Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Artist: Bridget McDermott
Medium: Painting

Artist: Olivia K. Fisher
Medium: Nail Polish and Acrylic

Artist: Beka
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Symona
Medium: Mixed Media

Artist: Melanie J. Morgan
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Rebekah L.
Medium: Pencil and Colored

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Pencil

Artist: Heather McDermott
Medium: Digital Art

Artist: Melanie J. Morgan
Medium: Digital Painting

Artist: Hannah Rogers
Medium: Watercolor

And that's the end of the gallery! I hope you enjoyed this year's contest as much as I did. Do have fun browsing these pieces and considering your favorites over the next week and a half. Your votes must be sent in by April 10. The three winners will be announced on April 11!


Rae said...

Melanie, your (beautiful!) digital painting gave me a shock at first! I was scrolling down the blog page, so of course I saw Lume's blonde hair first and thought it was another drawing of Eanrin... the bulging muscles and the sun tattoo quickly made me realize it was someone else, LOL. It is a gorgeous depiction of the Lord Sun and Lady Moon!

Joy said...

The entries this year are PHENOMENAL!! You all did amazing jobs! I'm blow away by the detail, the styles, and the creativity. There are a lot of mediums here that I never would have thought of! Fantastic work everyone! It's going to be very difficult to choose. :)

Hannah said...

Bridget: Don't we all wish!!! Such a pretty picture! I love the starflower vines.

Olivia: Fingernail art! AWESOMENESS!

Beka: Lovely picture and sweet fan fiction!

Symona: Gasp--gasp--no, no, Dragon, I'm not laughing at you--bwhahaha! This is so great and creepy and uh...cute?

Melanie: FANTASTIC. WOW. The detail and time this must have taken. He's magnificent and terrifying. Would not want to run into him in an ocean.

Rebekah: *sniffles* Just too sweat! And your frame is wonderful and beautiful!

Hannah: Oh, my goodness, these character portraits! Imraldera! She's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! And Leo--gosh, he's handsome. *sighs*

Heather: Where can I find the words? This is genius. And awesome. And genius. Of course golfers would get lost in the wood. I. LOVE. this.

Melanie: *breath stolen* Yes, it's offical, you must now also write a fan fiction of the love story of Lume and Hymlume. Oh, they are magnificent.

Hannah Rogers: Wowohwow. The detail and all those books, and the desk, and Imraldera's hair. Be-yew-ti-ful.

BrynS. said...

Hannah Rogers: Both your "cast of Goldstone" sketches and the painting of the Library are beautiful, such attention to detail!

Shantelle Mary said...

So MUCH beautiful!!! :-) From all the books. I'll painstakingly pick just three, but there's lots more that caught my eye and made my heart sigh, :-)

GREAT JOB, all you artists!! Lovely work! Best of luck to all of you, :-)


Emily K said...

Melanie and Hannah Rogers, your artistry is amazing! I loved seeing all the pieces you submitted. Sometimes, the art from these contests are so good, I print them and use them as posters in my room (not to be weird or anything), I definitely saw some good ones from you both.

And Heather, I laughed so hard at your comic strip! It was absolutely hilarious! The random people in the Wood. Sad part is, the last few may never get out.

Anonymous said...

Picking only 3 pictures is going to be extremely tough!

Blue said...

Heather, that was great! I love how one can see Eanrin's combs tucked in his belt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your compliments. :)

The entries are absolutely amazing. Lots of talent here! You all did really well!!

-- Heather McDermott

Tracey Dyck said...

Bridget: How romantic! Eanrin looks so content and pleased.

Olivia: What a creative idea! Those blue shades are pretty.

Beka: Aw, everyone's favorite couple. <3

Symona: I don't know whether to laugh or back away warily. XD Death-in-Life has never been so cute.

Melanie: Stunning!! That's someone I definitely wouldn't want to meet.

Rebekah: Aww...those lyrics in the border just make the whole picture.

Hannah R: That looks like so much work--fantastic job!

Heather: Bwahaha! That was hilarious!

Melanie: Okay, now that is just amazing. His fingers threaded through her hair are a great touch.

Hannah R: Wow! Those shelves look so much like I imagined them. (Now I want to own this library myself, too.) So much detail; it's gorgeous.

There have been SO many amazing entries this year. I don't know how I'll ever pick just three!

Anonymous said...

I can't. Pick. Three. These are all soooo amazing! Also, thanks for all the sweet comments on my entries!! I would do the same, but limited time, so i'll say this: I LOVE THEM ALL :D

-Sarah Grace

Hannah Rogers said...

If anyone was confused on who is who on the "characters of Goldstone Wood" then here are their names: top 3: Imraldera, Eanrin, and Una. Middle left: Daylily. Middle right: Alistair. Bottom 4: Leo, Aethelbald, Sairu, and Rose Red. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of us had the Eanrin+Imrarldera drawing idea. :D Because it's the best. <3

@Hannah: Thanks! I just want them to be together SO MUCH.

@Tracey: Thank you. The border was a lot of fun. :)

EVERYONE DID SUCH AWESOME AMAZING BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE PICTURES!!!! Great job everyone and good luck! Picking only three was like the hardest thing I ever did.

@Bridget McDermott: AWWW. This must happen!!! I love the starflowers!

@Olivia K. Fisher: Ooo, nice fingernail dragon eyes!

@Beka: Oh I just want to cry: that is so sweet! ALL THE ADORABLE.

@Symona: GAAH! That is terrifying. o.o But that means you did a great job!

@Melanie J. Morgan: Oh that is amazing. O_O I love the color and the light.

@Hannah Rogers: Woah. Those drawings are amazing! :D They're all so different and in character!

@Heather McDermott: That is hilarious!! I love it! :D :D

@ Melanie J. Morgan: Ooh...... The moon...The sun...oh my. It's so beautiful. The hair, the background, the color, the expressens. Oh wow. I love that so much. I can't express how much I love that picture. I'm just in awe. Beautiful!

@Hannah Rogers: OH WOW. You have an awesome style that makes it look so old. I love the unicorns on the wall there. It looks like an every day picture out of Imraldera's Library! Her and Eanrin sitting there... I LOVE IT.

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Anonymous said...

@Hannah Rogers: Oh thanks for putting that up! I got two wrong, but that makes more sense now. So that one is Alistair: perfect Alistair! (He's my favorite character. :D) But the fact that I got most of them right straight off shows how well you portrayed them all!
-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)

Anonymous said...

Melanie, I was showing all the art to my little brother (who drew Rose Red). He thought the Mherking picture was great, and really liked his sword.

I have to say that I find his armour awesome!

Christa Wilson said...

Bridget – Hehe, thinking ahead, are we? Very nice painting! I love how big the moon is in the background, and I also really like the addition of all the starflowers.

Olivia – Nice nail art! I like the color blue that you chose for the eye.

Beka – Great drawing! Eanrin looks so sad… I like how you included his hat there beside him.

Symona – Whoa! Great depiction of Death-In-Life! Very much like how he was described in the books. So creepy.

Melanie – WOW! This is amazing! There are so many details to take in… I like how you included the reflection of the moon in the water and the little bits of green seaweed or moss attached to the Mherking’s collar. And his sword looks so cool! I love your choice of colors, and this low perspective makes him look very strong and intimidating. Great lighting and composition, too. Very creative! And this is a digital painting? Wow!

Rebekah L. – Ooh, this is creative! I love how the trees seems to form a wall on each side of the path as it winds away into the distance. Very interesting composition and use of perspective.

Hannah R. – These character portraits are so good! I especially like the one that I’m guessing is Daylily, on the middle left, and Gleamdren in the upper right. Great depiction of Eanrin as well.

Heather – Hahaha, this is great! I must admit I did laugh out loud at this one. So creative!

Melanie – Another awesome digital painting! Great depiction of Lumé and Hymlumé. I really like the sun and moon broaches on their clothing, and the way you have Lumé’s fingers sifting through Hymlumé's hair. Beautiful!

Hannah R. – Oh my! I love this!!! It’s so intricate and beautiful. The detail on the curtains and the books and the figures… perfect! For some reason, though, I thought it was Felix sitting next to Imraldera at first, but then I thought about it and realized that it must be Eanrin. This is an amazing painting, though… and in watercolor? Wow! You have great talent. :)

Unknown said...

Whew~!! Last one!! I'll talk about you guys' stuff first, then I'll respond to the wonderfully sweet comments, how's that sound? ;)

Bridget: Awwwww don't we wish!!! This is SOO sweet!! Putting the trees on either side and the moon in the background draws attention to Eanrin and Imraldera wonderfully, great composition! The markings on the moon give the whole piece a fantastic texture too. The starflower vines are absolutely beautiful and are a FANTASTIC touch! And I LOVE how the starflowers are similar to their namesake(the stars) in the background, it's such a fantastic detail, and implies so much story! Eanrin and Imraldera's posing is phenomenal, and I LOVE how you made her cape/train translucent (and the fact that it's attached to her dress with little starflowers, aong with the one in her hair? GENIUS!). Her head on his shoulder, their hands clasped, Eanrin's chin atop her head, and the fantastic mid-dance foot placement, well done!! The feather in his hat is most awesome as well (as are the belt and chain)! And their expressions! Particularly Eanrin's expression! So sweet! So cute! Wonderfully done!! I hope to see more of your stuff!! :)

Olivia: Nice!! This is SO creative!! :D What'd you use? Nail pens? Don't tell me you did this with a brush! The Dragon's eye looks FANTASTIC! And I LOVE How you did your other nails in this dark, rocky, scaly texture, it works WONDERFULLY!! The texture looks fantastic, and the sparkles only add another layer of depth to it! Awesome job! Whoa, Acrylic? You can put acrylic on your nails? How long did the paint job stay on your nails and how many coats did you use?

Just a warning. I know next to NOTHING about nail art, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I WOULD ask if you'd seen the "crackle" nail polish floating around, it'd make a fantastic texture for the "scaly" nails....but it looks fabulous the way it is! I don't know how long it took you though, so maybe the "crackle" nail polish would be a time saving alternative for when you don't have time to make it super pretty by hand? Probably couldn't hurt to play with it! ;) Awesome job!! :D

Beka: Whoo! Another one! But why does it have to be sad? You guys are killing me! :P Why....sad...The little writing tidbit was beautiful...and the illustration fits perfectly...The posing is great, and the expressions! The expressions are so appropriately heartbreaking! Oh the captured it so wonderfully! I especially love how you did the lines themselves, it gives the illustration a certain style and tone that emphasizes shape, not quite sure how to explain it, but it looks great!! Wonderful job again!! :)

Unknown said...

Part Two!

Symona: ...I'm not laughing...I'm not laughing...I swear I'm not laughing...A high pitched quirky voice is not playing in my head, "You must kiss me! Kiss me, kiss me, KISS ME!" Pffffftt This is so GREAT!! So awesome and cute--I mean, INTIMIDATING! Ahem, SO intimidating! ;) In all seriousness, You've done a great job. The paint job is fantastic, I LOVE how you did his eyes and emphasized his hallowed REALLY gives him the appropriate skull-like face even when the face shape is so round. Wonderful job! The cape is a really nice, touch, and I love the poses you chose! The first one is appropriately cute-creepy, and the smile adds to the "horror movie doll" feel, so appropriate for the Death-in-Life, and the second one has a fantastic villainous cape swoosh! Very epic!! Awesomely done!! I'd love to see more!! :D

Rebekah: So sweet~!! A little sad! So wonderfully bittersweet! So well done! This has to be one of my favorites from you, my dear! Your composition is fantastic, the one-point perspective looks GREAT and the trees and path going into the distance works so well!! The way you did the lyrics is so awesome and you made them curve so prettily!! The starflowers rimming the edges are such a nice touch as well!! Their posing fantastic!! Eanrin's cape and Imraldrera's dress create such great shapes for both of them, and her slightly leaning her head on his shoulder is such a great detail. I love how you didn't stray from drawing the hands (such a difficult, daunting task, hands, I still sometimes try to weasel my way out of it... ;) ) And the way their hands are grasped together looks so sweet and beautiful!! Wonderful job again! Can't wait to see more! :D

Hannah R: Ha HA!! I got almost all of them before looking at your "key" in the comments! Whoo! MAN, this must have been a daunting task!! Drawing so many different characters in one piece and having to draw and distinguish all their unique characteristics! As for the ladies, Imraldera, Una, Daylily and Sairu are all SOOO gorgeous!!! Imraldera and Rosie look so sweet, and your shading on Imraldera's face and the roses in Rosie's hair look fantastic! Daylily looks so appropriately sultry and beautiful...and her hair is to die for...You've captured Sairu's unsettling but beautiful smile so perfectly, and I love her hairsticks! And Una is almost ethereal, the way you did her hair, and the serene expression on her face...And the guys are so handsome~! Eanrin looks so appropriately Faerie, otherworldly and flamboyant, coupled with fantastic eyebrows and awesome clothes shading! Alistair has such a great expression, and the shading and hair his fantastic! Lionheart has such great facial details, and his hair, eyebrows and lips are fabulous. I also love the little details of his clothes, quite a nice touch!! -sigh- Oh Aethelbald...The clothes look great, the shading's awesome, and his hair (especially the hairline) is done so tremendously well!! And his eyes...such sweet eyes...Awesome job! That looks like it was a MASSIVE amount of work!! :)

Unknown said...

Part Three!

Heather: Holy smokes!! This made me laugh out loud hard enough to disturb the kitties on my lap! :D SO FUNNY! You've done such an awesome job! This is such a great idea!! The composition of each panel is fantastic, and the style is so great and clean!! I LOVE the almost Garfield-esque comic style, it works so great with the comic's setup and punchline! You laid it out so fabulously, it's easy to understand, the punchline is delivered fantastically, and seeing Imraldera at the end was such a welcome treat! Your buildup was absolutely fantastic and the delivery was phenomenal. And all the expressions are SO fantastic!! The path Eanrin walks and its little sparkles in Panel 1 are SO awesome, and the details on the clothes are so well done!! Eanrin's hat even has that little starflower button! So cute!

I'm not very good at joke-related things, but since you asked for feedback, I'll do my best with what I do know. :) If you wanted to, what you might be able to do to make the characters pop out a little bit, is you could outline them with a thicker line of black, or use only colors and no outlines on the backgrounds...either one would give your characters a nice pop and emphasize them really well from their backgrounds. If you wanted to, maybe you could also make the bottom panels a little bigger, that would not only visually emphasize the punchline to the reader, but it would also give the piece a wonderful top-bottom balance. Honestly, that's really all I got right now... :3 Hope I could help! Such a fantastic job!! I'd LOVE to see you do more stuff!! :D

Hannah R: WHOA! Hello detail!! Good heavens, this must have taken you forever! Where do you find the time for all this stuff? I don't know where to start! The detail is just SO AWESOME!! The moldings, the tree-columns, the entrance to the Wood, the desk, the scrolls, the books, the railing, the paperwork, all things bright and holy!! My goodness!! SO GORGEOUS! The color scheme creates such a beautiful mood, and it works so well! The posing is wonderful, for both of them, it's so telling, and the Eanrin's expression is so beautiful and sweet...All the textures (from the railing to the parchment on the wall to their clothes and hair and everything in between) look SO beautiful! This one is so fantastic, my dear! Such a beautiful job!! Can't wait to see more of your stuff~!! :D

Wowww you guys....just wow....I love seeing all your stuff every year...thank you so much for allowing me to see all this!! So great! I REALLY look forward to seeing more stuff from ALL of you! :DD

Oki doki, now that I'm finished in that regard...

Blessings and prayers, you guys!! <3 <3


Unknown said...

Reply time~~! :D

@Rae: Awww thank you so much!! I didn't even think of how he might look a little like Eanrin until you said something! (oops! :P ) That's so funny! :D Makes me glad I decided on a different color scheme for him (It had been red and gold at one point... :P ) Thank you so much though! That's so sweet! :D

@Hannah W: -wheeze- no... -wheeze- ...kidding! :P Thank you so much!! I was really concerned about keeping his "handsome face" like it says in the book but keeping the grandeur and power and adding "history" of what I had in my head...(My mum still prefers the version with shiny armor, but after I finished I couldn't bring myself to go back... ;) ) I'm STILL concerned if the balance between handsome and intimidating is quite right...but what can ya do? -shrug- :P

Awwww Thank you!! That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Oh no worries, I DO intend to...I might not finish it for a good while yet, the outline and development are still so slow and I want it to be PERFECT... ;) Thank you so much though!! It means so much to hear you say so!! :D

@Emily: Thank you so much! Awwww no, I don't think it's weird!! I'm really honored!! :D Thank you again!

@Tracey: Awww thank you so much! On both counts!! I'm SO glad! That's what I had been going for, that makes me so happeh! :P That's so sweet, thank you very much!! :D

@Rebekah: Ohhhhh shucks...Thank you so much, my dear!! Thank youuuuu! I loved seeing your art! Awww thank you! Your words give me such warm fuzzy feels! :3

@Anonymous: Oh my're gonna make me cry of happiness...thank you SO MUCH...please tell your brother I LOVED his drawing of Rose Red...and tell him I said thank you from the bottom of my heart... :) It means SO VERY MUCH to me to hear you guys say that...

@Christa: OH MY GOODNESS!! Thank you so much!!! Oh gosh, it means so much to me that you noticed those details!! Wahhh THANK YOU!!! This one took a couple weeks to finish, and I did a bunch of research on those little things, so the fact that you noticed those made my little heart go pitter-pat! Thank you~~ (Lighting, Color, Perspective, and Composition don't exactly come natural to me, so I always worry about it...) It's so wonderful to hear that I did okay on all those things! Yep! All done in Photoshop (with my Bamboo drawing tablet)! Oh thank you! So much!! :D

Awww thank you!! After doing the design of them for my animatic, I had to do a polished one, and the designs from the animatic just seemed to work, so, the rest was history, I guess! ;) Again, I THANK YOU so much for your in-depth touching words!!

And thanks to all you guys that commented! Every one of your words means SO INCREDIBLY MUCH to me, as I'm sure it does to all of us... Thank you all for your kind words and taking time out of your day to say such wonderful things! <3

Blessings and Prayers, my dear friends! <3


Anonymous said...

Melanie, thank you so much for your feedback! The thought did cross my mind to make the pen strokes in the background smaller than the characters, but, yeah, that obviously didn't happen. I agree with that assessment and will do so with the comics I draw in the future.

And thank you (again), Melanie, and the rest, all for your comments! You all are very kind!!

-- Heather McDermott

Becky said...

Thank you, artists!!! All your beautiful entries have brought a huge smile to my heart and face and remind me of how much I love Ms. Stengl's stories. And all of the encouraging comments that you have left for one another, well...that just blesses my socks off!

Thank you for hosting, Anne Elisabeth!

Anonymous said...

@Melanie J.: How are you so good at being nice? THANK YOU. You give ME warm fuzzy feels!
And you're welcome. A CELESTIAL DANCE really is my very favorite and I adore it!

@Christa: Thank you so much!

-Rebekah L.
(AKA Stargazer)