Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Question

So, in lieu of a regular Friday Tidbit this week, let me ask instead one simple question . . .

How many of your are excited to learn the winner of the first ever Tales of Goldstone Wood Fan Fiction Contest tomorrow?

The scores are in. And they were as close as close could be. But in the end, there will be only one winner.

I have decided to make a small change, though. Along with the Grand Prize for the first place winner, I'm going to give two smaller prizes for second and third place as well. As we all know, the Grand Prize Winner will receive a copy of Starflower (when it is printed!) and any two of the other three stories he/she chooses.

But First, Second and Third Place winners will all receive one of these cunning little coffee mugs:

Isn't it cute?
(Heartless is on the other side.)

My dear readers, these submissions were tremendous. I'm so glad I was not one of the judges; I would have had a terrible time choosing! Thank you for participating, and I look forward to celebrating the winner with you tomorrow!


Hannah said...

Yes!!! I can't wait for tomorrow. I've been waiting all week. It will be so much fun to see everyone's submissions. I'll be gone for most of September so when I come back I'll have lot of reading to do on this blog.
The little coffee mug is very cute, Anne Elisabeth.
But I was a little confused on who gets what in the contest.
Am I correct in my understanding:

1st place: Starflower, another copy, mug
2nd place: Starflower, mug
3rd place: mug

If I got this mixed up let me know. Or I might just find out tomorrow. :D
Starflower is going to be an awesome book!!!!!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

No, no, second and third place only get a mug. Only the winner is getting a copy of STARFLOWER. :)

I'm excited to share all these wonderful stories too!

Molly said...

LOVE the mug!!

Taisia Tinúviel said...

Ooh! The mug is wonderful!!! :) I can't wait to read everyone's stories!

Amber Holcomb said...

This was such a fun contest idea - so grateful you came up with it! :) And that mug is just lovely!


P.S. I saw in the sidebar that you're reading a Terry Pratchett book!! How fun is that? :) A friend of mine introduced me to his books a few months ago, and the two I've read so far (Guards!Guards! and Reaper Man) were just great! I've heard great things about Going Postal, as well. :)

Jenna K. said...

Ooooooh! That coffee mug is so cool!!! I want one of those! :D

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Oops, Hannah, you were right! Second place runner-up DOES get a copy of STARFLOWER, and first place gets TWO other books of their choice! Heh. I should check my own rules once in a while!(I'm blaming the flu!)

Taisia Tinúviel said...

Aw. I hope you get better soon!