Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The "555 Likes!" Giveaway

Dear readers, this is in celebration of my author page on facebook reaching (and now exceeding) the 555 mark! I think someone needs to get a free book for this.

Facebook users, if you want to participate in this giveaway, here's what you do: Post the Starflower promotional banner below on your facebook page and tell your friends, in one sentence, why you think they should read this novel!

Once you've done that, leave me a note on facebook, and I will add your name to the namedrawing list. The winner will be selected on Saturday and will receive a free copy of Starflower! Sound like fun?


Scrappin Designs by Renee said...

Do we just share your facebook post, or need to upload the banner to our wall to be eligible?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Upload the banner, please! (I don't think readers would actually like to read this whole post. But the banner is quick and eye-catching.) :)