Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Year

A year ago today, I got up at sunrise, brewed a cup of tea, and sat with my Papa watching the dawn light spread out over the lake at his and my Mum's Wisconsin home. An hour or two later, I went downstairs, washed my hair, put on a pretty white dress.

And a few hours after that, I married the love of my life there in my folks' back garden!

And it was the most beautiful day of my life!

Thought perhaps you might enjoy seeing a couple of pictures from the day:

We had a cheesecake and Ceylon Tea reception in my folks' house afterwards. Homemade cheesecakes by yours truly and my Mum! My sister-in-law-to-be decorated them for us.

For today, I baked a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake like one we had at our wedding. Going to put on the wedding dress again too, just for fun! It's hard to believe it's already been a whole year. The best year of my life with my handsome love!

Okay, forgive the Blog Post of Gushiness! Next week, it'll be back to literary topics, I promise.


Wynter said...

You two are adorable together :) Happy One year!!

Galadriel said...

AW! Happy aniversery

Anonymous said...

Happy aniversery!!!!! You looked so beautiful, and thank-you so much for sharing the pictures!


Amber Holcomb said...

Those pictures are stunning! Thank you for sharing your joy with us! :) Happy anniversary - and may God bless all the days to come for both of you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! You two look so cute! Happy Anniversary!


Angie said...

Happy Anniversary! :) Hope y'all had a great day together. Love your dress...very pretty. :)

Thistlefur said...

MWAH! xoxo
You are both loved!

Anonymous said...

O my word!!!! they look so stinkin cute I lov it!!!!~Manise

Jennette said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!