Monday, May 9, 2011

Contest: A Maiden Needs Her Dragon

Some of them rode dragons. Some of them searched for dragons. Some kept dragons as pets while some were kept as pets by dragons. Some of them cooked and kept house for dragons. Some were ensorcelled by dragons. One hunted dragons . . . and one was even eaten by a dragon!

But all of them are part of that brilliant pairing, the Maiden and the Dragon.

See how many dragons you can name to go with these maidens! The first to complete the list will win a free copy of Veiled Rose. If you can’t finish the list, don’t worry! If no one finishes then whoever can name the most will still win a free, autographed copy of Heartless.

Please skip on over to here to add your tally to those already posted.

Winners to be announced on Friday. Go for it!

1. Princess Cimorene—

2. Princess Adelina—

3. Mulan—

4. Lady Sibyl—

5. Lessa—

6. Una—

7. Aerin—

8. Alice—

9. Kara—

10. Princess Aurora—

11. Kale—

12. Belinda—

13. Princess Fiona—

14. Princess Elspeth—



Okay, I have no clue who some of these gals are, but I'll give it a swing.

Mulan- Mushu (one of my FAVORITE dragons)

Una- I am SOOO SORRY! I can't remember the dragons name, except that he's the dragon prince. Does Una count though?

Princess Aurora- Maleficent

Kale- here's the ones I can remember: Gymn, Metta, Ardeo, Crispin, Celesse.

Princess Fiona- Dragon

That's the only ones I know. You should of done something from Dragons in our Midst, 'cause I know those books like the back of my hand. :)

Faith King said...

1. Princess Cimorene - KAZUL!!! (LOVE those books SO MUCH)

That's the only one I know that hasn't already been covered . LOL

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Greg and Monica: I haven't actually read the Dragons in Our Midst books, so I wasn't sure of an appropriate maiden/dragon pairing. But that would have been a good one, you're right! I'm impressed by all the dragons you knew for Kale!

@ Faith: That's fine! Go ahead and list whichever dragons you know! If you list all the dragons you know, you might win. So far, someone has named 9 successfully . . . but if you can reach ten, you'll win an autographed copy of HEARTLESS!

Elf said...

Where do you want me to put my list; I don't have a Facebook? I have no idea who some of these are, but I will try my best!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@need2read: If you don't have a Facebook, feel free to poset your list here! So far, the top score is nine of these dragons . . . if you can get ten, you'll be in the running for an autographed copy of HEARTLESS! :)

Elf said...

Here are all the dragon names:

1. Princess Cimorene—Kazul. Also Woraug, Marchak, Tokoz, and Roxim

2. Princess Adelina—Vollys

3. Mulan—Mushu

4. Lady Sibyl—Brom? Swamp dragons

5. Lessa— Ramoth Other dragons: Canth, Golanth, Mnementh, Ruth

6. Una— The Dragon King or Death-in-Life

7. Aerin— Maur

8. Alice—Jabberwocky

9. Kara—Flagra, Byrn, other unnamed dragons in the cave

10. Princess Aurora—Maleficent

11. Kale— Minor Dragons: Ardeo, Artross Becca-ree, Dibl, Filia, Gymn, Metta, Pat, Tieto. Major Dragons/riding dragons: Celisse. Meech dragons: Gilda, Regidor Other dragons (not “Kale’s dragons”): Alton, Clive, Crain, Dobkin, Fly, Greer, Hollen, Merlander Mot Angra, Poe, Sachael Relk, Seslie Veryan, Tulanny Wardeg

12. Belinda— Custard

13. Princess Fiona—Dragon

14. Princess Elspeth— Vermithrax

I hope I win because I'm not sure my library will get Veiled Rose and I don't know when I would be able to buy it.

My blog:

Thank you for wrting Christian Allegory! I love being able to read the genres I love and know that no swear words or other bad stuff will be in them!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Wow! needs2read, it looks as though you've won! Crazily enough, you won with different answers than mine . . . but they're still correct! Awesome work. I will announce your victory presently!

Elf said...

Thank you soooo much. I am so happy! I have sent you an email so if you need to know personal information, I can send it to you. I have read your book twice and loved it each time. :)


You should really read Dragons in our Midst!!!!! What an awesome series!

Elf said...

I have read Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire. They are awesome, I agree! The first in the next series, Children of the Bard, is coming out in July, I think. Byran Davis' other dragon books, Dragons of Starlight, are amazing, too!

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