Friday, September 2, 2011

Technically Illiterate Part II

Let me interrupt briefly to let you know, dear readers, that I am not purposefully ignoring all the lovely comments I am receiving. I usually make it my practice to respond to EVERY comment!

However, due to a little incident involving Minerva the Evil One, a tangled up computer cord, a table, and a hard floor, my last laptop, Indefatigable III, met an untimely end the other day.

"Feel my wrath, puny mortals!"

Anyway, I have now acquired Indefatigable IV (yes, I do love a good irony), and am learning the use of it. Which includes desperately trying to figure out how to post comments on my own blog. This updated technology is tricksty . . . Reminding me all over again why I got married!

Until such a time as my handsome husband may sweep in to Save the Day, as it were, please, faithful commenters, do keep commenting! It will just take me a bit to respond.


Jenny Freitag said...

Having both a Laptop and Kitties living in my home, I know the dangers of which you speak. In the midst of staggering around the world of Macintosh I must always be on the alert for Minnow of the Bobbed Tail to come thundering through with devilish glee, bent on the eradication of all such technologies that distract his owner from Proper Pets.

But boy, we love our kitties all the same.

Angie said...

Oh no! The things cats can get into and destroy. At work we have recently took in a kitten and boy does he get into everything. We had to start closing the bathroom door because he would go in there and shred the toilet paper! But he's so cute it's hard to stay mad for too long. :)

Anonymous said...

Minerva the Evil One certainly lives up to his name! Although...what fun would Menerva the Evil One be if he wasn't bad every once in a while? :)


Jenny Freitag said...

She certainly wouldn't be Minerva the Evil One if she wasn't bad at least once in a while. She would be...Minerva the Indifferent. Minerva the Comatose, or even "There's Another Cat In This House?" So murdered laptops aside, the Evil lends a certain distinction to Minerva's existence. Alternatively, all the money you spend on repairing Minerva's damages goes into bank account that she owns, so that she is slowly and discreetly forcing you to give her all your money.

That sounds disturbingly plausible.

Elf said...

I saw that you are reading The Princess and the Hound. I read that book and loved it. Be sure to read the next two, The Princess and the Snowbird is good, too.