Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Winner!

My dear readers and artists, the time has finally come to announce the winner of the Tales of Goldstone Wood Fan Art Contest!

I have to tell you, the judges had a real time of it, narrowing this amazing assortment of artwork down to one final victor. I'm so glad I myself was not a judge, for I'm not sure I could have picked a favorite! And in the end, the final few were separated by such a tiny margin, it was incredible.

But in the end, there can be only one winner of the Grand Prize: Autographed copies of all three Tales of Goldstone Wood novels, along with bookmarks, pencils, pens, magnets, and other various extras.

And the Winning Piece is:

 Lost in Thought
Doll Rendered in Sculpting Clay
Artist: Ameri
Age 15

Big round of applause for the remarkably talented Ameri and her beautifully original submission to this contest!

Our second place winner will also receive a prize: An autographed copy of the newest Tale of Goldstone Wood, Moonblood, along with a bookmark, pen, and other little extras.

And our Second Place Winner for this contest is:

 Heart or Heartless
 Colored Pencil on Paper
Artist: Kathleen
Age 12

Extremely well done, Kathleen! This breathtaking piece stole the hearts of all the judges.
We have an honorable mention as well that missed taking first place by--I kid you not--one point. I want to display it here along with these two, despite the fact that it did not win a prize. It was seriously so close!

And the Honorable Mention is:

 Dragon Tapestry
Quilted Wall-hanging, Oils on Fabric,
Edged in Batik
Artist: Paula

I am in awe of this piece. So give Paula a huge round of applause as well!

To my two winners, please email your mailing address to aestengl@gmail.com so that I can get your prizes posted as soon as possible. Congratulations!

There are so many more lovely, complex, unique, and wonderful pieces of art that I will be sharing with you throughout the week. So be sure to check back every day! There is plenty more fun art to come.

Feel free to leave compliments and congrats to our winners below. They deserve it!


Victoria said...

Congratulations, Ameri and Kathleen! Great job! :)

Clara said...

Congrats Ameri and Kathleen! really good job! :)

Amber Holcomb said...

Those are all so creative and beautiful!! Wonderful job Ameri, Kathleen, and Paula! :D


Galadriel said...

Congrats to the winners! The doll is beautiful.