Saturday, March 30, 2013

Banquet Invitation!

You Are Invited

to a Banquet

Where: Oriana Palace, Parumvir
When: April 11, 2013
What to Bring: A dish worthy to be served at a Banquet in Parumvir
What to Wear: Party Dress, of course!

Dear readers, I am very pleased to inform you of one of the upcoming events on this blog. For my birthday this year, I am going to host a Parumvir Banquet, and I want all of you to participate.

In order to attend this banquet, you will need to make a dish that you think would be appropriate to serve at a feast in Oriana. Take a nice picture of it (and of yourself in a Party Dress to go along with it if you like) and email it to me along with a recipe before the night of April 10th.

On April 11th, which is my birthday, I will compile all the pictures and recipes to host one glorious "banquet" online! We will all get to see each others' creativity and hopefully acquire a bazillion wonderful new recipes to add to our collections.

These recipes can be things right out of your cookbook or new inventions of your own. And remember, a feast is going to need:
A soup course
A salad course
A main course
A cheese course
A dessert course
So plenty of options for your creativity!
What do you think? Do you have some ideas brewing? Will you come up with some Goldstone Wood-appropriate names for you dishes?


Molly said...

Sounds awesome! I will contribute another thing, I think. Can't wait to see all these recipes! Thanks for all the time you take for these fun events, Miss Anne Elisabeth! You're just so wonderful! :)

Hannah said...

Yipe! I still have to send in my stuff! I better hurry!

Meredith said...

Still trying to figure out how to do the picture! LOL! Is Marmaduke having ample opportunities to enjoy more of Lady Gleamdren's Tea Dainties? Looking forward to everyone's submissions.

Bookishqueen said...

I need to get my recipe ready.

Clara said...

I have quite a few ideas brewing! Can't wait!!!

Rebekah said...

Can't wait!

Molly said...

I know it's off-topic, but Anne Elisabeth, is there a picture or something of a sea unicorn? I was reading Heartless and I suddenly thought, wow, I really would love to see a picture of a sea unicorn. Do you have one, or does someone else have a picture of one?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Molly: You know, that's a great question! I have a couple of reference pictures I've picked up over the years of what I think they look like. Here's one I think is cool:

This one is also pretty fabulous!

Molly said...

Interesting! Thanks! :)