Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pre-Order Time!

Hoorah! I am pleased to announce that Golden Daughter is now officially available for pre-order in the Kindle format!

The book itself still does not release until November 10, but if you pre-order any time in the next three months, you'll be set to receive your Kindle copy right on the release date. How cool is that?

If you'd like to help me spread the word, please take a moment to share the cool little graphic above on you facebook, Twitter, blog . . . any social media you like, really! I would very much appreciate it, as always.

All right, I must off . . . Rohan and I are going out for Belgian waffles this morning. What are your fun plans for the weekend?


Jenelle Leanne said...

Oooh, yay!

And Belgian waffles sound yummy.

We're having a homemade Chicago-style pizza party at our house tonight (because, apparently, we've intrigued all our Southern friends with all our talk about the best pizza in the world). :)

Unknown said...

Exciting!! I have fourteen hours of rehearsals, which will be fun but stressful. It's good to see you blogging so much!

Anonymous said...

I love it to when you bog a lot.
Yay!!!! Golden Daughter!! I am so glad I kept that kindle credit!
Belgian Waffles sound good.