Monday, May 25, 2015

Chat Party Giveaway Rules!!!

Dear Imps, for those of you who do not have Facebook but would still like a chance to enter the Draven's Light giveaway, here are the rules:

FIRST STEP: Down below you will see a series of images. These include the book cover of Draven's Light and various quotes and write-ups about the story.

YOU are invited to SHARE these images around your social networks. This can mean your blog, your Twitter, your Pinterest, etc.

You may share just one or several images on just one or several locations. The more you share, the more opportunities you'll have to win.

Be certain to share THIS purchase link at the same time!

SECOND STEP: Gather the links to ALL the locations where you have shared the various images. In a SINGLE email, send these links to David Cross at He will count up the number of links and enter your name the same number of times in to the giveaway.

Please only send David Cross a SINGLE email containing all of your links! Do NOT send him one email per link.

You will have 24 hours from now to share and send your links to David Cross. The four winners will be drawn tomorrow night and posted here and on the chat party event page the morning after.

Thanks so much for helping me to spread the word about this new story! I am excited to share this adventure with all of you and appreciate your efforts more than I can say.

Here are the images:

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