Monday, July 25, 2011

X is for . . .

You knew it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen.

But seriously, dear reader, what is there in Heartless that involves an X in any sense? No X-ratings. No eXtraordinarily X-centered plot-twists. It’s just not a very Xy story, so sadly . . .

X must be skipped.

Sorry for the delay! Will move on to Y asap.

In the meanwhile, let me take this moment to let everyone know that my foster kittens (pictured below) have both found loving homes!

Marbles, renamed Maxwell, went to his new family yesterday and is settling in perfectly.

 Musketeer, renamed Mycroft, found his forever home on Saturday!

So pleased. I really fell in love with both of those little guys, and they are going to make their respective families wonderful pets! (Make their respective families into wonderful pets, if you look at it from the kitty perspective.)

I’m a little lonely without all the kittenness around. A little relieved too. Six cats in one house, three of them kittens, was INSANE. Even for a consumate crazy cat lady!

And I still have my Monster, who is sitting in my lap grooming my arm as we speak. He’s a little sad not to have any brothers left too, so he’s extra-cuddly this morning. Good thing he still has Marmaduke to rampage with!

Stay tuned for an upcoming Y is for Yellow-eyed Dragon in the next day or two. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience and apologies for X.


Amber Holcomb said...

Aww, these kittens are so adorable, and so glad to hear that they found loving homes (and that you still have some cats to keep you company)! :)

The two kittens are tabbies, right? I think tabbies just beg for "M" names. ;) I have a tabby named Mr. Murphy, and my sister has some sort of tabby mix (I think...?) named Muffin Man. :)


P.S. I'm so excited that Bethany House had your latest book available for review! :) I was able to choose it and will hopefully be reviewing it in September. Can't wait!

Amber Holcomb said...

Oh, and can I just add that I love that one of the kittens is named Mycroft? ;) I am slightly obsessed with the latest PBS Masterpiece version of Sherlock... :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the kittens found good homes!!! I'm sure that they are going to love their new homes, but I'm also sure that they will miss you! By the way, don't worry about responding to me...I know that you must be a very busy person, and annoying fans like me could get in your way of writing another masterpiece!


Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Amber: PBS new Sherlock is awesome! I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and the whole take on the series is fascinating! I love your kitty names too . . . my family has a tradition of always naming our cats "M" names. My folks have Myles and Montegomery, my brothers have Molly and Mimi, I have Marmaduke, Minerva and Monster, and I've been fostering Marbles-turned Maxwell, Mabel-turned-Mya, and Musky-turned-Mycroft.

It gets . . . a little . . . confusing . . . :)

Clara: I love hearing from and writing to my fans!!! :) You're a sweetie, but I certainly don't mind responding to your messages at all!

Anonymous said...

Christa here!

I'm glad to hear the kittens have new homes and that they will be X-tremely loved! =3