Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting Ready for the Read-Along!

The Veiled Rose read-along starts tomorrow! I am very excited to dive into exploring this book with you. Whether you're a new reader or a die-hard Goldstone Wood Imp, I hope you will find the upcoming articles interesting, insightful, and just plain fun.

Just like last year, there will be giveaways at the end of each week and a grand finale giveaway on the final day. Here are some details about those:

Giveaway Prizes

Because this is the Veiled Rose read-along, we will be doing Veiled Rose prizes. Every week of the giveaway, on Sunday evening, I’ll be selecting a name to receive a signed copy of Veiled Rose.

On the final day of read-along, I’ll be hosting a Facebook Party in the evening. Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to win a copy of Veiled Rose and of Goddess Tithe, not to mention a nifty Tales of Goldstone Wood mug.

Giveaway Rules

To get your name entered in the weekly giveaways, you can do a variety of things:

1. Answer questions. There will be anywhere between 2-5 questions to go along with each chapter. For each question you answer, you will get your name entered into the giveaway. So, if you only answer 1 question all week, your name will be entered once. If you answer 3 questions a day every day of the week, you will get your named entered 21 times! So you’ll have that much more of a chance of being a winner.

2. Ask questions. For every question you ask me, you will have your name entered 1 time.

3. Submit a fan art. This has to be fan art inspired by one of the chapters covered during the week. For each piece of fan art (new fan art only, please) you will have your name entered 10 times.

4. Share about the read-along. If you post the read-along banner and a link to your blog, facebook, or twitter, let me know and send me a link to where I can see it. Your name will be entered in the giveaway 2 times for each instance. This can be done every day if you like (though you might not want to overwhelm your followers!).

So that's all you need to know! Grab your copy of Veiled Rose and get ready for fun times.


Sarah Pennington said...

Coolness! I just realized that I forgot to request Veiled Rose, so I may fall a bit behind in the first few days. Oh well. I'll catch up! And I'm so totally excited for the read-along!

Out of curiosity, can the fan art be digital? Because I can't draw, even on the computer, but I like making graphics.

Meredith said...

So excited for the read-along! Love, love Veiled Rose and can't wait to read your insights on the individual chapters. Fun!

When you say "art," are you specifically referencing just visual art? If so, would it please be possible to put captions with the pictures you share so I know what inspired the fan who submitted it? Just checking. God bless you.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Sarah: Fan art can be ANYTHING. You can do graphics, drawings, photos, music, videos on youtube . . . anything creative at all that is inspired by something going on in the week's set of chapters. Go crazy! (As long as it's appropriate, of course.) ;)

@Meredith: I will be certain to include descriptions of the pictures for you! Thanks for the reminder. If there is anything along the way that isn't working for your enjoyment of the read-along, let me know and I will adjust for you too. No problem at all!

Hannah said...

Wooo! I'm looking forward to this! Last years read-along was a blast! It will be so interesting to get an in-depth look into Veiled Rose. Some very mysterious stuff in there...And extra entries for fan art! Hmm, I hope I'll have time. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok so just to be sure, the only book we can win at the end of each week (besides the final giveaway) is Veiled Rose? I'm asking because during the read-along for Heartless we were able to choose different titles? Looking forward to it.


Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

This year, it's just VEILED ROSE, yes.

JoJo said...

Hi Anne Elisabeth!!!
I am soooo excited for the read-along!!!
I went ahead & posted a widget on my blog... You can view it here
It's in the right hand sidebar :))) YAY so excited!

Joy said...

I shared on my blog about the Read-Along :D