Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glorious New Blog!

There are definite advantages to having a) a husband, and b) a husband who is sick at home. For you see, today my poor, sick husband, being bored with his lot as an invalid, decided to take upon himself the redesigning of my sadly-neglected little author blog.

Behold the result!

Is it not the most beautiful thing? Far beyond the wildest dreams of the technically illiterate! I am a huge fan of that man of mine.

Now, to better express my gratitude, I must away to make him a magnificent thank-you feast. Tonight's menu includes: Sundried Tomato and Olive Bread, Cheese-stuffed Manicotti in Meat Sauce, and a fresh green salad. I only hope it is adequate!

Stay tuned . . . I feel inspired to become a blogger once more!


Kimber said...

I LOVE the new Blog!!! It is just beautiful!! And thank you so much for adding more to it! Thank your hubby too! (isn't it wonderful to see Hubby in print!)

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Heheheh, actually that's one of his pet peeves . . . he says "hubby" rhymes with "tubby," and doesn't like it! ;) So I call him "handsome" instead (he likes that a little better!).

I'll pass on your thanks to him! I so enjoy having a man who knows something about computers around . . .