Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monsters in our midst . . .

Faithful Readers,

So sorry for my slackness this last week! I had every intention of continuing my A-Z posts right through to the end of June. But alas, such was not to be my fate. Instead, I have been massively distracted of late, both with the finishing of my latest manuscript and with . . .


Yes, it is true. Rooglewood has acquired yet another member to its kitty collection. But seriously, how was I to resist?

He is a fluffy orange tabby! He looks like the cat in Heartless (except, not blind. And I intend for him to stay that way!).

His mother, a silver tabby whom I have named Misty, came strolling into my backyard a few months back, and I could see that she was expecting. My high school animal-rescuing days came back to haunt me, and I started feeding poor Misty. After all, motherhood is enough of a trial without wondering where the next meal is coming from! Eventually, Misty had her kittens, and about four weeks later she brought her little babies to my yard for the first time.

And among them was this fluffy little bundle of adorability!

Having successfully worked with a feral kitten back in April and May, I decided to have a go at these babies. I got a humane trap and succeeded in catching Mister Monster almost immediately after putting it out! He was eight weeks old at the time, weaned, and ready to leave home. He lived for the first week in my basement while having flea and worm treatments. After a flea bath or two, we brought him up to the sun room to introduce to the rest of the cat clan.

Molly was more interested in taking his face off than making friends . . .

Despite initial reservations on the part of established felines, Monster soon made himself a place in our home and hearts!

Marmaduke: "A minion to scratch my back . . . might come in handy."

My Rohan and I, smitten with kitten, decided to make him a permanent member of the Rooglewood household. Monster approved.

Helping me while I type. He's an inspiring fellow is our Monster!

The next week, we succeeded in capturing two of Monster's brothers as well. Allow me to introduce you to Marbles (orange) and Musketeer (known as Musky):

Marbles was caught three days before Musky. I took this picture the day I brought Musky in. Marbles was SO happy to see his brother, it was adorable!

Marbles and Musky are both undergoing the same flea and worm treatments that Monster had and also learning the fine art of being a House Cat. Little feral kittens need to learn how to sit and laps and purr (plus other little things like litter box usage). They are both doing very well! Marbles, especially, has turned into a little Love Bucket. If I am sitting down, he must be in my lap!

Marbles: "Pet the pretty kitty, yes, please?"

We are searching for permanent loving homes for these two little boys. We have found a family for one of them (probably for Marbles, but they haven't quite decided yet). If you or anyone you know are interested in adopting the other, let me know! We live in the Raleigh area, so we need a family who lives near by. Both of these boys are sweet natured and litter box trained, healthy little boys. All three brothers are likely to be BIG cats, but they are all so mild mannered, you can expect a gentle giant. Musky is still a bit shy, but we are making good progress. Let me know if you can help me find homes for these sweet babies!

So now you understand why I haven't been posting as much lately . . . Kittens take a lot of time! But it's worth it to give these guys a loving start to life (and we got Misty spayed, so hopefully our kitten problem is now solved!).

Hoping to finish the A-Z posts this months. Do please forgive me if I don't keep up quite as much this week, though! I'm finishing my manuscript and then off to Atlanta for the Christy Awards this weekend. Say a prayer for safe travel! Rohan and I are really looking forward to it . . . the night of the awards banquet is also the anniversary of our engagement. Hoorah!!!

One more picture of gratuitous kitten cuteness:

Look at those little white boots and mittens!

Yes, I admit it. I am a crazy cat lady . . .


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

And I'm wondering...but almost afraid to ask...what happened to the fourth kitten?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Last I saw, she was still alive and well out in the forest (I assume she's a she because ALL the others were boys, and surely there would be at least one girl in the mix!). But I haven't seen her for several days. I'm debating whether or not to set the trap. For one thing, I'm afraid of catching one of the Tom Cats! For another, the more time that goes by, the harder the kitten will be to tame. And I don't want to introduce a wild kitten into the mix with Marbles and Musky when they are still so newly tamed. I might still try to catch that last one after Marbles and Musky are flea-free and able to come upstairs, that way I can isolate her in the basement, get her clean, and really work with her one-on-one. But I truly haven't decided yet.

All that to say, I think she is doing fine, though! She hangs out with her mom pretty often. Misty comes for a snack every day, and I give her updates on her boys. Not that she particularly cares . . . :)

Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

:o) Thanks for the update. Inquiring minds and all that, y'know...

Anonymous said...

Christa here!
The kittens are so cute! =3

Faith King said...

Oh, this post was just what I needed for a break in the middle of an intense day of accounting! If I can't snuggle my own kitties then kitten picture spams are the next best thing. :-)

My cats are quite possibly sick of me, since I was home more than usual on a 4-day weekend.

Have fun in Atlanta! I will be trying to catch up on your A-Z posts when I get a chance-- Sound of Music kind of sucked up my life much as your kitten-training did yours for a while there. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is Clara!
They are sooo cute!!! I'll be praying for you while you are in Atlanta!

Kimber said...

Can't wait to hear how the awards go!! Good luck!