Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A New Goldstone Wood Story - Chosen by YOU!

Well, Imps, I think this might just possibly be the most exciting giveaway I've hosted yet. I know I am excited about it, anyway!

How would YOU like to pick the star character of a Goldstone Wood adventure?

Here's how it works:

1. Everyone who writes an Amazon review for my new title, A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold, between now and June 25 will have his or her name entered in a randomized name drawing. (And yes, reviews ALREADY up on Amazon are eligible.)

2. Each applicant to this contest must send a link to their  Amazon review to David Cross ( along with THE NAME OF THE GOLDSTONE WOOD CHARACTER THEY WOULD LIKE TO PICK AS THE STAR OF A NEW STORY.

3. On June 30, we will randomly select a winner and post his or her name, along with the name of the chosen character, here on this blog!

4. I will write the story . . . which will, upon completion, be made available ENTIRELY FOR FREE to all of my readers via Kindle. I'll also feature it on my website for those of you who do not have e-readers.

This story will have its own beautiful cover design (not the one displayed here, which is just a mock-up to advertise this event), and the dedication inside will be to the winner of the giveaway (or whomever he or she would like to honor).

And yes, you may pick ANY character you like just so long as that character has been mentioned by name in at least one published Goldstone Wood novel. (So, if I've mentioned characters on my blog who have not yet featured in a published book, they are not eligible.)

I will decide how long the story will be. I'm thinking approximately 5-10,000 words, but it might be longer (since I tend to have an easier time writing longer stories than short!). I will also decide the plot, setting, other characters, etc. But I promise that the selected character will be the central character of the story (if not the main view-point character).

I also promise that whatever I write will be considered proper Goldstone Wood canon. So, depending on who you pick, you might be able to wrangle some series spoilers out of me!

You are welcome to pick a fan-favorite, a side character, a hero, a villain, or even someone who has merely been referenced by name once. Faerie or mortal . . . they're all up for grabs!

As for those reviews--They don't have to be long or complex. Single sentences are perfectly acceptable. Even one-word reviews work fine! The winner will be chosen at random, not based on the complexity or even enthusiasm of the review submitted.

So what do you think, dear Imps? Do you know what characters YOU would like to learn a little more about? Do tell in the comments! I am very much looking forward to exercising my imagination and creativity for this event . . .


Unknown said...

Love this idea!!! It's going to be so much fun!

Savannah Jezowski said...

What a fun idea!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Well, I definitely want to hear more about the mer people. I loved A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold. Loved the cover and the title. The family of the night was very intriguing with just the right amount of "scare". I wanted to wait for the paperback since paper always is better than kindle, but I couldn't stop reading the kindle version. Five star review given :) Will you release the short story as kindle only? I'd buy a volume of goldstone short stories if you do :) Blessings as you write!

Anonymous said...

I see it's for free. Fabulous! But seriously, I'd buy a paperback with short stories :)

Becky said...

Oh wow!!! Yep, add my name to Rebeka's under the "Love the Idea" list! Hmmmm--first name that popped into my head was Diarmid, then I thought, no too tragic, and we pretty much know his story. Then I thought, Sir Imoo.... Then I realized there was a character that I always suspected had quite a story behind him, and I would love to know more--the beloved MOUSEHAND!!! Yes, definitely Mousehand. Need to work on my review, as soon as I get some mid-April paperwork finished.

Becky said...

Not to say that the other characters that I mentioned wouldn't be amazing stories, because they would, and I sure I would love them.

Sarah Pennington said...

Ahhh, this sounds so awesome! Now to get my hands on "A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold" . . .

Hannah said...

*cue hyperventilation*

This.....this has to be the most honorable and grand giveaway in the history of bookdom!!!!!!!


Well, after wild speculation over who *I* would pick, I would have to choose a character unlikely to be otherwise heard much of again...Tlanextu...oh yes. Okay.

Skye Hoffert said...

Great idea!

Savannah Grace said...


This is SO cool!! Oh, I don't know how I would even START to think of which character to pick! It would be so fun to have another story about a well-known character (*cough* Eanrin *cough*) but it would also be fun to have a story about a little-known character :).

I can't wait to see who wins!!!

Unknown said...

I love this idea! Anne Elisabeth, you are an amazingly generous person!
I think it'd be fun to read about Ibduian and his beard. I'll probably adore a short story about anyone really

Hannah said...

Oh, Jemma, I can see the title now.

Ibudan's Beard
Anne Elisabeth Stengl
A Tale of Goldstone Wood

Oh hahaha, I love it. XD

Hannah C. said...

Haha! I love the idea about a story for Iubdan's beard! XD My first thought when I saw this was, of course: "Imraldera!" (Not admitting she's my favorite character or anything!) But then when you mentioned you might include series spoilers, I set my sights a bit higher...I've always wondered about Estara, and how/why exactly Sunan had her picture in Goddess Tithe. But I'm so excited for any of the ideas that have been mentioned!
Also, I agree with Jenelle. I'm adoring the free short story, but you would definitely get money out of me if you published a paperback short story collection from Goldstone Wood. :)

E.F.B. said...

What a fun idea for a giveaway!

My first thought for this was that a story about Rogan might be fun. Despite the brevity of his appearance in Heartless, I liked him and would like to know more about him. But then, there are so many other characters to know more about! Like Sunan! Or Lionheart...or Foxbrush...or Varvare...or Nadawi...or even Una! Then there's Hanna's idea about Tlanextu which I also like... Iubdan's great black beard, how could I ever choose?! *flails*

Raindrops on Roses said...

How exciting!

I for one would LOVE the book to be about the Dragon! There are so many questions regarding him that need answering! Like, was he always evil? Did he once follow the Prince of Farthest Shore? Why IS he evil, anyway? Was he once a Faerie, or a mortal?

Eek! I can't wait!

Jenelle said...

What a neat idea! (Of course, now I will have to also reread all the Tales of Goldstone Wood to remember who all is in the cast! So, thanks for the extra incentive to do that which I have been meaning/wanting to do anyway!) :)

Lauren said...

This is awesome! Would totally buy a paperback though :)

Hmmmm... So many characters to choose from! I want to know more about Beana! And Lark! And and and!

Lauren said...

This is awesome! Would totally buy a paperback though :)

Hmmmm... So many characters to choose from! I want to know more about Beana! And Lark! And and and!

Anonymous said...

Does the winner get to say "the game is done. I've won."? Or "I won the game! I know my rights!"