect! Monster is amazing, and I can totally hear/see the Chronicler's reaction.

Hannah R: O.O This is amazing!! Leta looks a lot like I pictured her, and the unicorn is wonderfully solemn and mysterious.

Julie: How neat! I especially like the second and third pictures.

Kelly: You definitely gave Ce Imral a magical glow!

Hannah R: The

(I shall return later to comment on the rest!)

Anonymous said...

@Hannah and Tracey: Thank you. ^_^

@Olivia K. Fisher: Aww, that's so such a sad part, but that's a good depiction of it!

@Hannah Williams: Why don't you just illustrate the Goldstone Wood books already! That is so good!

@Lydia O'Neil: Woooww I like that. So mysterious and awesome. The pillars... So good.

Hannah Rogers: OH BOY I LOVE THAT. It's perfect!!! Starlower and the Black Dog. It's great!!

@Olivia K. Fisher: Oh, cool. I like the parts you picked to put in there!

@Josiah McDermott: Oh wow. That's just . . . wow. Very well done!

@Olivia K. Fisher: I love how long her hair is! That's really cool.

@Mihaela Rhodenizer: That is spectacular. So much like the cover and yet it has something else, something mysterious.

@Hannah Williams: Umm can I just sit and stare at that for the rest of my life? Please? The stars, the sea, Starflower, the mountains, the color, the ropes on her hand, the sand...... Yeah. I'm in love with that picture.

@Olivia K. Fisher: Wow, nice eye!

@ Michaela Rhodenizer: Oh I love the unicorn!!!!! So well done!

@Teresa Taylor: Intriguing...I like it!

@T. Gemmell: Oh I love that part! Nice job!

@Hannah Rogers: Awww that's so adorable and pretty!! ^_^

@Julie Dick: You guys are determined to not let me sleep tonight. So creepy. So good. How did you even DO that? 0.0 Very good.

@Kelly McDermott: Very cool. I really like the unicorn!

@Hannah Rogers: Awesome drawing of the Brothers Ashiun. I love it. :D

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Hannah said...

Stargazer, you're so sweet! Your comments make me very happy. :)

Thank you, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, everyone, for your encouragements! I really appreciate them. :)
~ Kelly McDermott

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your comments!

Galadriel said...

The images are all from Doctor Who episodes. The young girl (meant to be Mouse) is from Rings of Akhaten and the rest are Fires of Pompeii.

Sara said...

Olivia - great depiction of this dramatic scene. I like that you used multiple different types of media.

Hannah W - wow, the look on the child's face is heartbreaking

Lydia - I like the moodiness of this scene. I can almost hear Chumana slithering around the pillar (shudder)

Hannah R - this is gorgeous! You really captured Imraldera's tenderness as she touches the dog.

Olivia - so many beautiful scenes! I especially like your drawing of Eanrin with his jaunty cap!

Josiah - wow, this is great! love the contrast between the darkness of the sky and flames and the red-orange moon. And Hri Sora just standing there watching...chilling.

Olivia - this is beautiful! She looks so happy!

Michaela - gorgeous rendering of the cover art

Hannah W - has a nice, lonely feel. I love the effect of the starlight on the waves - I can't believe you did that with colored pencil!

Rebekah - I like the boldness of this scene, Ytotia facing the Mound head-on, with the brothers behind her

Olivia - very cool, creepy effect with the flaming eye!

Michaela - your unicorn is very well-drawn, and the swirls of color in the background are a nice effect

Teresa - I love it when people get creative and use different media! Can I ask what you used for a light source in the middle?

T. Gemmell - Comics! The facial expressions both of the Chronicler and Eanrin are perfect.

Hannah R - I love the look of wonder on Leta's face and the way you made the unicorn look like it is glowing

Julie - oh my gosh, this is so dramatic and scary! Very cool!

Kelly - beautiful job! Love the stars shaped into a treble clef :)

Hannah R - another gorgeous piece!

Unknown said...

Third Set!


Awwww Fairbird! Man, the details in this one are fantastic!! The items on the table, the hair ornament, that the Place of the Teeth on Bald Mountain in the background? Nice!! Once again, the eyes are fantastic! And I love how you used mixed media!!

You know, something really cool you could do is, since the lighting would be coming from the outside and the fireplace, you could make the upper left and lower left corners darker and the places near the light source, like the doorway and the fireplace, you could make lighter. That, and if you really wanted to, you could draw the shadows of the characters and the table on the floor to show where the light's coming from... (This can get kinda tough, especially when you have more than one light source like you do) But shading, lighting, and shadows would give it SO much depth, and make the characters stand out fantastically against the background. :D Awesome job!

Hannah W: Goodness, dear, how the HAY did you get so much contrast in pencil? What lead did you use? The darker B lead I use, the softer and less defined my drawings become, how'd you get it so dark and yet keep so much detail at the same time? Gahh so beautiful! The folds of the fabric and the hair are gorgeous, and I love how you did the feet on both characters! But by far, I ADORE Starflower's expression, it's priceless and much emotion and expression in just her pose and her face! Bravo again! :D

Lydia: Ohhhh Nice! I don't remember many people doing ChuMana!! Gahhh your pillars are so awesome, and the texture of the swamp plants are absolutely fabulous! ChuMana herself has great texture and you did an AMAZING job with Eanrin carrying Starflower. I love how he's thrown her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes! :P I love the flow of his cloak, the texture of Starflower's hair, and especially the feather in his hat! Fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Hannah R: Awwww so beautiful!! Your textures, oh my goodness, your textures!!! And your contrast? In pencil? Awesome! Gahhh Your textures~~!! The stone in the distance, the bark of the trees, the fir of the wolf, Starflowere's hair, the ground and the the texture of the, so beautiful! So much texture and detail! And the shading and expressions are gorgeous!! Amazing, once again~!


Good heavens, dear, you've been busy!! So many in such a short time! Goodness, you have such a talent in making overarching works that basically both introduce and sum up the books wonderfully! Your titles and quotes are always so beautifully written! Orflaith is so adorable and her mane and tail are gorgeous. Once again, BEAUTIFUL eyes, and I LOVE how you did ChuMana, the details, expression, and flow of her hair work WONDERFULLY together!

If you do one of these again, if you wanted to you could make use of scrap paper to doodle a sketch or two of what you want your piece to look like (you can make more and play with the setup and design if you like) Nothing detailed or anything, just to visually set up where you're going to put things and what it's going to look like. It's a little tedious, but it's nice to put a rough visual to what you have in your head. That way you can space things the way you want them and you won't have to be afraid of running out of room (This still happens to me, though nowadays since I usually do digital, I cheat and just resize and move things ;) ) Beautiful job!

Josiah: Awesome!! I love the graphics you chose, and I LOVE how you resized the flames depending on where they were, it works fantastically! The woman you chose for Hri Sora has PERFECT clothes and a great pose and hair. I also love how you used a red moon, it works as a great compliment to the flames and has a great story implication! Awesome job! Hope to see more stuff from you! :)

Unknown said...

Part Two!


Goodness you work fast! This is actually one of my favorites from you thus far!! You used a different pose for Gleamdren than I've seen from you so far, and it works WONDERFULLY! Her arms and hands (and eyes, of course) are PARTICULARLY gorgeous, and her hair and dress are BEAUTIFUL! The details are so elegant and delicate, and the color scheme you used is so soft and pretty.

I actually don't know a whole lot I could say on this one! Maybe you could shade the corners a little darker to make Gleamdren pop out a little more, and are those cute little fireflies? You could make little glows around them if you wanted, I'm sure it would be really cute! Either way, I really love this one!! :)

Michaela: Wowww, your rendition of the Starflower cover is beautiful!! It has such a great mood and style! The details are GORGEOUS! The leaves and water are PARTICULARLY fantastic! The shapes of the leaves and implication on reeds and branches look amazing, and the subtle implication of water is beautiful! The ripples and the waterfalls look so great! It all has this very subtle soft feeling to it, and Starflower's hands and expression turned out wonderfully! Bravo! Hope to see more stuff from you!

Hannah WWhewwww....dang.... Man, your backgrounds are SO gorgeous...The sky and the sea and the sand and the land and the fabric and the lighting....Breathtaking. And all in colored pencil? Man, I've never tried black paper before, you REALLY make me want to try it. The sky and the sea are absolutely phenomenal...I can't tear my eyes away from them...So beautiful again!! :D

Rebekah: Nice! Oh man, I love the feather texture you gave her wings...But seeing only the arms and the sword and lantern of the Ashiun Brothers? I actually think it's REALLY genius. It puts the viewer kind of in the place of Ytotia, and the Brothers and their "weapons" are behind her. I actually particularly love the sword and lantern, the glow works WONDERFULLY! Awesome job!!


NICE! Working with Digital and Photography, are we? :D I really love this one. The lighting is FANTASTIC! And the angle is equally fantastic!! You have this wonderful primary light that has a warm golden hue, and a secondary light that carries a colder tone, and it works wonderfully! The focus is great, and it has a great depth of field.

You might be able to create a really wonderful effect by lining the outside of the eye with a darker red and the inside with a lighter yellow, and fade the inner yellow to the red on the outside (like, inner yellow, inner middle gold, middle orange, middle outside red, outside dark red, hope I'm making sense) Then you could do a really nice "texture" by making darker iris lines going from the pupil to the outside of the iris. (I had huge trouble with the Mherking's eyes and had to do a ton of research, so all this is really fresh in my head. ;) ) But it would make a REALLY awesome glowing eye effect~! :DD

Unknown said...

Part Three!

Michaela: So beautiful!!! Ce Imral!! I DEFINITELY commend you on this one! Horses are terribly hard (especially in difficult angles), and you pulled him and his angle off wonderfully!! Once again, your soft "tone" is wonderful! And I absolutely adore the soft, implied greenery around him! It works wonderfully!! And his mane, tail, and how you drew the angle of his head? Awesome!! Beautiful work!! Hope to see more from you!

Teresa: Beautiful! What did you use for the lighting inside? Not only is the sculpture itself beautiful, but how you photographed it is absolutely genius! The angle is fantastic, the focus and placing is great, and the lighting? Gorgeous! I love how you not only used the inner light, but you used a secondary external light, it works wonderfully! Great sculpture! Great presentation! Hope to see more from you! :)

T. Gemmell: Not gonna lie, it made me so excited to see another thing from you! :3 Your expressions. are. priceless. I LOVE the way you do posing and expressions. So much emotion, so expressive! Fantastic work~! (I also love the motion lines you used for the Chronicler's hand in Panel 2, and the colors you used are very soft and flow very well (the tree trunk and the background of Eanrin's center panel are particularly gorgeous!) Can't wait to see more!! :D

Hannah R: Aieeee the expressions, the detail, the shading! So beautiful!! Leta's dress is gorgeous, and her expression is so pretty, I REALLY like her slightly open mouth, just showing the tips of her teeth, and her lips are super duper pretty! Ce Imral, though! The horn, the structure of the head, the ears, the muzzle, how his main curls around his horn, beautiful! Then the EYES! Them unicorn eyes!! SO GORGEOUS!! I love them so much! Wonderful job!!

Julie: Well, had I not been told, I would have NEVER expected the images to be from Doctor Who! You did such a wonderful job! I easily could have (and did for a good while, actually) thought you actually got the setting and the costumes and subjects together to take a few shots and manipulate the photos to fit perfectly into the setting! I basically needed no introduction to know what point of the book this would be set in, nor did I need an introduction to know who the characters were...such a great job!! :DD I hope to see more stuff from you! :)

Kelly: Awwww this is so pretty, and even a wee bit melancholy! I love how you perfectly arranged the stars into a music staff and the moon looks great! I particularly love Ce Imral and the glow you added to his works perfectly. I think you did a great job on the composition of this, the placement of the moon and the unicorn makes it feel a bit of longing, and it's beautiful and kind of sad at the same time...Great job!!

Hannah R: I remember seeing this one before, and I remember being in LOVE with the detail and color...Gahhh the detail and color!! Etanun's armor and coat are AMAZING, and the detail on Akilun's lantern and Etanun's sword are FANTASTIC. And the trees? Totally beautimous! I LOVE your textures in these things. LOVE them. Even the hilts of the swords and the belts have such detailed textures! And the tone and color are absolutely beautiful. And the lighting looks so amazing with Akilun's lantern, it's so perfect. Such an awesome job!! :DD

WELL....halfway done....Oh my goodness...

Man, you guys are so good at contrast in pencil, gotta say I'm a little jealous... ;)

Welp, on to the Fourth Set!

Blessings and Prayers, friends!

Hannah said...

For "Calling the Child" I used mechanic pencil, but to make it look right through the scanner I had to digitally darken it a bit. I should have used pen and ink, but I was mortally afraid of messing it up. ;)

Unknown said...

Ohhhhh, Hannah, you sneaky goober, that's genius! (Totally understand that fear...100%) ;)


Michaela R. said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!!!

Anonymous said...

@Melanie J.: Thank you! You're so sweet!!!! <3 I'm so glad you think it's genius, seeing as I did that because I didn't feel like I could draw all of their bodies well enough... ;P

@Sera: THANK YOU! :) <3

@Everyone who said thank you to me: YOU'RE SO WELCOME. Y'all are AWESOME artists! :D

Anonymous said...

^I forgot to sign that.
-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your comments Hannah, Tracey, Rebekah, Sara, and Melaine.

Christa Wilson said...

Olivia – Nice depiction of this scene! I really like how you used both orange and purple to draw the fire. Very creative. :)

Hannah W. – Wow, I really like how you depicted the child here… I always had trouble picturing him in my head, but this seems about right! Nice job on the shadows, too.

Lydia – Ooh, this is a great portrayal of this scene! ChuMana looks perfect! And the scene has such an eerie vibe to it… well done. :)

Hannah R. – This is beautiful! Again, I really like how you filled the entire page. Great use of space, and the details and shading are excellent. I also love the solemn expression on Starflower’s face.

Olivia – This is fun! I like how you included Eanrin in his cat form at the top of the page. :) Nice work.

Josiah – Ooh, this is a cool depiction of this scene. I like how the fiery color of the moon stands out against the deep blue of the sky. Great job!

Olivia – Hehe, this is cute! Gleamdren looks so caught up in herself. Nice color choices, too!

Michaela – Great rendering of the book cover! I really like how you depicted the rippling effect of the water. Very pretty.

Hannah W. – Agh! This is amazing! The water, the sky, the sand, the drapery, Starflower’s hair and skin… it’s all so perfect! Did you just use ordinary colored pencils for this? Or is there a special kind for black paper? You have an amazing talent. Wow.

Rebekah L. – This is pretty neat. I like how you showed both of the brothers’ weapons, and the glowing effect works really well here. Great composition, too!

Olivia – Such fieriness! Well done. :)

Michaela – Great drawing of the unicorn! I always find it hard to draw the front view of a horse’s face, but you did well here! The coloring in the background is also nice.

Teresa – Such a neat sculpture! I like how the light of the lamp really seems to pierce the darkness around it. Very creative!

T. Gemmell – Another great comic! I love the look on Eanrin’s face in the third square (bottom left). Perfect! Good depiction of Florian as well.

Hannah R. – This is so pretty! I love how you did the lighting and shading. It feels like the scene is lit by candlelight or fire. Also, the unicorn’s face and eye look perfect! And it’s cool how you have some of the Unicorn’s hair twining around its horn. Beautiful drawing.

Julie – Wow. This is a great selection of images. It captures the scenes and characters so well! Very haunting.

Kelly – Ooh, so shiny! Hehe. This picture looks almost musical, if that makes any sense. :) Very pretty, and you used the space very well.

Hannah R. – You have some mad shading skills. And I really like how you combined the watercolor and colored pencil to achieve such smooth blending of colors and value. I hope I can learn to do it that well eventually! :)

Anonymous said...

And Christa :)
- Josiah

Hannah said...

I use Prismacolor, Christa. :)

Unknown said...

@Michaela: You're most welcome! :D

@Rebekah: You're so welcome!! Awwww thank you!!! :D -shrug- Drawing people is really hard...ESPECIALLY drawing more than one in one piece (I still struggle with that one)...getting better's just a matter of practice. In the meantime, if you wanted, you can be sneaky and use it to your advantage to create mood and thought-provoking composition, like you did with "Ytotia Returns..." (<< speaking from experience.... ;) ) (Just so you know, I think your other works with two characters, like the one of Lionheart leaving Daylily and the one with Eanrin and Imraldera, work just fabulously!) Well done, darling! :D

@Josiah: You're so welcome!! :D