Friday, April 1, 2016

Fan Art Contest is LIVE!

Dear Imps, this year's Goldstone Wood Fan Art Contest is now LIVE and displaying two fantastic galleries absolutely BRIMMING with incredible talent!

To see all of this brand new, sparkling, wonderful artistry, visit Dame Imraldera's Library.

Browse through all of this brilliance, and be sure to cast your votes for the top three pieces. This year, there will be two winners--one selected by fan voting and one selected by me! Both winners will receive a print copy of my brand new novel, A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold . . . 

First thing this morning, Rohan and I got up, fed our swarm of kitties and hounds, then he made tea while I pulled open the gallery. Sipping our morning brew, we browsed through all of these images, analyzing each one in detail, exclaiming over our favorites and all the little details. It was SUCH a delight to see all of these images for the very first time this morning (usually I see them as they come in, you understand).

 And O! Great Iubdan's Beard! Am I EVER going to have a time of it trying to pick my personal favorite! There are so many tremendous pieces, both by favorite fan artists of previous years AND by new artists bringing breathtaking new vision to these stories and this world. I will have to agonize over this decision for several days, I'm thinking.

 Anyhoodle, be certain to go and enjoy, and send your votes to Maid Bryn of the Haven will tally them up.

Be sure to thank Maids Hannah, Beka, and Bryn for all of their hard work putting this together, particularly Maid Hannah, who headed this rather daunting project. They really turned this year's contest into a smashing event!

Don't forget to leave some love for the artists themselves in the gallery comments (over on the Dame Imraldera site). They all worked SO hard to produce these wonderful pieces, and they deserve lots of praise for their efforts.

Huge thank you to all of the dear Imps who participated! I cannot tell you how delightful and encouraging it is to see such affection demonstrated for this series and these characters. Una, Lionheart, Rose Red, Sairu, Sunan, Draven, Daylily, Eanrin, Imraldera, and all of the others mean so much to me . . . I love seeing how much they mean to each one of you as well.

Happy gallery browsing!


Becky said...

The incredible art and love for Goldstone Wood makes me all teary-eyed!

Meredith said...

I'm so thrilled that so many people have expressed such love for Goldstone Wood through their artistry. It's fantastic that there's a great community of Goldstone Wood fans! I'm probably hopelessly behind times, but I truly believe this is the only series that I've ever encountered where the fans are so kind and lavish such appreciation and creativity together. No meanspiritedness, just everyone expressing themselves through their unique abilities. It's refreshing and phenomenal! Thank you, Mrs. Anne Elisabeth, for your hard work as well. It is always amazing. God has richly blessed you with a wonderful gift. Keep up the terrific work so that more art can be created!

Unknown said...

A big thank you to the lovely dames organizing this! : )

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