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VEILED ROSE Read-Along: Chapter 1, Part Five

Nearing the end now, dear imps. Tomorrow is our final chapter of this read-along! Hard to believe it's already coming to an end. But there's still time to enter your name in the giveaway for this week!

Tomorrow is the last day I'll be answering questions, so be certain you get your questions in tonight! If you come to the end of tomorrow and haven't had your questions answered, I will be on my facebook page for the chat party from 8-9 pm Eastern. So I hope to see all of you there!

And I'm sorry to you non-facebookers. I did look around for another option, but didn't find one that looked like it would work well. I will hunt again, more thoroughly, before the next read-along. And in the meanwhile, my page is open so that you can come and follow what's happening even if you aren't on facebook yourself. Hope you will! Should be fun.

Anyway, here is today's chapter:

Chapter 1

Another part: While this last part of Veiled Rose is quite short, I chose to separate it into its own section since it again requires quite a large time jump. We go from Lionheart’s betrayal of Una to his return home, skipping over whatever long travels he must have endured in between. It couldn’t have been an easy journey . . . but spending time dwelling on it would have stretched out the ending of this book too long. The climaxes for each major character have taken place, and it’s time for a resolution.

However sad that resolution may be.

Hiding: We pick up with Lady Daylily hiding away at the Eldest’s House. This section definitely provides a little more insight into her relationship with her father. We knew already that she has been controlled by him throughout her life, polished and prodded according to his great Plan. But now she has stood up to him, and she’s left terribly afraid. Brave, unbending, unmovable Daylily is too frightened to return to her father’s own house.

But what you have to ask yourself is . . . is she frightened of her father? Or is there something else going on here, something more insidious which we have not yet guessed? (Answer: Yeah, there’s something else. And you’ll find out about it in Shadow Hand.)

Notice her control: Even when Daylily sees Lionheart approaching—Lionheart, whom you can guess she’s been longing to see, however she might hide that longing—Daylily refuses to run out to greet him. She feels that running gives the sense of flight or pursuit. Again, this is a little bit of a hint of what is coming for her.

Something has changed in Daylily. Or rather, not changed. Let’s say instead that Daylily has become aware of something she has long repressed. And she has to be careful now. She doesn’t want anyone else to also become aware of what she knows . . .

He would not find the one he sought: Lionheart, upon returning, is searching the crowd for one person he knows he needs. One person who will comfort him, love him, trust him, no matter what he has done.

But she is not there. And Daylily can never fill her place. (And no, I don’t think Lionheart was searching for his mother, despite Daylily’s wonderings of whether or not anyone has informed him of Queen Starflower’s death. I’m pretty sure he was looking for Rose Red, and Daylily’s thoughts of the queen are deflection.)

A dream come true: After all the long time Daylily spent watching her dreams burn and die, you’d think she would be excited and even pleased to see them finally coming true. But I think Daylily has learned a difficult lesson : the realization of dreams is often no better—may even be worse—than a dream that is dead.

The Dragon may be gone. But his dark Sister’s influence continues to work in Southlands via Prince Lionheart. And that is a poison more insidious still.

“Tell me what you want,” Daylily says, in exact echo of the Lady’s repeated refrain. Now we certainly know who is ruling Southlands in the wake of the Dragon’s leaving.

Daylily: In many ways, Daylily is the other major protagonist of this story. Oh, it is certainly Leo and Rose Red’s story on the whole. But Daylily really developed into a dynamic presence with quite an interesting plot arch all her own. She surprised me. Thus, as I came to the end of this book, I knew I had to give her a conclusion chapter. Of a sort.

As you all know by now, this book doesn’t really have a full conclusion. The plot lines of this particular novel are wrapped up—Rose Red and Southlands are free of the Dragon, and Leo has returned from his long quest. But the stories of these characters must continue on, for they are not through growing just yet.

Come back tomorrow for the last chapter and wrap-up thoughts . . . and, of course, don’t miss the chat party tomorrow evening!

Questions on the text:

1. Daylily states that “we all saw her true face,” when Rose Red’s veil was removed. But  whose true face (or faces?) did we really see in that moment?

2. Why do you think Daylily’s dream come true is, as the text says, dust and ashes?

3. Any favorite lines?


Christa wants to know: "If everyone inside the Eldest's House was frozen in time during the Dragon's occupation, what happened to the rest of the people of Southlands during that period? Were they also in stasis? And were they as deeply affected by the dragon smoke?"

No, I don't think the whole of the nation was frozen in time, just the folks in the House itself. The House was spliced onto the Netherworld, therefore it (like the Netherworld) wouldn't experience time, or at least wouldn't experience it in the same way as the mortal world does. So all those not in the house (including Beana) weren't in stasis. And while they would be affected by the dragon smoke, they wouldn't have breathed in quite so much of it! Good question.

Allison (sorry I missed these yesterday!) wants to know: "Is the Southlands based on any real country?"

Southlands is loosely (and I do mean very loosely) based on Sri Lanka. Though only bits of it. A lot of their food, architecture, clothing, etc. is Sri Lankan in inspiration. But not the names at all, obviously! My husband is from Sri Lanka (my fiancé as he was at the time when I wrote this novel), so he was rather too good a resource to pass up!

Allison also wants to know: "Will Daylily and Rose Red ever meet again (in the series, not in this particular book)?"

In Moonblood, yes. But after that . . . you know, I'm not sure! They  won't meet again in Shadow Hand, I'm sorry to say. But I don't actually know if they'll meet in a later book after that. I don't currently have plans for Daylily to appear in the next book I intend to write about Rose Red (as Queen Varvare . . . and that won't be for a few years yet). But things could easily change in the meanwhile! (Unless, of course, Daylily dies or something in Shadow Hand, which you won't know until you read it.) ;)

Allison also wants to know: "Did the Lady or the Dragon bring the Duke of Shippening to Lionheart, or did he bring himself?"

I think the Dragon may have told the Duke to find Lionheart, since the Dragon was probably well aware that his ally, the Duke, had encountered Lionheart sometime in the last few years. And it is quite possible that the Lady guided the Duke to Lionheart. But no matter what, I'm pretty sure the Duke believes he's the one handling all of this on his own. (Though what the Duke believes and what actually is may be two different things entirely!)

Allison also-also wants to know: "Is the Duke of Shippening older, more powerful, and different than he appears, as Captain Sunan seems to be?"

Ooooh, what an intriguing idea! But no, I don't think he is. Sunan has quite an interesting backstory that winds its way through history. But I think the duke is just a mortal man who found himself a powerful "patron," as it were, in the Dragon.

Allison also-also-also wants to know: "Are those perhaps opals ringing the mirror on the cover of Veiled Rose?"

I don't think so, sadly. They look like just little gold facets to me. Would be lovely though, right? Do you know, those were added onto the cover only a few weeks before the publication date. If you compare the cover of the kindle edition (which was the original cover) to the cover of the print edition, you can see a number of subtle changes made!

Fan Art:

Here is a lovely drawing by our chief questioneer, Allison!

By Allison
It is a pencil drawing of a girl peering through the slit in her veil. Her eyes are wide, her lashes long, and her hands are very delicate. The shadow of the Dragon is behind her, his eyes peering down at her through the gloom.

I also received some photos from Caitlyn, but I am sadly having difficulty getting them to load right on my computer. Hoping to have them posted by tomorrow, though!


Unknown said...

1. The only true face we saw was that of Daylily, Foxbrush, and the servants. Daylily was desperate, Foxbrush was petrified, and the servants were afraid. But I think we caught a glimpse of Rosie's face when, despite her strength, she did not physically stop any of her pursuers.
2. Because her dream was to prove herself worthy by marrying the prince. It never occurred to her to wish that he would love her...
3. 'Leo, who couldn't play a game of chess to save his life.' (I sympathize. I really do.) 'And later would bring its price.' '"Welcome home," said the Eldest.'
When I saw that Daylily paced through the room, I thought, LADY OF SHALOTT!!! : ) That was very fun to see.
My final question of the read-through is, aside from Shadow Hand, will we ever come back to the Southlands again? You mention books set in other locations, but I don't know if you've elaborated on this.
This was loads of fun. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to the party tomorrow, but have a great time, everyone!

Anonymous said...


1. Daylily's and Foxbrush's

2. Because as you said, she has found that her dream realized is just as bad, maybe worse than the dead dream.

3. "I will go find her".

Anonymous said...

Jemma asks:

Is Golden Daughter book 8 or 7?
I have this weird feeling that it was once refered to as book 8 but that doesn't make sense.


When will you do a blog page for you next book?(Because I can't wait)

Hannah said...

AAAAAH, these hints about Books 6 and 7 are driving me MAD!!!! Eee, can't wait. :)

Jenelle Leanne said...

I'm so bummed that I got so far behind on my blog reading in December that I couldn't participate in this read along!!! :) Veiled Rose is my favorite of the first three (something about second installments and me... we're bestest friends).

Anyway, I'm going to have to go back and read these at some point... maybe next time I read the book... :)

Sarah Pennington said...

1. We caught a look at the true faces of everyone present, really.
2. She has what she thought she wanted, but she's discovered that it's not what she really wanted after all. And it's obvious that Leonard doesn't really love her.

Anonymous said...

1. I think we saw Daylily's and Rose Red's faces.

2. Lionheart went after Rose Red even though she wasn't there when he returned and Daylily was.

3. "What is it Leo?" she asked. The use of his childhood name brought his head up, and he smiled. The smile vanished quickly, but it had been there, a ghost of his former self. -pg. 367



Those inhaling dragon smoke were in stasis and didn't age, but this chapter describes how the smoke poison aged them. Were they only in stasis when the Dragon was there?

Anonymous said...


Did it ever say Lionheart really loved Rose Red? We saw Rose Red loved Lionheart, and Lionheart loved Una.


The Writer said...

1. Foxbrush and Daylily's.

3. I love the line Caityln picked out about Lionheart remember their childhood name for him.

Anna said...


You keep pointing out the Cinderella parallels in Veiled Rose. Were those intentional or not-intentional?

Meredith said...

I am loving these hints about Daylily and thinking perhaps her mother might have a more pivotal role to play than would first appear. Or, I worry that she might have had something frightening happen to her that we as yet are unaware of. And, to drop a hint that she might die? My word! How very intriguing. I think she's the most mysterious and complex character in this book. I really appreciate your willingness to share insights about Daylily, for, although I always liked her, I had difficulty in the past fully understanding her actions. Now I know that there is so much more to her story. So very excited about Shadow Hand.

1. I agree with everyone else: everyone did see Rose Red, but they saw themselves as well. They needed a scapegoat, so they turned upon the one who was the outcast since she was different. Ouch. So sad yet true to life.

2. Daylily's dream has turned to ashes because she knows Lionheart does not love her. He asked for her hand, but it is just a going through the motions type of agreement.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading more about Daylily.

1. I think we got a decent look at the true faces of everyone there in that moment.

2. I think she has realized that Lionheart doesn't love her and has asked for her hand because it was expected of him, rather than it being what he actually wanted.

3. I liked this part (in a -small - way it reminded me of the parable of the prodigal son): The Eldest said nothing for a long moment. His face was aged almost beyond recognition after years spent breathing in those poisons. His eyes were faded as well and not too quick at disguising his thoughts. But he smiled a sad smile and took his son in his arms, repeating only, “Welcome home.”

Anonymous said...

1. Hmmm ... if anybody, Daylily I think.

2. Leo doesn't love her. (On a side note, did anyone think that asking Daylily where Rose Red went was a bit insensitive? Or was he just clueless to their rivalry?)

I was kind of hoping that Daylily and Rose Red would meet each other in Shadow Hand. Would be interesting.

Just a random note: a couple of my sisters just finished reading Veiled Rose recently. One believes Imraldera is Beana. *chuckle* Don't ask me how she came up with this idea. Perhaps reading Starflower first had something to do with it.

Within your next few books, how many of them will take place after Shadow Hand?

- Heather

Unknown said...

I lied. I have one more question. : ) Were you aware of the events of 'Shadow Hand' when you were writing 'Veiled Rose' and 'Heartless'?