Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fan Fiction Contest

Note from the Judges: "A sweet little piece that describes well the wood between the worlds – it gives the impression that it should be sung, along with accompaniment from a lute or harp."

The Place in Between

By: Hannah-Kate


Where Paths lay hidden

Where time always changes

Where all is unsure

The Place in Between


Where a stride takes you leagues

Without a Path you are lost

Where mysteries haunt

The Place in Between


Where evil torments

And noble knights tread

Where enchantment thrives

The Place in Between


It is Goldstone Wood

It is the Wilderlands

Where the Near meets the Far

The Place in Between



Amber Holcomb said...

Nice! Short and sweet, but pointing out the epic and mysterious qualities of "the Place in Between." :)


Unknown said...

Since I have no talent for poetry WHATSOEVER, I greatly appreciate anyone who does. This was short and sweet- but epic at the same time. Really good!

Eszter said...

Cool poem. Liked the wording.

Hannah said...

What a beautiful poem! And so true to the story! Very nice job.