Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More On That Fan Fiction . . . .

Dear imps, just because the Fan Fiction Contest is over, doesn't mean the Fan Fiction itself is! I would like to alert you to the Recent Tales page on Dame Imraldera's Library. We received a new tale just yesterday called The Lady of Ice, and it is quite an exciting epic story, which I think you will enjoy!
Do take the time to read Charissa's work, and feel free to send in any more Tales of your own whenever you see fit. Thank you for sharing with us all of your fabulous creativity!


Hannah said...

It's a great story! :D

Hannah said...

Oh, and I wanted to let you readers know that following the main page of Dame Imraldera's Library will NOT get you updated on any incoming stories. To be notified of new stories, please follow the Recent Tales page!

Thanks! :)