Monday, May 7, 2012

Fan Art Submissions: Sixth Selection

Still more beautiful pieces for your viewing pleasure!

Captive Heart
Artist: Clara, Model
Age 16

Una's Sorrow
Artists: Christie, Photographer - Clara, Model
Ages 16

The Final Dragon
Graphite on Paper
Artist: Clara
Age 16

Song of the Wood Thrush
Cross Stitch Wall Hanging
Artist: Katharina

Alone in Ashes
Artist: Clara, Model
Age 16


Rachel6 said...

"Alone in Ashes", that's a pretty heartbreaking picture, in light of the story. Brava, Clara!

Celtic Traveler said...

Captive Heart and Alone in Ashes are really fantastic.

Clara said...

:D thanks! My sister took the pics with her iPhone!

Galadriel said...

The last would print and frame it if I had money.