Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Giveaway Winners - Draven's Light Chat Party

Dear Imps, what a wonderful launch party that was for Draven's Light! I very much enjoyed "seeing" all of you who came and really appreciate how all of you took the time to spread the word about this new story of mine. There were great questions and discussions, not to mention LOTS of really fun Fan Art shared at the party itself. If you weren't able to make it the night of, be certain to look back through the event page and read the comments! It was great fun.

But we are here today to announce the four WINNERS of the giveaway! These folks will each receive an autographed print copy of Draven's Light for their bookshelves! The winners are . . .

Sierra Faith
Georgina C
Cortney Manning
Rebeka B

Congrats, ladies! Email me ( with your mailing address, and I will be putting your prizes in the mail shortly! (Just as soon as my author copies arrive . . . )

In the meanwhile, I hope the rest of you will find time to read Draven's Light this summer. And don't forget to write a review! You may not realize it, but EVERY review helps me out.

Also, be certain to check out my BRAND NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE! I just announced it at the chat party, and I'm really excited to share it with everyone. Have a glance through the various book pages, for I have added new material for several of them, including deleted scenes from Dragonwitch, some of which are pretty hilarious . . .

And it's just a few more days until the launch of the third Rooglewood Press Writing Contest!!!! Are you excited? Ready to brainstorm for a new fairy tale retelling????


Savannah Jezowski said...

The new website is gorgeous!

Esther Brooksmith (wisdomcreates) said...

I can hardly wait for the brainstorming fun to begin on June 1st!!!!

Becky said...

Congratulations! Your new author website is a stunning showcase for your work. The Rooglewood Press website is also beautiful. Both are top-notched!

Congratulations to the winners of print copies of Draven's Light. Anne Elisabeth, your chat parties are always fun and lively. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I could spend there.

I'll be praying for God's timing in all your endeavors, and much success for Draven's Light and continued success for all of your stories. God' grace to you.

Anonymous said...

Your new website is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm a huge fan of the header. I'm so excited for the actual cover reveal! I of course got the email about it early, and I literally jumped out of my seat out of excitement when I saw it in my inbox. I've been mulling over some ideas recently, and the more I do so, the more excited I get to write this story. It shall be one of my main summer projects!

Meredith said...

Congratulations to all the winners of Draven's Light! You're all in for a glorious treat. And, the chat party was wonderful. I recently learned about an accessible version of Facebook, so it was loads of fun to participate this year.

I'm so excited about the big reveal on June 1. It'll be wonderful to find out the fairy tale. Have preordered a print copy of Five Enchanted Roses, which I'm super excited about as well! Best wishes as you complete preparations for that book.

Best wishes with all your projects. God bless.

E.F.B. said...

Thanks so much for hosting the chat party, Anne Elisabeth! I didn't have a Facebook account to participate, but I enjoyed reading all of the posts and I look forward to reading Draven's Light (and any other books you come out with because I love your stories!). I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, both present and future, and I pray that God blesses you and guides you along whatever Paths he has planned for you.

Ooooh, shiny new website with a very pretty design! I can't wait to look at the new material!

Sarah Pennington said...

Congrats to the winners, and I'm glad the chat party went well! I'm off to check out the new website!

Unknown said...

Your new site looks awesome! I can't wait for the new fairy tale

Dom said...

I absolutely loved your new website! I thought it was so cool the way that the extras about the books were organized. I think I spent an hour going through and reading everything. Delightful!