Monday, April 23, 2012

Advice on Manuscript Editing

I know that many of my readers out there are aspiring authors (and some of you are even published!), so I thought perhaps I would bestow upon you some of my sage wisdom and vast exerience with the difficult business of Manuscript Editing.

First of all, I highly recommend kittens.

The more the better, actually.

Slightly crazed with claws out is good. Keeps you awake.

It's okay if half of them snooze while the other half
writhe in cuteness. Means they can work in shifts.

Don't worry if a couple of them squash the others.
They'll wriggle around until everyone has been
evenly squashed.

And always, always listen to their advice.

There you go, my writer friends! Kittens. You can never have too many when it comes to creative endeavors.

Oh, one more thing: Polk-a-dot pajamas . . . they are a must.


Faith King said...

And then I died of cute.

I must try this method some time!

Rachel Rossano said...

So cute. :)

Amber Holcomb said...

Awwww!!! :D Great advice! ;)


Angie said...

No wonder your books are so good! ;)

Eszter said...

Haha how cute! Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Sir Eanrin came across some of those kittens? Wonder if they would sense that he isn't all cat?

Elf said...

I love them! They're SO adorable!!!

Rachel6 said...

Hahaha, maybe the reason I've been having issues is that I don't have kittens!

Would you say an eight-month-old little girl trying to eat my toes provides an equal amount of cuteness and alertness?

Jenna K. said...

Aw! So cute!! =D

Victoria Lynn said...