Friday, November 8, 2013

Doings at Rooglewood: November Edition

Dear imps, I know I haven't been blogging as much lately, but I thought I'd update you on a few doings at Rooglewood once more so you'll have some idea why I keep disappearing for these random intervals.

First of all, this:

That's right! I'm spending a good bit of time getting these articles written up for the Veiled Rose read-along. I realized, on about chapter 4, that if I continued writing them at the rambling lengths I was, that I would end up with a total word-count about as large as the book itself. So, I've had to cut back a little bit. Nevertheless, I think the articles are interesting, the discussions questions challenging . . . and there will be a giveaway every week!

I think I might host a facebook chat party on the very last day of the read-along too (which is likely to be sometime in January, despite what it says on the poster). Would you all be interested in that?

I am of course getting VERY excited for the official release of Goddess Tithe this coming Tuesday!

Just so you know, the paper back version is already available on Amazon, so if you're interested in getting that, no reason to wait! If you're holding out for the e-book, however, that's still going to be happening on the 12th. I am so pleased to be sharing this first novella with all of you. And I hope, come January, to start writing the next one . . . .
For even more immediate excitement, here's what I'm up to tomorrow:
Visit the Website!
I have never been to a ComiCon before, either as a guest or a vendor. So this should be interesting! Rohan and I have been working hard to get everything ready for our table. We set up a practice table in our library last night, just to be certain everything looks cool. I'll try to get pictures of the event itself over this weekend! We're going to be there from dawn till dusk each day . . . so if you live in Raleigh/Durham area, you should stop by.
Also, if you think of it . . . my poor Rohan is suffering from a terrible cold and cough right now. He is so congested, he sounds like a frog with a bronchitis (because that's a thing). Being my hardworking, wonderful man with an ENORMOUS sense of responsibility, he has insisted on going into work every day, then comes home and works with me to get things ready for this ComiCon and other business related details. (Trouble slowing down seems to run in the Rooglewoodian blood.) So please, say a prayer for him, especially for this crazy weekend! He could use it.
Coming up later this month here on my blog are a handful of other exciting things. Aside from the interview with James L. Rubart currently running (enter your name in the giveaway!), I've got two interview/features with giveaways, one on the 18th, one on the 25th. I've also got the cover reveal for my mother's new book! Huzzah!
I finally got to read this novel in full last weekend, and let me tell you, it is a breathtaking ride! My mother is brilliant at taking historical events and making them vivid and real through the eyes of her characters. And the French Revolution is certainly not a time period for the faint of heart. I can hardly wait to share this cover with all of you . . . and then the book itself this next spring!
Sometime this month, I'm hoping to get a chance to sit down and do a few tweaking revisions on Book 7, Golden Daughter (which I just finished drafting last month). Just one day of work should get me where I want to go with that project. But I am so utterly swamped in other projects at the moment, so I'm not certain when I'll get a chance at it. Aside from reading and line editing Until That Distant Day, I have one other large manuscript I'm reading, another not-quite-so-large manuscript that I expect to receive by the end of the month, and dozens upon dozens of Five Glass Slippers stories pouring in!
At this stage in the game, I've got enough stories in that I'm starting to get an inkling of an idea what the final collection might look like. All of the stories have been wonderfully entertaining, but there are those special few that stand out in the crowd. Those special few that shine just a little extra bright . . .
But our Dec. 31st deadline is still a long ways off, and more stories arrive on my desk every week. So the final shape of the selection is still anyone's guess! One thing I do know for certain: it's going to be a beautiful book.
A quick note to all of you readers who may not have noticed it earlier--up in the left-hand corner of this blog page, you'll see a tab that says, "Sign Up for the Goldstone Wood Newsletter." If you haven't done so already, I would urge you to hop on board! I'll be sending out the first newsletter later this month, and will continue to use this as a means to keep my readers informed of book releases, special deals, and giveways. It is called The Haven Chronicler, and you don't want to miss out!
Another exciting event coming up this month is this Spec Fiction Scavenger Hunt!
Sound exciting? More details to come as the event draws nearer . . . but if you don't want to wait for me to get around to explaining the details, writer-friend Jenelle did a lovely job of it on her blog, so I would click this link and go over there to find out more!
In not-writing-related news . . . most of you have probably seen my pictures and updates facebook about this little girl:
This is Mimsy, the sweet little doggy who wandered into my yard one cold, rainy day in October. She was skin and bones, obviously nursing, shivering, cowering, and so, so sad. But she let me pick her right up and bring her inside, sweet darling that she is. We've had her at Rooglewood for nearly a month now, and she has come so far! Her natural state of being is happy and tail-wagging, and she loves to cuddle. If not me, Makoose will do:

Mimsy and Makoose can be found together most evenings in a similar attitude. He loves to wrap her up in his paws and give her a thorough washing. Which she enjoys. Though she ends up with some pretty interesting cowlicks as a result.
She is up for adoption currently, so if you're a Raleigh/Durham resident and are looking for the perfect little companion doggy, write to me! She's seriously as sweet as she can be, not a mean bone in her skinny little body. She's great with the cats (obviously!) and with Milly, our big dog. And boy, I would sure keep her if I could . . . but Rooglewood is pretty swamped in pets at the moment, and we always seem to have new rescues wandering into our yard!
Anyway, other than that, I've been keeping myself occupied with a full house of mentoring students (hello, fabulous students!), who all entertain me with wonderful stories, unique writing voices, and surprising twists and turns in their plots. Someday I will be getting back to regular noveling myself, but probably not until after Christmas. There's just no time at the moment. But, the next story is brewing up to the point of bursting, and I think come the new year, I'll be able to sit down and start pounding it out.
I hope all of you are well and busy with good kinds of busyness. Leave a note and tell me about some of the things you're up to this month!


Hannah said...

Oh, thank you for these posts that let us know what you're doing, Anne Elisabeth! Wow! Everything you're getting done is amazing!

I'll be praying Rohan feels better!

Let's for me, I've got to finish my writing exercise this month, continue the actual manuscript (hopefully complete it by December), finish and send in my last Cinderella story, finish a painting for a special event on my blog before the middle of November, begin working on Christmas present projects! And amongst that, doing school. :)

Anna said...

Wow! You're busy!!! :D I'm eagerly awaiting Christmas break. ;) Started college this year as a duel credit student! Wild semester! :D I'll be praying for Rohan and you.

Unknown said...

I'll be praying for you and Rohan--you're both so amazing and inspiring!

I am currently in the busiest time of school yet. I have four major papers to write in the next three weeks, three of them being research papers, a whole bunch of books to read for school, exams to study for, and also am trying so hard to write my last Cinderella entry. I had so many ideas for this contest and not nearly enough time to write them all, sadly. *sniffle*

But, I hope everyone else's writing has been going smoothly! :)

Sarah Pennington said...

Wow. I cannot imagine having all that to do. O_o

I hope Rohan gets better soon!

J. L. Mbewe said...

So many exciting things happening! Can't wait for the read-a-long!
That is so cool about NC Comicon, I've been eyeing different cons for a while. I haven't been to one, but would like to go. Will be praying for Rohan & you!
Mimsy is such a beautiful looking dog. I wished we'd lived closer, I'd take her. My little girl is in love with animals, and I could totally see them together.

Alright, the doings in my neck of the woods..

I started the edits for the sequel to Secrets Kept, and I hope to finish by January. I've got a mural to finish for my son's bedroom. I will be wrapping up the costume contest this month, going to Tennessee for a week, and going to a local book fair. And really hoping that the paperback of Secrets Kept will be available soon with the fair and the giveaways happening. My little girl is turning 3 at the end of this month, so I've got to figure out a birthday party for her, but not exactly sure what theme. We shall see.

With all that has been going on, I won't be able to finish my Cinderella story, but I am excited to see who will be chosen and how the stories will differ.

Hope your month goes smoothly and that you find time to rest. :-)

Clara said...

Poor Rohan! I will be praying for the both of you :) And I WISH I could adopt Mimsy. I think Sam would fall in love with her, and rub his nose in her fur. That's what he likes to do to all his girlfriends!

I've just been working, writing, working, writing, etc. Nothing terribly exciting, but I am busy!

Jenelle Leanne said...

That is rather a mountain of things you have going on!

Thanks for the shout-out!

I will be praying for Rohan (and that you don't come down with it next!)

This month is slipping by and I am not getting anywhere near the amount of things I wanted to get done done... that sentence looks/sounds weird, but it does say what I want it to, so I'm leaving it. :)

ComiCon sounds fun and completely overwhelming! :)

Meredith said...

You work so very hard. Will be praying that Rohan feels better soon. I'm getting over a vicious sinus infection, so I know how he feels!

Am so excited about the read-along, and it's so neat to hear about all your activities. I'm really intrigued by Mrs. Jill's book. So glad that the Five Glass Slippers collection is starting to take shape. I'm sure the most challenging thing about compiling an anthology is finding that thread that holds everything together while still maintaining diversity. So exciting!

It's a busy time of year. Am helping with church projects and working on wrapping things up on Soral's Rising.

God bless you and will be praying for your weekend event.

Unknown said...

I was right next door today with the Durham Savoyard Opera. Sorry I missed you!

Molly said...

I really hope that Rohan gets better soon!! That's no fun at all.

Ack ComiCon! My sister and I with my little brother are going to the one in NO in February! It's our first too and we're super excited. We'll be dressing up and taking pictures with everybody. :)

I'm trying to finish my Glass Slippers story, but I don't want it to end quite yet...oh well.

Aw Mimsy! I love dogs so much. :)