Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dragonwitch Release Day Blog Tour!

The time is here, dear Imps, for the Dragonwitch release day blog tour. This is a short tour (just three days long), but it offers numerous prizes! On July 17th, I'll announce the winner of the Grand Prize, which will be all five of the Goldstone Wood novels along with bookmarks and other fun swag.

But aside from Grand Prize, many of these bloggers are hosting extra giveaways with opportunities to win copies of Dragonwitch. So be certain you go through and enter your name, because you will have many, many, many chances of winning.

And please take time to thank all of these wonderful bloggers participating in the tour (and follow their blogs if you aren't already. They're all seriously awesome). All of these lovely people bless my life and make the release of each new book so special and rewarding.

So do come and join us! Here is the complete list of all the fantastic blogs you can visit today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Did I mention that ONE of these fine hosts is posting a sneak peek from book 6, Shadow Hand?

Tour Schedule

July 14 - Day 1

Rebecca's Book Blog - Interview

Jennette Mbewe - Sneak Peek

Bluerose's Heart - Top Tens List

The Wordsmith's Shelf - Sneak Peek

The Wonderings of One Person - Guest Post

Seasons of Humility - Interview

Worthy 2 Read - Guest Post

The Endless Road - Interview

Tea and Bree - Interview/Sneak Peek

JoJo's Corner - Interview

July 15 - Day 2

Letters to the Cosmos - Guest Post

The Writer of Dream Things - Character Interview
The Sassy Sister - Sneak Peek
Makai Queen - Interview

JoJo's Corner - Sneak Peek

Crafty Booksheeps - Interview

Young Adult Books - Sneak Peek

Darling Diaries - Interview

Blooming with Books - Interview/Sneak Peek

July 16 - Day 3

The Writer's Window - Character Interview

Penning Praises - Guest Post

Crimilia - Interview

Rachel Herriman - Guest Post

Rina's Reading - Top Tens List

JoJo's Corner - Guest Post

Living On Literary Lane - Interview

Onto Her Bookshelf - Interview

An Ink-Made Maiden - Interview

July 17 -

Blog Tour Finale and Prize Awarded back at the Tales of Goldstone Wood!

Don't forget to enter your name for the Grand Prize!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway



Sarah Pennington said...

Huzzah for book tours and giveaways and new Goldstone Wood books! I shall be checking all the sites I can! I can hardly wait for Dragonwitch!

My favorite Goldstone Wood book is probably Starflower. That's mostly because of Bard Eanrin. I loved getting to know him and follow him around and such. (And finding out how he met Imraldra was so much fun.)

Unknown said...

I'm just now getting into different series.. I've not read any of the Goldstone Wood yet I've just heard about it and would love too. I think fairytale wise Snow White.. although I like the current movies that came out about it then how it was previously written.. so much evil but some goodness.

Ryebrynn said...

I just finished reading the whole series, and it's a hard choice between Heartless and Starflower. But, I think it may be Starflower, with Heartless grabbing the heel as second. My favorite Fairytale is either Rapunzel or Snow White. Both are great stories.

-Ryebrynn Lyla Shveer Crossblade

Bookishqueen said...

My favorite was Starflower. I loved Sir Eanrin

Kay J. Fields said...

I've not read Starflower yet, but hearing such good things about it makes me want to--it's at the top of my mile-long reading list. I'd have to say my favorite is Heartless, probably because it was a surprise and a beautiful shock to find such a good book.
(And my favorite fairytale is likely The Snow Queen or Beauty and the Beast.)

Cortney said...

It's so hard to pick just one favorite, but I'd have to say Heartless, although I love them all, especially Starflower!

Joy said...

Hello Anne - I've been following your blog for a long while and have heard amazing things about your novels from Jenny and Abigail - I have been much tempted to read your books, only that I am always cautious about reading in the fantasy genre besides Tolkien and Lewis - I should like to try your books out though because they sound really good from all that I have heard. And you do have such gorgeous book covers ;).

I think my favourite fairy-tale would be The Hobbit (except I don't think that's strictly a fairy-tale). In which case I am quite fond of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves... :D

This giveaway sounds so exciting! God bless.
Joy @

Rina said...

Love the tour thus far! I think Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy-tales and my favorite Goldstone Wood book thus far has always been the most recent one. :)

Kendra E. Ardnek said...

I've only been able to lay my hands upon Heartless so far, but I really enjoyed it!

As far as my favorite fairy tale ... now that's ... tough. I know upwards to two hundred of them, and love them all but today I'll go with Fairer-Than-a-Fairy, though it'll probably be Casperl and the Princess tomorrow.

Maria said...

Hmm that's a hard one... I think my favorite is Moonblood. I loved reading about Lionheart. It was the most realistic and interesting tale I think I have ever read. :-)

Celtic Forest Dweller said...

I still haven't gotten hold of any of the Tales of Goldstone Wood but I've been meaning to! Several people have recommended them to me. :)

Favorite fairytale... probably Sleeping Beauty, especially the version written by Gail Carson Levine. I love tales of enchanted sleep and stuff like that... :)

Unknown said...

My favorite of the Tales of Goldstone Wood books are either Heartless or Starflower, and I can't wait to read Dragonwitch!

Carmel Elizabeth said...

Mm, Starflower is probably my favorite. I loved learning more about Eanrin. ;)

Unknown said...

Please don't ask me to pick a favorite book in the series, I love them all so much! And that's saying nothing of my love of Eanrin and Lionheart, both fabulously flawed and lovable characters and Rose couldn't help but tug at my heartstrings. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy of Dragonwitch and Shadowhand!

Kelly said...

I think I have to pick Moonblood as my favorite so far. I really loved reading Lionheart's and Rose Red's struggle and journey. It's hard to pick though, cause they are all enjoyable!

kbelden said...

Heartless has to be my favorite of the series b/c it's what hooked me on it!
Favorite fairy tale: snow white, beauty and the beast, cinderella- in that order.

Meredith said...

Yikes! What a very difficult question. If I was forced to pick a favorite Goldstone Wood novel thus far, I suppose it would have to be Starflower. Learning more about Eanrin was great, but I particularly liked the novel because of the curse upon the women. That aspect was so fascinating and totally enthralling. Also, Amarok was one of the most vivid and terrifying fantasy villains I've encountered, yet he was strangely empathetic. Unlike the Dragon King, (whom, thus far, I simply loathe), Amarok was strangeley relatable. Don't know what that says about me, but, I'll leave it at that. Though perhaps unintentional on your part, I thought the story was such an amazingly deep twist on the "Little Red Riding-Hood" theme: "girl and wolf". I cry every time I read of Imraldera's final confrontation with her enemy. Oh, if I only had half her ability to glimpse a person's "True Name". Heartless is second on my list. So excited about reading Dragonwitch!

My favorite fairy tale is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. God bless you.