Monday, October 27, 2014

Short Question - Short Answer

"Gaheris House" by Brenna Jones
Today's short question pertains to my third novel, Moonblood. This young reader asks: "Is Carrun Corgar Gaheris?"

Good guess! But no.

For those of you who don't know or are uncertain, Carrun Corgar is the ruins of a tower mentioned in Moonblood, apparently a former stronghold of goblin King Vahe's . . . and a place of certain significance to Sir Oeric, one of our fine knights.

Corgar is also the name of the goblin who led the attack on Gaheris House in my fifth novel, Dragonwitch. So there is a strong correlation between the two locations.

But the two are not the same. Gaheris House is located farther north, while Carrun Corgar is built (apparently) on the same spot in the Between where Oriana Palace stands in the Near World.

But in all likelihood, Vahe named the tower for Corgar . . . and why he would do that is probably not too hard to figure out! (Though you'll have to read Goblin Son to find out why . . . and I, sadly, won't be writing Goblin Son for a little while yet. Got to finish Untitled Book 8 first!)


Anonymous said...

Ms. Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I am such a huge fan of your books! I'm only on "Dragonwitch", but I was wondering if you'd want to do an interview for my blog... :)

Rae said...

*smacks forehead* Corgar and Carrun Corgar -- how did I not put that together?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Anonymous--I would be happy to be interviewed on your blog! Email me ( with a link to your blog address, and we'll figure out the details.

Anonymous said...

I love how the books tie together in interesting details like this!

Unknown said...

I love how many threads your books have! Can't wait to see how they all weave together. My question how did the Tales if Goldstone Wood come about?

Meredith said...

Yes, when I read Dragonwitch, I thought Corgar's name sounded familiar and found the name of the gate in Moonblood. I think I know who Corgar might be in relation to a certain Farthestshore knight. Will be so interesting to find out if I've guessed correctly! If so, it just shows how past acquaintances might have future influence upon a certain group of beings.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that clears it up a bit, Thanks, I really wanted to know that!

Unknown said...

Too many interesting secrets!! Aaarghh!!!! ; )

Unknown said...

My guess for Carrun Corgar is that it's where Corgar was punished for failing to find the House of Lights for Vartera.

OK, so here's my question: You said before that you have used words from ancient languages to name people and places. Do you do that for all of your names? And what are some of the languages that you've used?