Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Short Question - Short Answer

Today's reader-question is one which I suspect many of you have wondered on many an occasion . . . and possibly even more so directly after Shadow Hand released. This reader asks: "Will we see Eanrin and Imraldera finally have a happy resolution in their personal relationship at some point?"

 To which I must answer--Do you really want to know?

I mean, once the will-they-won't-they suspense is removed from that scenario . . . that's just it. It's removed. And while I'm quite certain both characters will continue to be interesting people even when that chapter of their lives is resolved once and for all, I'd be willing to bet many of us (including me!) would miss the suspense inherent in their dynamic.

However, I will say a few things:

1. No one is a greater fan of Eanrin and Imraldera than yours truly. I have loved them both for many years now, since before they ever developed an interest in each other (in the original stories in which they featured, back when I was first inventing these tales in high school, they never met. Eanrin was completely devoted to Lady Gleamdren!). When they finally did meet, and I realized the chemistry they had, I was very excited to pursue that storyline . . . and to this day I am still excited to see where it goes.

2. There is nothing I want more than to leave my fans completely satisfied with how things turn out. However, I don't necessarily think that means giving them the expected. Nor giving them the easy answer. Eanrin and Imraldera have a journey to go on, and my hope is  that the end of their journey will be both satisfying and surprising.

I would also urge you to keep a few things in mind as you read forward in the series. For one thing, I've already given some spoilers! In Moonblood we get the strong impression that Imraldera has a romantic interest in Eanrin, an interest which is maybe reciprocated, but it's hard to say. That is a big change of heart from where she was following the events in Shadow Hand . . . a BIG change of heart! How did she come to this new attitude and perspective? Well, that's part of the journey. A journey which covers some 1500 years, remember!

And Eanrin himself--how can he have gone from the man he was in Shadow Hand to the apparently-indifferent but not-really-indifferent-at-all fellow he is in Moonblood? Again, that's the journey. It's got some surprising twists and turns, it's got some really juicy storytelling moments . . . and I wouldn't want to spoil it for the world.

So just remember as you keep reading--I love these two characters and I love my fans. But I love taking risks and surprising twists and turns as well!


Unknown said...

I think I'm in the minority when I say that I really liked and related to Imraldera's actions in Shadow Hand. As a young lady not interested in having a relationship right now, I totally understand and respect her decision. I actually think I liked it better than I would've if she'd accepted him right then, because relationships not working out are really under-portrayed in fiction... I mean, she's not interested in him now. End of story. (But hopefully not!) That being said, I am totally open to a change in their relationship EVENTUALLY, but Imraldera's decision made me like her more, not less. : )

Jenelle Leanne said...

What a wonderfully delicious non-answer! :) I love Eanrin and Imraldera, and I look forward to following the twists and turns in their story. Just please, don't do what most TV shows do... and drag it out just for the sake of having drama. I beg you. :)

Sarah Pennington said...

That was probably the best non-answer I've ever read. I look forward to finding out how their relationship gets from where it is in Shadow Hand to where it is in Moonblood, and also to finding out where it goes after Moonblood. I'm sure that whatever it ends up being, it'll be awesome. :)

ghost ryter said...

Yes, don't tell us! It would be like reading the last chapter first. ...Which is actually what reading Tales of Goldstone is kind of like. : )

Anyway, Anne Elisabeth we impact trust that you'll have every come out right with them in the end.

ghost ryter said...


Tracey Dyck said...

I know I'll thoroughly enjoy every twist and turn in their relationship. You're right, the suspense is one reason we all love them. :) And it makes me happy that there are so many years left to cover--that means ToGW won't be ending for quite some time!

Anonymous said...

What a non-answer! But I guess you're right...I don't want to know! I'd like to read it and feel it just as the characters do, not just a yes-or-no question. Eanrin and Imraldera are my favorite dynamics of the series, followed closely by Eanrin and Sairu :P
Can't wait to see how everything progresses!
-Sarah Grace

Bookishqueen said...

"Eanrin was completely devoted to Lady Gleamdren!"

I read that and gagged. So glad you changed it!!


I also remember something I read in my ARC of Golden Daughter that proved Eanrin was not at all indifferent to Imraldera but that he believed she was to him.

*end spoiler*

I am forgetting where Golden Daughter fits in the time line (I know before Eanrin looses his eyes), so I am still trying to fit it in there.

My question: Will you ever tell the story of how Eanrin looses his eyes? I remember one of the books having him remembering part of it, but I would love to read the whole story.

Meredith said...

I like your answer and enjoy the ongoing journey immensely. Perhaps this means that we'll see Sun Eagle again in this 1500-year saga. I know others will probably disagree, but I still like him a lot and feel great empathy for him. I know there has to be more to him and Starflower and think perhaps they'll meet again or at least learn about each other's fates. I think he'll play a part in this journey. And, like Allison, I enjoyed the interchange between Eanrin and Emraldera in Shadow Hand. It was very realistic and, frankly, probably the way I'd have reacted, too. Sometimes, we as readers want couples we like to instantly "get together," but its more rewarding to see the characters grow. The answer will definitely be worth the wait.

God bless and happy thanksgiving.

Becky said...

Oh yay! Your answer was perfect! I only read it because I trusted that you wouldn't really tell us! In Shadowhand Eanrin's confession to Imraldera and her reaction was heartbreaking, but so very real and understandable in the context of the story. Imraldera has quite the emotional history to sort through. And Earin's understanding in Golden Daughter...sniff, sniff

Becky said...

Shadow Hand
I always type it as one word.
and the typo in Eanrin...ugh!

Hannah said...

I look forward to every step of the journey!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I asked this specific question so I'd like to answer.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Imraldera and Eanrin's journey. I don't want the easiest road for them because they'd become less interesting. I don't need them to become instantly a couple. I understand that the dynamic would change between the two of them if they got married. I totally understand withholding that kind of relationship until the near end of the series or until their time as a character are done. Or until you deem fit to have the dynamics change. I know that in general writers have a hard time with dynamics changing and it working. But I'm pretty sure you could do it, Anne Elisabeth. :) Although, I will say, that the dynamic has changed somewhat since Shadow Hand. Also, I'm not criticizing the fact that Imraldera and Eanrin aren't a couple yet. Or how Imraldera reacted to Eanrin in Shadow Hand. All I wanted to know is whether or not it would be a happy resolution. Not how, when, whether or not I'll get an immediate one. It's just ... well, I love happy endings. I really enjoy reading the extremely hard journey with a happy ending. But a hard journey with no happy ending ... that's quite a bit of a downer.

Well, I'd like to know, but it's for the best that I don't. It's the way I am. When I read or see something that the answer won't come in quite a while, I have this hankering to find out. But, in the end, I do know that it is by far more satisfying to find out when the author of the story intends for me to find out. Not before.

I feel pretty certain that Imraldera and Eanrin do have an interest in each other. Just not something either one of them really wants to admit to one another right now. But, hey, this is this reader's interpretation.

So Golden Daughter takes place before Moonblood but after the gone-back-in time segment in Shadow Hand, right?

Take the risks and the surprising twists! But, please give Eanrin and Imraldera a happy resolution at some point. Even if it happen in many books to come. *does Bambi eyes* Please?

Okay, I'm done begging now. :)

Thanks for the non-answer for the question! :) I really do appreciate it.

- Heather

Anonymous said...

That post was really helpful.

Sara said...

Love your answer! Like many others, I've been "shipping" Eanrin/Imraldera since day one. But I'm content (mostly) to wait for satisfaction, whatever form it ends up taking. I love them so much that as long as they're each happy in the end, I can deal with whatever else they go through in the meantime. And, besides, they're never more fun than when they're sniping at each other ;)

Meagan @ Blooming with Books said...

Personally I LIKE the way they are going right now. A subtle undertone in the song; a complementary under harmony to the greater song.

I think this is part of the charm of the series. And I love it!

Sarah Bailey said...

Anne, how do you decide which authors to interview for your blog? I'd be interested in doing a Q&A on your blog :)

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Sarah Bailey--There's no system. I just interview whomever I come across! Feel free to email me (, and I'll set you up. :)

Merenwen Inglorion said...


The song You Would Love Me Too by JJ Heller (from her album Painted Red) is kind of how their relationship appears in Heartless through Moonblood.
"Why do I love you like I do?/You ignore me/just like the sun ignores the moon./All you see is you./I love you..."

As I'm getting further into the series, I'm seeing different dimensions crop up. But still the song fits :). Every time I listen to it, I think of the two Knights.
Thanks for the post!

God bless,

P.S.-Quick question: are gateways portals to different parts of the Continent, different times on the Continent, other worlds entirely, or all of the above? Or to phrase it another way, how do they work?