Monday, June 25, 2012


As we are getting on toward the end of June, I thought it high time that I remind you all of the Tales of Goldstone Wood Fan Fiction Contest! The deadline for your submissions is July 31st. The prize is TWO autographed Goldstone Wood novels, both Starflower and the novel of your choice!

Details for the contest may be found HERE.

So far I have received several wonderful pieces, both poetry and prose . . . and I am eager to see more glimpses of your imaginations! So let the creativity take wing, and make certain it wings my way by the 31st of July.

Happy writing!


Clara said...

PHEW! for some reason I thought that the deadline was July 1st! I was going crazy trying to finish up writing!

Molly said...

Ruh roh, I had better hurry!! :)

Taisia said...

Yay! I just finished mine! I hope it's good enough :) It's the first story I've actually finished and liked.

Anonymous said...

A haiku

Princess Una was
Heartless after dragon’s kiss.
Lionheart sucks.

Anonymous said...

Um...I kinda like Lionheart...I don't think he sucks. that wasn't nice.


Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Yeah, I like Lionheart too! He definitely has issues and makes big mistakes . . . don't we all?

Thanks for defending him, D. :)

Taisia said...

I like Lionheart too. He just had lots of difficult decisions to make. I don't think we should judge him too harshly. :)

Anonymous said...

That's not even a haiku. The last line has only four syllables. And I like Lionheart, so don't go too hard on him. :P