Sunday, June 8, 2014

Doings at Rooglewood: June, Spoon, Moon, Loon . . . Tune . . .

Dear imps, there are so many doings! I can't keep up with them all! Nor do I expect you to. But I want you to be aware of them at least just because some of them are really awesome . . .

The lovely Amber Stokes of Seasons of Humility is hosting a blog tour for Five Glass Slippers . . . coming up VERY soon now! And if you are a blogger, we would love to have you participate. All the details are here, so do jump on board if you'd like to!

And you know what this means? It means FIVE GLASS SLIPPERS IS RELEASING SOON! Actually very soon. The official release date is next Saturday, though some of you might get your pre-order copies sooner than that. I can hardly wait to share these stories! It's been fun to see the early reviews going up. I am so proud of these authors and all their hard work. I hope this collection introduces their names to thousands of new readers who will be eager to read much more work by each of them.

Oh, and speaking of awesome collections . . .

Most of you have probably seen this, but just in case . . . the new Rooglewood Press fairy tale collection contest has launched. All the rules are here. We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful submissions! How is the brainstorming coming along for you? Do you have a great idea? A couple of great ideas???

We have a couple of fun features coming up. First of all, for those of you participating, don't forget that the deadline for the Goldstone Wood music contest is this Saturday. All the rules for this contest may be found here. And we do request that submissions be sent in as Youtube video links for ease of sharing.

We have received a handful of wonderful submissions already, and I know you are all going to love them! I know I have been very impressed with what I have heard. It's going to be awesome!!!

Other fun features coming up include a guest post written by awesome indie author Heather Day Gilbert about her new novel, Miranda Warning.Not to mention an awesome release day interview with Ashlee Willis about her debut fantasy novel, The Word Changers. These are both going to be very fun, including giveaways!

I just finished the first round of revisions on Draven's Light, which feels good. Very pleased with that story. Though . . . wow. It is very heavy. Not too dark for all of you, but heavy for my usual style. I really love the story, though. It's one that just begged to be told, and I'm looking forward to sharing it!

But before that, we have Golden Daughter coming this autumn. Huzzah! I'm hoping to see the book go up for pre-order sometime by the end of this month. There are a number of things that have to be done before that point, many of which I'm dealing with this next week. One of the biggest doings of the month, actually, is getting Golden Daughter ready for pre-order, so wish me luck!

I finished the rough draft of a new project about which I am not yet talking . . . It's reeeeeeeally rough. But I hope to start the revisions on it by the end of this month, and . . . well, I'm not talking about it yet, so that's all I can say!

Oh, dear. I feel like there are more things happening, but I can't remember them just now. If I think of them, I'll write a follow post, I promise!

What are your doings for June? Any fun events? Projects? Ideas for events or projects?


Unknown said...

Huzzah! Two of my Music Contest entries are uploaded privately on Youtube, so once I record the third (which shouldn't be any later than tomorrow), I will switch them to public and e-mail them to you! So expect three more entries on Wednesday at the latest.

I have three Beauty and the Beast ideas, all of which are still in the stage where major plot points are condensed into small sentences that feature an exclamation point, a question mark, and/or a smiley face. Good times!

On the topic of music, I have an exciting month! I am going to Georgia to study music with a classical singer whom I admire, then I am whipping around and going to App State to study music for another few weeks! : D Exciting stuff.

Best of luck on the Golden Daughter preorder front! We are all understandably glad to see you succeed. ; )

Sarah Pennington said...

Hope that getting Golden Daughter ready goes well!

I'm so excited for the Five Glass Slippers blog tour and for the Beauty and the Beast contest! I'm still working on brewing ideas, but I'm hoping to work on it during Camp NaNo next month.

Jenelle Leanne said...

Hooray for lots going on! I need to preorder 5 Glass Slippers, thanks for the reminder!

Hmmm, June... editing Yorien's Hand. July... editing Yorien's Hand (and sending it to my line editor)... August... hopefully beginning work on content editing of book 4. September... Baby. Then probably back to editing. Hopefully finishing up Yorien's Hand's editing and sending it off to beta readers for the final round of ideas/questions/comments/smart remarks... etc. :)

Maybe in there somewhere I might get a chance to write something new.

Hannah said...

Oh so many exciting things! I hope it will all go well!

I'm working on finishing up some school, writing out short stories, and then maybe get going on my next manuscript, the sequel to MOONSCRIPT.

Meredith said...

Great and busy times! Received word from amazon that my preordered copy of Five Glass Slippers is on the way. I'm so excited for these authors.
Have one idea for a Beauty and the Beast retelling that's linked to the original tale but, I hope, has enough of a twist to make it interesting. I'm also revising a retelling that's quite different from the original but hopefully addresses similar themes. It's a story I wrote earlier this year, actually, but its needs some extensive work as far as clarification of characters' motivations are concerned.

So excited about Golden Daughter! The excerpt is fantastic, and I have a feeling poor Eanrin has met a mortal who'll keep him on his toes! And, those dogs! LOL! Can't wait to learn more about Lume, Hymlume and their children.

Hope that the kitty cats and the dog are doing well and that you and Mr. Rohan have an opportunity to get a little rest this summer. God bless.

Gracie said...

YAY! Can't wait until Golden Daughter is released! My mother has not been allowing me to look at any of the plot summaries until we read the whole book! I'm going to ask my mom if I can get a copy of Five Glass Slippers, and I am trying to talk my older sister into submitting in the the Five Enchanted Roses contest.

And this summer......School, trying to finish writing a book,and contemplating if I should start a blog.

Hope your summer is great!


Tracey Dyck said...

Just had my grad party! (I'm homeschooled, so I got to plan the whole event -- wonderful.) Now I'm turning my attention to other things, mainly acquiring a job and steeling myself to read through a novel I wrote a couple years ago. It needs to be demolished and entirely rebuilt, that's how bad it is. On the surface, anyway; the bare bones are worth saving. But when you have to make 700 editing notes on less than 100 pages of manuscript... you've got a problem! :) Oh, and of course I'll be brainstorming for Five Enchanted Roses!
Loved hearing about your doings, Ms. Stengl! Looking forward to reading Golden Daughter. I hope to catch up before it's release, since I haven't read Dragonwitch or Shadow Hand yet...

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