Thursday, June 4, 2015

Newsletter and Mini-Magazine

I want to take a moment--in the midst of all the rest of the crazies--to talk up the TWO new exciting, marketing-related projects I have been working on lately: namely, the revamping of both my own and the Rooglewood Press newsletter.

I have been considering this step for quite some time, never feeling fully satisfied with the newsletters I've been sending out. I know I mentioned it in my previous "Doings at Drakenheath" post, but it bears repeating. I want these newsletters to be more about the FANS and not so much about peddling product. Will I still be using the newsletters to alert subscribers to new releases and specials? Absolutely. But now I am going to offer so much more.

Oh, and did I mention up there that the revamping includes the Rooglewood Press newsletter too? Because, oh my! Does it ever . . .

 After much brainstorming with my team, we have decided to relaunch the Rooglewood newsletter as what we are referring to as our "mini-magazine." Once every quarter (on the 12th of March, June, September, and December), we will be sending out new editions of the "Rooglewood Quarterly," which will include interesting and entertaining articles written by at least three different contributors (sometimes four, depending on the month). Each issue will prominently feature one of our Five Fairy Tales authors in a special guest post. You'll also find fun articles on the currently-running writing contest, and a delightful regular feature on research called, "So You Want to Write Historical Novels." (The first article in this series is on researching clothing. It's both a hoot and very informative.)

Let me also mention that we will be offering "flash giveaways" each issue, giving one randomly-selected subscriber a chance to claim a fun Rooglewood Press prize. (For our inaugural edition, we're doing a special two-part giveaway!)

Anyway, all of this to say YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SIGN UP!  It's completely free, highly entertaining (if I do say it myself), thoughtful, and unique. Oh, and did I mention it's pretty? I'm serious, now. We've got the first edition almost ready to launch, and it is quite lovely to look at.

And let's not forget "The Haven Chronicler," which has gone through a similar massive revamping. Indeed, this newsletter will look very little like the sporadic email of advertisements you used to find randomly in your inboxes. Starting on July 1, subscribers will receive a fun periodical offering a variety of articles, including a Q&A (answering questions YOU have asked), a People and Places article (highlighting different characters or places found in Goldstone Wood), a Featured Fan article (showcasing awesome new fan art contributions), Flash Giveaways (oh yes, I'm doing those too!), and a Tricks and Tips article (on creative writing for the writerly folks among my reading audience).

And . . . this first issue will feature the cover reveal for Poison Crown: The Smallman's Heir.

That's right: Subscribers to my newsletter will be the FIRST to glimpse this beautiful new cover design (I just got the final image yesterday, and I'm very excited to share it), not to mention the reveal of the premise, time period in relation to the other books, and some of the major characters.

Subscribers will also be given a special pass code to gain access to the full prologue of The Smallman's Heir. Which means you'll get to read the first 4,500 words of this story before everyone else. (But you'll have to be quick! The pass code will only work between July 1-14.)

So again, if you have not signed up for my newsletter already, NOW IS THE TIME. The first edition is going out on July 1 (as stated above), and subsequent issues will find their way to your inboxes on October 1, January 1, and April 1.

Are you excited? I know I am!


Therru Ghibli said...

So exciting!!!

Sarah Bailey said...

I feel a little silly because I thought this blog website was your official website XD I look forward to the newsletters!

E.F.B. said...

The Smallman's Heir and cover reveals and prologues! SQUEEEE!!! *fangirls* I might be a little excited, in case you couldn't tell. :D

Unknown said...


Tracey Dyck said...

Ohhh, those look fabulous! So excited for all the new content! I'm pretty sure I was already subscribing to both, but I did it again just to make sure. And that new Haven Chronicler banner looks gorgeous. :D

Unknown said...

The new banners look amazing! I wonder how many times I've subscribed now... I can't wait to get the first newsletter!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so excited for the revamp of these two newsletters. I am especially excited to read about the fairytale retelling contest and the historical fiction tips that you have. It sounds like these newsletters will be so helpful to us writers.