Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Goldstone Wood Music Contest - 2015

Welcome to the second annual Goldstone Wood concert!

Our talented musicians were invited to compose and perform music inspired by the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, all for the honor of being named this year's music champion. Gathered together here in this post are all of their submissions! The winner will be selected by Miss Melanie J. Morgan, a talented young animator, who will work with the composers/performers to create an animatic of the winning musical number. (You can enjoy a previous animatic of hers here.)

But really, while the prize is exciting, this is much more about simply sharing the fun! So whether you were a competitor this year, an avid imp, or simply a curious bystander wondering what all the fuss is about, I hope you will thoroughly enjoy the offerings before you.

Many blessings! And happy listening . . .

(If you have trouble understanding the lyrics, many of the artists posted them in the Youtube descriptions. Visit those pages to read the lyrics there.)

 Book: Golden Daughter
Character: Hymlumé
Music and Performance by Meredith Burton

Book: Veiled Rose
Character: Rose Red
Lyrics by Meredith Burton
Music and Vocals by Abby Cashen

Book: Starflower
Music and performance by: Clara Diane Thompson

Lyrics by: Ryebrynn
Vocals and music by: Abby

Book: Veiled Rose
Music and Vocals by: Melissa Snow
Venture into the Wood Between. It is a place of mystery
and one never knows what one may find."


Book: Golden Daughter
Music Composed by M.S.L. Miranda
Vocals by Meredith Burton

Book: Veiled Rose
Music Composed by Allison Ruvidich
Performance by Allison Ruvidich
“Coming Through the Roses” is a song I wrote based on the novel Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  It is a dark pseudo-folk song for solo voice and guitar, both of which I perform.  All the images are in the public domain.  I hope you enjoy.

Book: Heartless and others
Music and performance by: Clara Diane Thompson

Book: Veiled Rose
The tune is “Forest Green” which is an anonymous English ballad in the public domain.  The arrangement was done by Ralph Vaughan-Williams in 1908.
Performance by Michael Jones and Family

Book: Goddess Tithe
Music Composed by Allison Ruvidich
Performance by Allison Ruvidich
Moon's Lullaby is a song I wrote based on the novella Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  It is a lullaby for solo voice and piano, both of which I perform.  All the images are in the public domain.  I hope you enjoy.

Book: Golden Daughter
Lyrics and Singing by Hannah Williams: aspiring author, artist, and Goldstone Imp

Book: Starflower
Written and Performed by: Beckah and Abby

Book: Moonblood
Hannah Williams: Reader, writer, artist, and Extreme Imp Enthusiast!
Clara Darling: The beautiful voice that haunts Goldstone Wood! One of the Five Glass Slippers authors.

A song of Bard Eanrin, written at some point after the events of Starflower. You will most certainly have heard "One and Only" before, although perhaps under a different name and different lyrics. The reason for that is simple. As its popularity spread in the Near World, mortal songsters found themselves wishing to mimic the brilliance of this song. So, they swiped the melody and set their own (much inferior) words to it. But these are the true lyrics.
 Keyboard: Ruth
Vocals: Kara, Laura, and Lydia
Pennywhistle: Kara
Lyrics: Beckah. I mean, Eanrin.

 Music and Lyrics by: Brittney
Performed by: Brittney
This piece was inspired by Lionheart's journeys in the Goldstone Wood series. In the song, Lionheart is on his way back home after being knighted by the Prince, and is reflecting back on all the mistakes he's made. All he longs for is to find his place, or Path. I (Brittney) wrote the song and played/sang it; my brother and mom posed as Lionheart and a traveler, respectively.

Book: Goddess Tithe

 This lullaby was performed by Daniel Hodge, pianist, and Erin Hodge, vocalist. We read the Goddess Tithe novella aloud together last summer, and both of us were in tears when we read the final lullaby. Erin composed the music not many months after, and the lyrics are, of course, the work of the incredible author, Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

Book: Golden Daughter
 Written and performed by: Hannah Rogers

Book: Veiled Rose
Written and performed by: M.S.L. Miranda

 Book: Moonblood 
Music written and performed by:  Stuart McAdam
Lyrics written by: Jemma Tainsh and Stuart McAdam

Book: Dragonwitch (prologue)
Music Composed by: Erin Hodge
Vocals by: Erin Hodge
Accompaniment: Daniel Hodge

Lyrics by: Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Read them here.

Producer: EverRising Productions

About the producer: EverRising Productions is a collective of Christian artists seeking to glorify God through the medium of audio and visual presentations.

Collaborators for this project:
Hannah Williams: award winning artist, blogger, and aspiring novelist with a love for all things Tolkien and Stengl

Bryn Riplinger-Shutt: writer, historian, publishing director, and general neat freak

Stephen Shutt: professional musician, blogger, nationally recognized lecturer on apologetics, and voice actor (someone had to find jobs for all those voices)

David Chamberlain: staff musician for an internationally acclaimed recording studio who believes that bagpipes and accordions should be used very little and from very great distances.

Enormous thank you to all of the talent that participated in this contest! What a fantastic event this turned out to be. I hope all of you listeners enjoyed the concert. Do leave the artists and performers some love in the comments! They worked so hard and they deserve praise for their efforts.